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What goes on behind close doors is usually kept quiet, censored from public view and scrutiny.However as the anschutz medical campus is an exception to every rule as events unfold they are to catastrophic to keep quiet as the nation views this billion dollar burgeoning boondoggle with a discerning eye and questionable financing.

If the anschutz medical campus walls could talk we would learn a lot more as bits and pieces of information come out of this second rate medical campus. As the anschutz medical campus blog has previously reported on with the collaboration of an ambulance driver stating the medical personal at the anschutz campus is problematic, emergency room abusing the opiate morphine, patients having to attend other hospitals due to unlicensed dentists operating on patients.

Now, recently a blind vulnerable patient recently released from eye surgery unable to see attempting to recover in the colorado university recovery room had an unexpected unwanted sexual experience with an anschutz medical campus anesthesiologist resident intern.

As the patient lay there helpless, in the recovery room a  colorado university resident intern matthew uhlenkott 31 yrs old struck up a conversation with the blind patient concerning the vulnerable mans tatoos. While the intern and patient were talking, suddenly the intern matthew uhlenknott reached his hand inside the patients under ware and grabbed the blind patients cock that was in a current state of erection! Since the patient was blind in his right eye and had eye surgery on his left eye the patient was not able to identify the person grabbing and stroking his cock!
It is interesting to note that out of all the recovering patients in the recovery room the patients cock who was fondled was totally blind and helpless from his assailant.

Following this  unwanted sexual experience the patient (who's identity is protected due to the sex crime) told a hospital supervisor he had been sexually assaulted and later the supervisor informed the police. After a review of the situation the hospital staff narrowed their suspects down to Matthew uhlenknott.

The suspect matthew uhlenknott who is now charged with a class four felony sex charge that can carry up to a three year prison term initially stated he only touched the patients hand however uhlenknott went on to tell investigators he had reached inside the vulnerable patients under ware and moved the patients cock.It is also noteworthy this blind vulnerable healing patient was not one of uhlenknott's patients.

In a carefully prepared statement a colorado hospital spokesman stated uhlenknott no longer works at the anschutz medical campus.As patient safety and security are top priorities at the anschutz medical campus.

However the reality at the anschutz medical campus is  now we have a track record of a patients cock stroked  by a colorado university intern, and an administrative staff member Mary Loeb carrying a gun that accidently was shot off as she felt unsafe on the anschutz medical campus.

After this patient recovers from eye surgery and the mental trauma of what happened in the recovery room. It will be interesting to see if in the future this sexually violated male patient files a lawsuit against colorado university anschutz medical campus.



With a five billion dollar and growing debt load that has to be serviced  and growing daily something gotta give...but where? Is it hidden from pubic scrutiny? From the regulators?  Where is the primary focus on the anschutz medical campus? Lets review.....recently the Colorado University health system has expanded creating a four state hospital system. Recent acquisitions that have been brought into the the CU anschutz medical campus related brands are: Poudre hospital in Fort Collins, medical center of the rockies in Loveland, ,Ivinson memorial hospital in Wyoming and memorial center of Colorado Springs. An addition of over 40,000 hospital admissions! with hockey stick growth comes severe problems but where to look?

When I visited the CU anschutz medical campus emergency room recently which was filled to capacity there was not one empty seat available. When the public is sick, injured, and at the mercy of others there are few options available. get them in, get their money and get them out would apply here. Maybe a closer inspection is warranted here?   mmm......

With the current anschutz medical campus emergency room recently filled to capacity what would you expect from a second rate hospital system? Expand and build more. And thats exactly what happened. With a new 54,000 sq ft anschutz medical campus emergency room to be opened in april 2013.And with recent fund raising of almost one million dollars the donors were overwhelmed by the enormous size of this new facility.Its interesting to note that  the anschutz medical campus blog has consistently warned all donors of their financial participation in the anschutz medical campus. Not one donor inquired about the feedback  care of all these patients.

There is no feed back mechanism for all the money that has been donated to the anschutz medical campus. No accountability or benchmark of what exactly a donor receives for their financial contribution. Weather its research donations, a controversial name on the anschutz campus, pavilion buildings named after selected donors,funds raised for the emergency department all the donations are consumed one way or another..consumed by a black hole ..and zero accountability to the donors. The richest man in the world Bill Gates wants/demands accountability for the funds spent from the gates foundation. But not here on the anschutz medical campus just build it bigger and enlarge the aurora tax base thats what this is all about. As this problematic all consuming anschutz medical campus continues to burden and hurt the surrounding residential hoffman heights area.

What happens when you start picking up patents at the anschutz medical campus emergency department? Thats exactly what I did  and could not believe what I was witnessing and hearing as I experienced this first hand. No hearsay information here, direct from the released anschutz medical campus emergency department patients.  And lets not forget that all the complaints from the anschutz medical campus are white washed, no opinion polls, no public surveys...wiped clean just like the auschwitz  german concentration camp.When you have a five billion dollar debt load that has to be paid and is leveraged 10 to one somebody gotta pay.....but who?

patent number one. I picked her up after a five hour stay at the emergency room located at the problematic anschutz medical campus.She jumps into the car and immediately there is a problem....she cannot stop scratching ...profusely all over her body
nonstop  constantly....head ,arms, legs all over. I looked at her and said what is going on with you? She states anschutz medical campus just gave me some morphine and I am highly allergic to morphine and I am having a severe reaction. What I state? Did you tell the doctor
I ask? yes I told him over 2 hours ago and they still gave me the morphine and then released me. And now I have to deal with the reactions!
The nurse stated there was nothing she could do. So for the next 8- 10 hours this victim of the anschutz medical campus emergency department continued to scratch herself to the point she broke her skin, red rashes all over her body and she could not sit for the next 8 hours. This is the type of first hand patient care that is compromised when you focus on construction of buildings instead of personal medical care.  You would expect competent medical care from a 5 billion dollar campus but not at the anschutz campus when the focus is misplaced.Growth is the name of the game, research dollars raised, recruit potential students, raise tuition rates, lobby donors for contributions, its all about money when you have a five billion dollar debt load to service.I felt sorry to sit there and watch this woman in severe pain for the next 8 hours. Nothing I could do for her.

However it is interesting to note that I was a hospice caregiver in the home and administered morphine to a dying parent and I never, never abused this powerful addictive opiate.Not only that when my dying parent moved into the hospice less than one week later my mother was dead.  hospice nursing home could not adhere and complete the same  care that I gave my dying mother.Including morphine up to 8 times a day.So there is no doubt there is severe administrative and implementation problems concerning morphine(opiates) on the anschutz medical campus. as described by this released patient.

Several weeks later I was called to the anschutz medical campus emergency room again to pick up a patient.I pull up he jumps into the car and starts cursing at me! I inquire what is your problem? He states I told these anschutz medical campus doctors do not under any circumstances give me any morphine. And what did they do? they gave me morphine. I said what? are you kidding me? No he goes on to state I came into the anschutz medical campus e room for a heart condition and the doctors told me its not my heart thats the problem The doctors think I have have copd...however... the anschutz doctor goes on to tell me since I have no medical insurance they are going to give me morphine, stabilize me and then dump me .....get me out of the anschutz emergency room. There's not much more they can do for me? I look at him and ask are you for real? Thats what the anschutz doctor told you? yes! he goes on to state.I continue to question him in detail, scratch my head in bewilderment and drive him home.

So here you have 2 direct cases   stating the exact same thing in less than 60 days. This opium oasis located on the anschutz medical campus in aurora colorado directly abuses morphine to two of its emergency room patients. And thats where this finate investigation leads to. Less than high quality care directly from the patients mouths released from the anschutz medical campus emergency department.

Think this is an unknown fact on the anschutz medical campus? Nope not by a long shot.
Steven Millette executive director for the dependency addition and rehabilitation at the CU anschutz medical campus has seen the negative effects of doctors over subscribing pain medicine.

Dr Richard Zane chairman of the emergency department at the anschutz medical campus states patients ask for painkillers all the time. Every day we have some one who comes into the anschutz emergency department  requiring painkillers. Either they have run out of prescriptions or the patients have lost their prescriptions. This has  led to new proposed anschutz emergency guidelines concerning issuing prescription pain medicine.

Opiate prescription drugs were involved in more than 40% forty percent of all drug related deaths in 2008. Up from 25% in 1999. These figures have the CU anschutz medical campus launching an online training program in 2012 for physicians to try and curb opioid painkiller overdoses. Approximately 300 physicians , nurse practitioners and physicians assistants have completed the training so far and by february 2013 there will be close to 2000 who have completed the training.

Well as usual, and continuously documented on the anschutz medical campus blog  the CU anschutz medical campus is way behind the curve, with its misguided focus on completing buildings,  raising student tuition rates,lobbying for donor contributions, as this testimony happened after all these so called medical trained personal was retrained at the anschutz medical campus.Pretty sobering worrisome investigating. Especially if you are a patient under the care at the anschutz medical campus emergency room.

When we take the time and start to piece together a picture of some of the mistakes, mishaps, down right failure of medical care and administrative leadership that has occurred at the anschutz medical campus a pretty ugly picture and track record starts to emerge and becomes nationally magnified. That all current and future patients, donors, researchers and potential students should start to take notice of, As a bona fide track record speaks volumes, is legitimate is not hearsay or white washed by senior executives who depend on the federal government for payment in the form of research grants.

Up next we have direct testimony of another anschutz medical campus patent who was taken to the aurora medical center for a problem with their brain tumor. And knowledgable medical personal an ambulance driven clearly stating the aurora medical center is better than the anschutz medical campus because of the medical personal employed. This recent testimony of two released emergency patients only validates what was previously uncovered,outlined, stated and nationally published on the anschutz medical campus blog.

Then we have a dental patient who had to be treated at a competing clinic do to fact dentists operating on the anschutz medical campus were operating with out the correct license.

Up next we a new born baby falling on the floor after birth on the anschutz medical campus.

Then we have the most famous medical student in the world James holmes who was treated as a physiatric patient on the anschutz medical campus.Is now expected to plead mental insanity after killing 12 people in the high crime step city of aurora colorado.

Then we have the Cu colorado university J. P morgan commodities center. With former CIO Ina DREW recently telling a senate subcommittee that j. p morgan bullied federal bank regulators and called then stupid. With a 150 billion dollar portfolio that evaporated.When federal bank regulators wanted profit and loss  statements.  J. P. morgan refused to comply.
This is another recent joint venture with colorado university and j.p. morgan seems like a combatable fit doesn't it?

Up next we have the  Cu Colorado University regents banning hand guns on the anschutz medical campus.It took a recent colorado supreme court ruling to educate, hand hold and coerce these so called idealistic regents into compliance of your established second amendment rights.

The more we hear about the anschutz medical campus located in aurora colorado the picture becomes crystal clear this second rate medical campus should have never been built. As it continues to burden, cast problems and is detrimental to recent  patients testimony in aurora colorado.


As colorado university anschutz medical campus officials Bruce Benson, lilly Marks , Don Elliman, state of colorado representatives and city of aurora colorado officials sit and watch the brand equity of a five billion dollar anschutz medical campus quickly fall in value.Similar to the crash and burn of Boeing's 787 dreamliner. Maybe even a negative value thrust upon the anschutz campus in the second tier city of aurora colorado.

Once touted as the signature focal point of aurora, colorado now the anschutz medical campus is the national focus of liability with lawsuits now filed concerning Cu's most famous student James holmes. As colorado university officials sit quietly under a court gag are taking shape to permanently damage the anschutz medical campus for future generations of students,researchers,patients,financial donors and the city of aurora colorado.

The judge has now ordered there is enough evidence for aurora theater shooter James Holmes to stand trial. In addition the first civil lawsuit has been filed against Colorado University psychiatrist Dr. Lynn Fenton and Colorado University CU.

Chantel Blunk has filed the first lawsuit against Dr. Fenton and CU. Additionally Cu has been notified of another potential 11 lawsuits to come. Notice has been filed before the deadline expires. Like a  parade of victims beating a drum lining up to voice their concerns of the actions/lack of actions and calling into question the accountability of the anschutz medical campus colorado university and colorado university's medical personal.

CU Psychiatrist Dr. Fenton had the opportunity to use reasonable care to place a 72 hour hold on James Holmes.(And don't forget their was a history of psychotic behavior with James Holmes. So there had to be constructive notice contained in Holmes medical records.) However Dr Fenton rejected the idea of placing a hold on James Holmes. Dr fenton also has a past conviction on her record concerning issuing psychotic medications. The lawsuit claims the aurora theater shooting would not have occurred  had Dr fenton ordered a psychiatric hold. Dr fenton also failed to continue the follow up Holmes with the BETA team.

Another revelent issue is the timing of the arrival of the notebook sent by Holmes to Dr Fenton.This notebook contained illustrations, drawings and descriptions how holmes was going to massacre people.This notebook sat unopened for up to a week and will be used at the upcoming holmes trial. Fox news reporter Jana Winters states her law enforcement source was in a position to know when the notebook arrived at the anschutz medical campus. Ms Winters has been recently subpoena to testify before the court.

The anschutz medical campus CU officials dispute this fact. IT'S GOING TO GET UGLY AT THE ANSCHUTZ MEDICAL CAMPUS TRIAL WHEN A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL TELLS A DIFFERENT SCENARIO THAN WHAT THE CU SPOKESMAN HAS BEEN STATING FOR the last several months. This is the type of continuous failed leadership currently on national display at the anschutz medical campus. And when these facts start to emerge the credibility of the anschutz medical campus will be called into question and thrust into the national spotlight.

Colorado university spokesperson states the "university has nothing but sympathy for the victims" With dozens of people killed, national gun legislation under consideration, president Obama articulating leadership,the state of colorado taking up possible additional gun legislation. The public is not interested in lip service stated by an anschutz campus spokesperson. The public at large is interested in concrete actions implemented by the anschutz medical campus, The reason for the failed implementation of the beta team, failure of the written log documentation of ammunition received at the anschutz medical campus,
What is the procedure for the anschutz medical campus faculty to follow up on grant students when they are failing to achieve benchmarks in their education at colorado university? When only six students receive a national institute of health (NIH) grant and one of these students goes off on a massive shooting spree why is the anschutz medical campus receiving any grants when the current leadership cannot properly monitor only six students? All grants should be immediately stopped and redirected from the anschutz medical campus. Where is the NIH monitoring their past non performing grants?

We have to look outside the state of colorado for leadership as these events unfold  survey the national landscape and eventually look towards the state of  new york legislature where
a recent gun bill has passed that will require all therapists to report to authorities any client who is likely to engage in violent behavior. Under the law police will confiscate all guns the person may have.

A therapist is a much lower threshold than the Md accreditation that Dr. Lynn Fenton currently holds. A psychiatrist has the ability to prescribe medications a therapist cannot prescribe medications. This calls into the question of the quality of the therapy and consultation and lack of follow up procedures utilized by Dr. Lynn Fenton on Cu's most famous patient James Holmes.

As the future unfolds the public will hear about more of the details concerning James Holmes
allegedly including the motive behind the mass shooting was Holmes failed oral exam.
And then Holmes defensive legal team will ask exactly what was colorado university's follow up procedures? Or lack of follow up procedures of colorado university's Beta team.

As these events are publicly stated,  revealed, documented and the actions, procedures and liability of the anschutz medical campus comes under national scrutiny its going to get ugly at the anschutz medical campus!

UPDATE: The intended recipient of the Holmes spiral notebook was an unnamed CU psychiatrist. The Holmes legal defense has applied for a postponement  of the hearing of fox news reporter and her legal source until April 4, 2013. It is also alleged that Holmes was seen by three (3) CU psychiatrists. The Holmes legal defense also claims The release of the spiral notebook illustrations graphically showing a shooting spree comprises the right to a fair Holmes trial.


All americans are all familiar with The second amendment which is part of the bill of rights what protects the right of the people to bear arms which was adopted on december 15, 1791 as part of the united states constitution.The second amendment is woven into the fabric of all citizens in the united states for the past 220 plus years. As the united states is a country of federal rules and regulations that are followed nationally not implemented arbitrarily in selected random territories of the country.

It took a national federal law to unite the patchwork of laws governing all of the states a unifying effect for the good of the entire nation no longer was a piece meal haphazard approach  acceptable.

The exact same piece meal approach was the reason the students for concealed carry on campus (scc) filed their lawsuit with the colorado supreme court. To standardize gun policy on college campuses nationwide. On March 12, 2012 the colorado supreme court agreed with scc allowing concealed carry permit holders to have guns on colorado university campus and the anschutz medical campus. effectively neutralizing, reducing, eroding  the power of the nine colorado university regents whose inconsistent piece meal polices were not in compliance with colorado law. 

With  colorado university and the anschutz medical campus   having been coerced into compliance after a protracted legal battle many colorado university faculty members have become disenchanted and overly emotional with laws that now effect colorado university campus and the 227 acre anschutz medical campus located in aurora, colorado. Faculty members are concerned with cu students carrying concealed guns. Some out of touch faculty members ie chairman jerry peterson stated he would cancel class if he discovered one of his students was carrying a gun. Even if the student had a valid permit. Ken Bonetti posted a sign on his door asking students to leave their gun outside.

College students are able to vote, go off to war fight for their country and die ,get married, sign for their substantial burdensome college debt, however selected  colorado university  faculty members feel these same students should not be allowed to have concealed permits and be allowed to carry handguns on campus.

Colorado university, anschutz medical campus current, future, and out of state paying college students should be allowed to self protection, defend themselves against rape, theft, and  molestation states a concealed weapons permit holder. Students could become the good guy with a gun. We are now currently discriminated against even though we are in full compliance of colorado law. Students have legal legitimate rights and we went all the way to the colorado supreme court to enforce our rights states another concealed permit holder. Colorado university is so out of touch with their student constituency colorado university faculty assumes concealed hand gun permit holder students will publicly identify themselves and move into special segregated dorms. This is the type of outdated archaic thinking and idealistic leadership currently displayed by colorado university  today it's totally unrealistic.....A multi billion dollar university campus should have a complete comprehensive understanding of all their constituencies.

Colorado university, anschutz medical campus should be laser like focused and correcting  past internal problems that directly effect their enrolled student population. One simple question might be why was over 90 packages mailed to James Holmes on the anschutz medical campus? With over 15K in ammunition sent through the us mail system? According to federal law enforcement officials. With (3) three cu anschutz medical campus psychiatrists alleging seeing and evaluating James Holmes not one medical professional on the anschutz medical campus did not try to commit or have Holmes judged mentally unsound. This would have barred Holmes from purchasing guns. Now less than (6) six months later high powered legal professionals are currently in court stating Holmes is mentally insane. 
What does these disturbing nationally documented facts reveal about the medical evaluations and follow up procedures on the five billion dollar anschutz medical campus?

Recent reports indicate the only gun shooting on the anschutz medical campus was by a dental faculty member Mary Loeb 49 yrs old who accidently fired her hand gun injuring two individuals who has since lost her job and been cited with two violations prohibiting use of a weapon and unlawful conduct on public property. Ms loeb went on to state she was concerned about a suspicious man who appeared to be following her. Reporting this incident to university police.

This recent national public documented episode clearly indicates cu colorado university gun policy debate is not about potential  drunk legal permit gun carrying college students and personal protection is now a very realistic problem at the anschutz medical campus located in aurora colorado. Where is the nine colorado university regents response to these now disturbing events? When a staff member feels unsafe to the point she feels carrying a concealed gun is required for her personal safety? What are the current and future paying anschutz medical campus students going to think and feel about their personal safety being in jeopardy? As past actions speak louder than words.

With the recent shootings in colorado, connecticut,arizona,wisconsin and oregon the bill of rights states individuals have the right to bear arms not semi automatic assault weapons. As there have been more and more drunk driving laws and do not text message laws enacted the problems still persist. The problem is a mental health issue and that's where the focus needs to reside. As colorado governor hickenlooper recently announced a plan to strengthen colorado's mental health system. Note: (Notice there was no response from the anschutz medical campus) As the national rifle association (NRA) recently weighed in on gun control the NRA's response was for congress to appropriate funds so their could be armed trained security guards placed in all schools nationwide. A foolish unrealistic statement when the congress is debating the collapse of the fiscal cliff to avoid additional government taxes imposed upon more individuals. A more appropriate response from the NRA leadership would be for the NRA  gun manufacturers research and development departments to apply an innovative "appleesque" approach and customize all guns with enhanced security features to operate only with corresponding matching eye or fingerprint technology. This combined with national federal legislation for mental health background checks for gun permit holders could go a long way to eliminating these random shootings nationwide...a common sense approach would be a more appropriate line of action. And don't forget the NRA is the most influential lobbying group!

As more and more college students nationwide seek to implement and standardize hand gun weapons policy on college campuses this has become a national second amendment policy issue not a remote sovereign territory 227 acre boundary dispute issue to be decided by nine colorado university regents who have a questionable history concerning colorado student gun policies and colorado state law as previously documented on the anschutz medical campus blog. There are over 200 colleges in six states that allow concealed carry on campus. There is nothing unique about the learning, research  environment on the 227 acre anschutz medical campus located in aurora colorado.Especially when the subject physical property was received from the united states federal government. Federal law transfers with the property.

In an effort to change colorado law regarding the march 2012 colorado supreme court decision concerning concealed campus carry colorado university professors carr, jacobs, kautzer and katherine have started a petition on to return gun jurisdiction to the university of colorado regents. Additional strategies to restore power to the cu regents to set their own gun polices on college campuses include introducing legislation in the 2013 colorado legislature.

Boulder lawmaker claire levy states universities are best fit to set their own gun policies.
"The legislature doesn't have the expertise on campus safety" states claire levy.
Claire levy is proposing to focus on local authority to restore  the cu regents authority to set their own gun policy rules.

With over a 200 year old bill of rights protecting all individuals including  debt paying burdened colorado university college students ingrained into the constitution of the united states to bear arms and two supporting united states supreme court decisions emotional responses from colorado university,anschutz medical campus and boulder lawmakers who are clearly unrealistically "out of touch"

As the Cu colorado university, anschutz medical campus brand continues to splinter and fracture nationally over gun control on campus, firing of cu coach John Embree, James Holmes as a student, upcoming AEG Michael Jackson trial, dentists operating without a license, new born baby's falling on the floor. All potential future students considering a cu education have the expanded opportunity to consider and explore other college universities with a more comprehensive understanding of their tuition paying students. Students can use their financial clout and influence in selecting their secondary education campus.This is especially true for high tuition paying out of state potential students. Financial Donors should also take note of these events!

The anschutz medical campus blog continues to document in detail , highlight and nationally publish all relevant  issues that adversely effect the aurora colorado  community without censorship, whitewashing or political influence.

DISCLAIMER: The anschutz medical campus blog is not associated with the anschutz medical campus, colorado university,any political party or individuals, All article content is believed to be accurate, however not guaranteed. Article content also reflects arthor's opinions on several issues.


When you have failed leadership there is no where to hide...especially when the entire nation is watching you. and thats exactly what we have in Aurora, Colorado at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Colorado  our blog has reported on over  the last now clearly visible to everyone nationwide.

where to start? Well lets keep it simple the vote is in nationally and the citizens of the state of Colorado and Washington state have voted to allow less than one ounce of possession of  marijuana. The vote is legal no ifs, ands or butts! where does the Anschutz Medical Campus stand on your vote? no marijuana is not legal on Colorado University campus or the Anschutz Medical Campus period! And the appointed leader of Colorado University Bruce Benson is on the wrong side of the issue and the will of the voters plain and simple!

As previously stated on the Anschutz medical Campus blog with the complete failure of diversified research funding and the dependency of federal funds for research to the tune of over 500 million dollars a year the Anschutz medical campus will not be in compliance with the vote of the people! So the passage of amendment 64 now law is being disregarded by Colorado University and its elected leadership. As I have stated for the last 20 years your vote is worthless! read it and weep.

After more than 130 years of not allowing guns on colorado university's campus the colorado supreme court ruled in march 2012 cancealed permit gun holders are allowed to carry guns on the anschutz medical campus and colorado university's campus. However in an attempt to become a sovereign terrority, selected individuals  on the colorado university campus and the anschutz medical campus are attempting to gain support to introduce a bill in 2013 in the colorado legislature to get an exemption for the university's campuses for cancealed permit gun holders.

However, noteworthy recently a staff member who had a valid cancealed carry permit accidently shot their handgun and wounded two individuals. There have been no problems with students cancealed permit holders carrying guns, being drunk and disorderly the only reported hand gun problem has been with an anschutz medical campus staff member who has since been placed on admistrative leave.

Lets move on to other revelent issue what about the firing of Colorado University coach John Embree? After a 2 year stint paying a paltry substandard salary of $742K annually with a supporting record of 4-21 after 2 years Colorado university's first black coach John embree is say la vie! fired! period!Coach embree needed more than 2 years to turn around a dismal franchise that lacked quality players and more experienced football players. This failed leadership maneuver left Cu fans angry and disgruntled....Talk about agitating your paying integrity at the university of colorado and alienating all potential future black football players. failed leadership on national display with over 30% of your players coming from out of state..know your brand..nope not here at Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus. A complete disconnect from management and the national Cu brand ....a poignant lesson for all current and future  college students who do not understand exactly what brand management is all about!

Now with the nation watching, angry students paying substantial tuition dollars...over 30% of Cu students   coming from out of state the national  search is on for a replacement for coach embree.And with failed Colorado University leadership trying to save face with the nation watching better call out the big guns....Elway, Manning and john fox reaching out to recruit potential cincinnati coach Butch Jones...and better add substantial sweeters to ice over your national mistake with a 5 year coaching agreement and a 13 million dollar salary to boot.
And what was saving recruit Butch Jones response to colorado university? No thanks talk about a black eye in public view. As the national search continues to seek filling the coaching void at Colorado University let every current and prospective student,researcher,patient,donor witness a failed brand in action on the national each day passes it gets clearer to all individuals associated with the failed Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus brand!

Where exactly is colorado university president Bruce benson with all of this happening? on vacation...this is a direct disconnect from colorado university leadership and the colorado university the anschutz medical campus blog has now stated for over a year the anschutz medical campus colorado university is a national failed brand plain and simple...
and now with the consistently documented failures there is no where to hide this fact all clearly documented on the anschutz medical campus blog website with direct navigation so there will be no erasing or white washing these facts...

Disclaimer: orginal article has been altered, adjusted  and rewritten to reflect the changed cancealed permit carry policy on colorado university anschutz medical campus due to the colorado supreme courts ruling in march 2012. article content is believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.


Saturday nights are movie nights at our home.Last Saturday night the neighbors came over and tonights selection consisted of All The Presidents Men. After the movie was over one of the neighbors stated " I am not a crook" immediately following that statement another neighbor stated "watergate." We all agreed. The next day I thought about what was said as I lived through this trumultuous time.

Richard M Nixon ended the controversial Vietnam war in 1973. Nixon also established the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), opened up diplomatic relations with China and Russia. Signed the salt one treaty with the Soviet Union. Nixon also presided over the Arab oil embargo in 1973 due to the US supplying Israel military aid during the Yom Kipper war. Tricky Dick also took the USA off of the gold standard and the us dollar has dropped in value every year for the last 4 decades.

When the white house Nixon tapes were released in 1999 Nixon was heard world wide stating "JEWS ARE DISLOYAL" 'YOU CAN'T TRUST THE BASTARDS."

Richard Milhous Nixon died in 1994 with four living presidents at his funeral (Clinton,Ford, Carter and Reagan) However despite all of his deeds forty (40) years later all the public remembers about tricky Dick Nixon is Watergate and "I am not a crook." After Nixon decided to resign rather than be impeached Nixon remains a damaged brand in America's psyche 4 decades after his death.
America does not even associate the rise in the cost of oil, or the fall in the value of the us dollar with Nixons tenure in office Both of these items effect every American every day 40
years later.

The Anschutz Medical Campus blog  will now respond to  angry emails and complaints which were received concerning the death of michael jackson and   focus the nations attention Using direct navigation technology towards another high profile individual and his related assets. Philip Anschutz.

1.The Anschutz Medical Campus displays its disgrace on the national stage of a complete lack of failed comprehensive infrastructure planning, new born baby falling on the floor immediately after delivery and the University of Colorado  Anschutz Medical Campus who for years allowed five (5) dentists to practice medicine without a license on the unsuspecting public with one teenage patient ending up at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio (a competing medical clinic  to manage her pain.) The Anschutz Medical Campus is named after entrepreneur Philip Anschutz ranked #39 on Forbes 400 richest individuals with a net worth that fluctuates around seven (7) billion dollars.

2.Although the Anschutz brand encompass many companies Anschutz is best remembered in the publics mind as Quest Communications founder who took Quest public in 1997 and netted two (2) billion dollars while the public shares in Quest collapsed leaving the public shareholders with billions of dollars in losses and the blue Quest sign on a high rise building in downtown Denver.Quest provides communications service to 14 western states and was recently sold for over 20 billion dollars to Centurylink.

In 2002 Fortune magazine named Philip Anschutz the country "greediest executive" at the top list of corporations who profited and sold public shares as their companies collapsed.

3.Another high profile  Anschutz brand the worldwide public constantly interacts with is Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG).one of the worlds leading entertainment companies. AEG owns and operates over 100 venues around the world  AEG is now legally associated with the tragic death of Michael Jackson . AEG is named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by Katherine Jackson the mother of Michael Jackson.
AEG had over 100 hours of Michael Jackson film footage of preparation and rehearsals for the 50 sold out anschutz AEG operated O2 London concerts. AEG sold the distribution rights that were filmed at the Anschutz owned Staples Center to Columbia pictures for approxmately 60 million dollars.

The Jackson family did not support the film and AEG was criticized as fans boycotted the film
however This Is IT is the highest grossing concert movie and documentary in  the history of
cinema. The canceled 50 London shows had received record breaking ticket sales with demand exceeding ticket availability.

The "king of pop"is best remembered for Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad albums with Thriller the best selling album of all time.The song Billy Jean was televised nationally throughout America with michael's unbelievable unique dancing style wearing a black hat and white glove.

Although Dr. Conrad Murray has been convicted in the criminal trial for involuntary manslaughter the civil trial is scheduled to proceed in 2013 with Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG).Many of the criminal areas were barred by the judge will proceed in the civil trial. Investigating Michael Jackson finances and years of drug related problems. It is the Jackson's family belief AEG bore primary responsibility and much more involvement with Dr. Murray being a minor player. "Larger forces involved in Michael Jackson death" states Brian Panish the Jackson attorney. AEG is a heartless bottom line driven company and contributed to Michael Jackson death.

Dr. Conrad Murray requested a CPR machine and a second nurse neither which were approved by AEG. Dr Murray was to be paid 150k a month by AEG however the contract was not signed before the death of Michael Jackson and remains a subject of controversy.

Lloyd's of London went to court and refuses to pay 17.5 million dollars insurance policy stating Michael Jackson and (AEG) Anschutz Entertainment Group failed to disclose information about jackson medical history, drug use and there was no medical exam performed before the policy was issued. AEG recently withdrew its claim for the insurance policy.

Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) stated if the tour was called off there would be lawsuits and Michael Jackson's career would be over. AEG advanced money against future concert earnings to cover michaels lifestyle and AEG had the right to seize michaels assets if michael failed to perform creating pressure on Michael Jackson and Dr. Murray to perform.

Michael Jackson is recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guiness world records. Michael Jackson died in June 2009 with a heavy hearts and a global outpouring of grief as one (1) billion people watched the memorial service. Google and Twitter both crashed with the news of the death. AEG hosted a Michael Jackson memorial service at the Anschutz owned Staples Center.

AEG is now  associated in the world wide publics hearts and minds with the negative images of Michael Jackson's death, upcoming civil trial ,and the"THIS IS IT" concert being the last concert seen by the worldwide public filmed at the Anschutz owned Staples Center in Los Angeles. Recently emails were released showing that AEG was fully aware of the deterioring condition of Michael Jackson.

Additionally the  burgeoning Anschutz Medical Campus now casts a large negative image on University of Colorado, Aurora, Colorado and throughout the entire rocky mountain region. With the primary philanthropic donor billionaire Philip Anschutz wholly owned Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) now the national legal focus in the tragic death of world famous Michael Jackson.

With hundreds of thousands of patients visiting the Anschutz Medical Campus annually, 30,000 university of Colorado students enrolled, and the University of Colorado school of medicine research  absent from the top 30 ranking by Us news and world report in the country the University of Colorado foundation can anticipate possible future philanthropic donors to be curtailed or even   "beat it"   as no large corporation, foundation, public company or wealthy influential donor will want to be associated with the controversial death of the most successful entertainer of all time pending an upcoming civil trial and probable appeals which may last for years and feel "donors regret" on possible future financial donations,gifts or pledges to the Anschutz Medical Campus. Especially with the 5 million dollar tax exemption ending in 2012. (unless congress takes action in an election year.)

As with the late president Nixon 40 years later, the public at large only remembers the negative images even though the us dollar is now worth less than dime (.10) and the public now pays $4.00 for a gallon of gas president nixon is remembered by "I am not a crook" and Watergate.

And the final  legal disposition, concerning tricky dick Nixon was never convicted on watergate charges (pardoned by president ford) for any wrongdoing and Michael Jackson was never convicted on child molestation an Anschutz (AEG) conviction may not be necessary to curtail all University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus future financial pledges,gifts and philanthropic donations.

Disclaimer: All information and facts are believed to be true but not guaranteed.This article reflects the opinion of the anschutz medical campus blog and is not associated with the anschutz medical campus, university of colorado or AEG


In the arcane world of domain names in which very few corporations, management, attorneys, individuals and even Madison avenue completely do not comprehend. Most corporations need to learn the hard lessons of the  significant power and value of the correct revelant domain name for their website.

A domain name acts as the address for your website. Similar to the street address of where you live. Not every one uses a search engine to navigate. Many individuals type in the domain name directly into their browser and quickly navigate directly to your website bypassing all search engines. This is why domains such as,, and many others have sold for millions of dollars they are revelant to the corporation. An elementary example of strategic corporation branding.

When a domain name matches the searchers intentions there is an anchoring effect multiplying the value of the website content and solidifying the searchers intentions. This was recently validated by a microsoft white paper on domain names.

Recently a significant event occurred to thoroughly educate billion dollar corporations, management and their high priced attorneys as to the proper selection to the power of selecting the correct corresponding domain name for your corporate website.

Back In 2007 a domain name auction was held and a  high priced dallas attorney representing the dallas cowboys NFL team placed a bid and won the domain name Quickly following the auction the high priced dallas attorney became confused over the winning bid price. The confusion started over the price of 275,000 thousand dollars. The dallas legal representative thought the winning bid was actually 275.00 dollars and refused to complete the domain name purchase. The dallas cowboys a billion dollar corporation fumbled the the public domain with every one watching the fiasco unfold.

Eventually the domain went on to resale for a higher bid of over 100,000 dollars more than the original winning auction price. A website was released and sat mostly idle for the next five years.

Last week the dallas cowboys public fumble came back to haunt Jerry Jones and the dallas cowboys billion dollar organization. The website was relaunched as a cowboys gay dating website!!!....a textbook example in negative branding.

Darren Cleveland president and ceo of city advertising issued a press release repositioning the domain name as a gay dating site. Targeting the fastest growing segment of the dating industry.

Quickly the national media industry picked up on the fiasco. Front page news on, CBS in Dallas, then came the Huffington Shortly afterwards there was a story on and then I suspect we will eventually see this on television as the entire city of Dallas is in an uproar over this public fumble. Its hard to picture the reaction unless you have actually been to Dallas Texas and witnessed the gigantic egos, cowboy boots and general arrogance of the state of texas.

 The dallas cowboys now have a national public relations branding nightmare on their hands with a fumbled public track record that cannot easily be corrected. Looking back in hindsight $275,000K was pocket change for a billion dollar corporation. There's many bruised egos in the lone star state over the current use of the domain name. The lessons learned here the hard way in the public domain clearly illustrates the incompetence of the dallas cowboys leadership and will be repeated by many corporations until the lesson is learned. One thing about learning anything the hard way "it sticks".


So the now world is now focused on the Anschutz Medical Campus...and not for anything positive and all the wrong reasons! This does not come as any surprise to the Anschutz Medical Campus blog.As we have stated for years the continuous problems at the Anschutz Medical Campus are now clearly visible to everyone....or are they still obfuscated?

In April 20, 1999 two students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold developed a hosting website and played the video game doom.After several months the website started to contain numerous death treats, threats against columbine students and teachers, harris created explosives and  general statements about hating society in general. Investigator Guerra was lead to the website wrote a draft affidavit requesting a search warrant of Eric Harris home ...however the search warrant was never filed...sound familiar? Harris and Klebold went on to kill 12 students and wound 23 others.
Columbine is now a term used to identify mass school killings. Marilyn Manson songs were blamed as part of the reason the killings that took place and Marilyn Manson was banned from playing in colorado immediately following the columbine massacre.

In september 2001 also know as 9/11 two planes piloted by terrorists flew into the world trade center towers and both twin towers fell completely to the ground in less than two hours. Additional planes also were targeted at the pentagon and the US capitol. However the plane targeted at the US capitol fell short of its intended target and crashed in a field. The term 9/11 is synonymous with these events. The tragedy was so colossal tv stations stopped showing the pictures of the planes flying into the twin towers as it disturbed the american people psyche.This is the reason George W. Bush gave the American people for starting the iraq war.

However what was lost, scrubbed, whitewashed from these national media  events was that Al.Qaeda blamed Israel and the usa support of Saudi Arabia for these attacks.Bin laden went on to state it was the selling of saudi crude oil to westerners was the real reason for the attack. Immediately Following the twin towers plane crash when every single plane in the entire united states was grounded after the attacks there was one plane that was still able to fly nationwide under coordination and direct approval  from the white house. And who was on that one single plane? The remainder of the bin laden family leaving the united states.Did you hear anything about it? No these facts  are buried and obscured. And the reason spoon feed to the american people national security? More than a decade later and several trillion dollars spent on two wars which the middle class will pay for the rest of their lives  with facts that are obfuscated. The real reason for the Iraq war was to produce more oil on the world market.With two billion (2) more consumers India and China consuming world oil and world oil supply resources rapidly dwindling.

Unless you are living under a rock the entire world has learned of the James Holmes movie theater killings in Aurora Colorado. And where did James Holmes go to school? The Anschutz Medical  Campus Colorado University (CU) graduate neuroscience program. There appears to be a lot of  convoluted information concerning these events so the Anschutz Medical Campus blog is going to initiate a visible Timeline concerning these events.Something revelent all of the national readers and potential colorado university students can read, meditate and review as future events unfold concerning the defendant self nick named  "the joker"

2005                                  Dr Lynn Fenton was reprimanded by Colorado Board of Medical Examiners for prescribing medication (Xanax,Ambien,Lorazepan, Vicodin) to herself, husband and an employee.

June 2011                          James Holmes was admitted to the Anschutz Medical Campus neuroscience program.Holmes received a $25,000 dollar scholarship to attend Colorado University. Holmes was a patient under Dr. Lynn Fenton's care.Dr Fenton whose bio includes  general psychiatry, psychotherapy for 15-20 students per week.Coordination of a team of four mental health clinicians.Supervision of R4 and R3 residents who treat students. Dr Fenton was a research fellow instructor R and D service at the VA eastern colorado health care system 2008 to present. Dr. Fenton also has experience working with propranolol the memory loss drug.

May 22, 2012                      Holmes purchased a  40 caliber pistol at Gander Mountain.

May 28, 2012                      Holmes purchased a remington 870  from Pro Bass shop.

June 1 -10, 2012                  Dr Fenton made phone calls to several BETA team members to discuss the current Anschutz Medical Campus student James Holmes.  However the beta team never convened. Beta team members discuss appropriate action concerning particular individuals and collaborate about how to provide support for involved individuals

June 7, 2012                         Holmes failed preliminary first year oral exam. No follow up by CU
Colorado University, no retaking the exam, no discussion ,no support from training committee. Hours after the failed oral exam James Holmes purchased  a semi automatic assault rifle from Gander Mountain.Undefined officials state Holmes did poorly on his oral exam.

June 10, 2012                        Holmes sent an Email to faculty at the Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus to withdraw from the neuroscience graduate program. Holmes did not fill out the portion of the form asking why he was dropping out. The form never made it graduate school dean Barry Shur's desk. James  Holmes was not formally withdrawn from Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus when he went on his shooting spree at the cinema 16 Aurora movie theatre. Colorado University school dean Barry Shur states students are very carefully monitored, coached  and counseled. Withdraw does not happen without Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus oversight.

June 12, 2012                          Holmes lost access to Colorado University Anschutz medical   Campus secured areas. Holmes made threats to a Colorado University professor.

June 25, 2012                          Holmes applied to Colorado Gun club. Glenn Rotkovich gun club owner became concerned when he heard a voice message on Holmes answering machine. Rotkovich alerted his staff to keep on the look out for James Holmes at the July 1, 2012 orientation and not accept Holmes into the Colorado Gun Club,.

July 2, 2012                              Holmes bought combat vest, magazine holders and a knife.

July 6, 2012                              Homes bought a Glock pistol from Pro Bass Shop.

July 12, 2012                            Fox News reports a suspicious package arrived at the Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus mail room and sat on the loading dock for a week. Colorado University official's denied this event.

July 20, 2012                            Holmes opens fire at the Aurora Colorado cinema Batman The dark night rises premiere a few minutes after midnight killing 12 and injuring 58 The Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus removes the biography of Dr. Lynn Fenton from their website.

July 23, 2012                             A package arrives at the Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus mail room addressed to Dr. Lynn Fenton. with stick figure drawings shooting at each other and a notebook describing James Holmes actions. Holmes first court appearances was closed to the news media. Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus is swept for explosives with police dogs Holmes apartment is bobby trapped and Aurora Colorado police attempt to enter the apartment which is rigged with explosives.The entire neighborhood is in upheaval and disarray.

July 30, 2012                              Holmes first public court appearance holmes is charged with 24 counts of murder and 116  accounts of attempted murder.

Now for discussion, the first item on the time line that is significant is that a non medical person Mr Glenn Ratkovich noticed immediately that there was something odd peculiar about James Holmes. Here is someone that drew the correct analysis immediately with no medical background. And here we have the Anschutz Medical Campus who is intimately familiar with James Holmes for over the entire last year and supposedly one of the top neuroscience programs in the nation and could not reach this same conclusion after more than one year with intimate research, collaborations, and personal visits actively interacting with James Holmes...what's wrong with this picture?

Immediately after the Aurora cinema shooting the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus immediately took down the biography of Dr. Lynn Fenton who has a past conviction of
issuing psychotic drugs without the proper paperwork.

Recently Don Elliman and Lilly Marks officials of  Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus hired a former us attorney Robert Miller to investigate if Colorado University could have done anything differently. Typical bureaucratic response hire an independent outside council to protect your interests. Does anyone really expect to hear the ugly truth with a (5) five billion dollar university medical campus involved?

1. This is not rocket science....The first item the Anschutz Medical Campus current faculty and leadership (ie. Don Elliman, Lilly Marks ,Bruce Benson) should have done is  follow through on the BETA Behavioral  Evaluation and Threat Assessment team that never meet. The team that Dr. Lynn fenton founded in 2010. More than a phone call was required, No follow up, no referral for treatment, no counseling, or voluntary care knowing intimately with constructive notice on file that James Holmes has dormant schizophrenia...its called dropping the ball or more blatantly Anschutz Medical Campus negligence. And to add insult to injury a minimum of three (3) Colorado University health professionals   meet with James Holmes prior to the shooting. No matter how you slice it. The BETA team is a failure!

2.What about the search for missing chemicals where was the Anschutz Medical Campus security?
where are the written records? Where is the lock down procedure from this second rate medical campus? What is the missing procedure for students to receive us bulk packages on the Anschutz Medical Campus? Where exactly is the time sheet (LOG) with dates and times. How can a student receive numerous packages containing ammunition at a medical campus? What is the exact date the controversial stick figure package was mailed to the Anschutz Medical Campus? How can the gullible public be assured that the more than two (2) dozen explosive devices found in Holmes apartment did not orginate or come from the Anschutz Medical Campus?Any legitimate mail order facility would not break federal postal law and mail explosives through the us mail system.I'm sure the Holmes defense team will subpoena these records if they exist or have not been purged!

3. On June 10, 2012 James Holmes sent an email to withdraw from the Anschutz Medical Campus Colorado University neuroscience program. The spokesman school dean Barry shur states withdrawal does not happen easily students are carefully monitored, coached and counseled. By their own words Holmes was still a student at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Where was the coaching and follow up to Holmes which was one of only 6 students to receive this  prestigious National Institute of Health (NIH) grant? Knowing in vivid written detail That Holmes just failed his oral one year crucial neuroscience exam? And has dormant  schizophrenia? Where exactly was Colorado University Lilly Marks, and Don Elliman's oversight? Or more poignantly missing leadership? Talk is cheap decisive action was missing from the current Anschutz Medical Campus leadership. By contrast the nation witnessed effective leadership from john elway by signing Payton Manning as the current denver quarter back.
4. Where are James Holmes missing medical records? Here is a 24 year old with a history of dormant schizophrenia there has to be some previous medical treatment on file especially at a medical university. There has to be some type of past periodic, regulated, documented ,medical treatment. And with dr. Lynn Fenton's past convictions with psychotic drugs this is where the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus culpability and liability could be determined. This is also one the reasons for the Anschutz Medical Campus actions, taking down Dr. Lynn Fenton's biography, failure to follow up with the beta team, failure to follow up monitoring a NIH grant student that just failed his one year oral exam.Hiring of us attorney Robert Miller.These are all documented actions of a failed Colorado University.Anschutz Medical Campus.And the entire Aurora Colorado community suffered from these actions. Deaths, Trauma,wasted police manpower and financial expense.....and flat out destroying the Aurora Colorado community psyche. These 12 killings and 58 wounded only add credence and credibility that the Aurora Colorado community is crime ridden. No amount of Aurora police chief Dan Oates or Aurora Colorado mayor Steve Hogan public speaking will erase these hard facts.
These events could also hamper/deter future business from selecting Aurora, Colorado for their future place of employment/headquarters.

5. What about the immigrant Aurora Colorado Community? James Holmes lived less than 1000 feet from the Anschutz Medical Campus at an apartment building located  at 17th and Paris street.
Many ethic groups also live in this area who were confused and forced to be evacuated from their homes.Unable to understand or comprehend english The perception of an unsafe crime ridden Aurora Colorado community is now mentally secured in their head. As the Anschutz Medical Campus blog has stated for many years the Anschutz Medical Campus has adversely effected the entire surrounding community. As the previous mayor Ed Tauer and the Aurora city council's  failed pipe dream the Anschutz Medical Campus is now a documented  liability to the entire centennial state of Colorado. A five (5) billion dollar nightmare liability! that was negligent in their actions concerning james holmes!

No matter what type of public rhetoric the Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus leaders
(Lilly Marks, Don Elliman, Bruce Benson ) state The current Anschutz Medical Campus leadership  failed to take any decisive action at the appropriate time interval and the entire Aurora Colorado community has suffered from their lack of leadership.A simple follow up, mental referral , professional counseling, could have at least attempted to stabilize and put James Holmes on the current constructive path.

DISCLAIMER: The Anschutz Medical Campus blog is not associated with the Anschutz Medical Campus or Colorado University.This article is a written opinion of the Anschutz Medical Campus blog. Copyright 2012. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


What is a brand? Apparently the majority of Colorado University (CU) students don't know what a brand is. So lets keep it simple...If  I said hamburgers what would you say? McDonalds? Burger King? If I said Apple what would you think of ? Beatles record label? probably not....more likely The IPhone, Ipod, Mac, high quality computers would come to mind. Why would high quality come to your mind and not quality from hamburgers? Its called a brand promise.If I said we try harder what would you think? Avis we are number 2 would probably come to your mind.

It cost millions of dollars to establish a brand nationally in the marketplace.No easy feat and to maintain that effect over decades is almost impossible.The above examples accomplish all of these items. Perception, quality, consistency and consumer promise. How are these facets of the brand implemented? Its called a brand strategy and is carefully executed every day relentlessly by the above examples sited.To give you one brief example recently a consumer purchased the Macintosh and was pissed off over the battery life and called Apple to complain. Apple initially did nothing and blew off the incident.
Three days later the pissed off consumer put up a you tube video throwing the macintosh around the room and hitting the Mac with a hammer. How long was the you tube video up? less than 2 days. Apple quickly corrected the problems with this pissed off consumer.Apple protects its brand promise. Not only in the United States but worldwide! That is why Apple is a worldwide leader without comparison. And don't forget Steve jobs dropped out of college!

How about the Anschutz Medical Campus? They have a brand with the Colorado University and a 125  year old tradition to uphold. However as the recent articles published on the Anschutz Medical Campus blog have pointed out...the Anschutz Medical Campus is a five (5) billion dollar MISMANAGED brand. Why?

1.No due diligence with the J.P.Morgan bank before receiving a 5.5 million dollar gift and now the tarnished J. P. Morgan brand nationwide and by extension tarnishing the Colorado University 125 yr old name.This incident will not quickly evaporate. And all Colorado University (CU) leaders are directly responsible for this event.All future Colorado University students also need to take note of these events.

2. Lets move on to more recent actions. Recently the Anschutz Medical Campus needed 40 patents for free dental exams To train their students How is the public to know this? Its called a consumer touch point COMPLETELY MISSING FROM THE ANSCHUTZ MEDICAL CAMPUS..A valuable public communication point completely lacking from a 5 billion dollar brand?

3. How about the bike to work day? Did you see any advertising concerning this event? With 400
cyclists participating and 15 selected vendors was there any community outreach on this event?NO
And why would you? You come to expect  less than half an effort by the Colorado University and their leadership with no bicycle station located on the Anschutz Medical banners,no signs, no digital bulletin board, no coordination with the surrounding community. This is failed strategic planning executed by the Colorado University (CU)Anschutz Medical Campus leaders and students.A sad state of national affairs for a five Billion dollar facility!

4. Lets discuss the farmers market recent opening on the Anschutz Medical Campus. somewhere in the back of the campus located by fitz 21 apartments. Not visible to the surrounding community,
completely absent from the visitors coming and going to the Anschutz Medical Campus.Nowhere visible on montview boulevard....where health nutrition is a real problem. This event is operated by branch community students ,faculty and attempting to partner with aurora communities.Talk about a failed effort in planning,execution, marketing and branding by these  graduate students. Aurora community interaction. No free fruit juices to educate the obese aurora community. No literature on body fat, diabetes, importance of a balanced diet. No alignment or simple education with the indigenous mexican population.A completely failed effort.This  farmers market is suppose to educate students and prepare them for the real world instead you get less than half an effort by a 5 billion dollar failed Anschutz Medical Campus. Real world learning opportunities that have gone awry and ARE TOTALLY WASTED! and think 6 years has passed and the failures are coming more quickly and continuously!

5.Recently Colorado was awarded one of the USPTO satellite offices. Other satellite offices were awarded to Detroit, Dallas and Silicon Valley.The official ceremony for announcing the awarding of the Colorado USPTO office was held at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora ,Colorado.This Colorado satellite office is expected to generate over 400 million dollars in revenue for the the state of Colorado..a 400 million dollar event...and who was completely absent from this event? Not one... representative from the city of Aurora ,Colorado attended this announcement. These are leaders who are expected to be teaching students and are completely failing on a daily basis. You would think at least one Aurora Colorado representative would have the knowledge to attend and say something intelligent....Nope!...not in this step city to Denver.Its no wonder the Anschutz Medical Campus is referred to as being in Denver. Aurora is just not up to par....and we are talking about recently elected new leadership.Anschutz Medical Campus may be open for business however its a failed brand! nationally! and it shows on a daily basis!

These are all symptoms of the same failed strategy...failed leadership, .a failed coordinated effort, failed consumer touch points ,failed community outreach, all of these actions essentially accomplish the same effect and add up to a  failed Anschutz Medical Campus brand. And don't forget this is an academic campus these students are suppose to be learning and are being taught by faculty members who are charging real money to educate these so called future community leaders.There is substantial tuition fees on the line here.....this is no free academic project....real dollars and cents involved A LOT OF MONEY ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE AN OUT OF STATE COLORADO UNIVERSITY STUDENT!   disclaimer:the Anschutz Medical Campus blog is attracting more out of state readers take note all potential future colorado university students carefully select your future college campus!

Now lets pull back and and review the larger picture and take note of  some more recent revelent news form Aurora ,colorado.The failed Gaylord Hotel. With almost 400 million dollars in government incentives in constructing an 800 million dollar hotel Gaylord backed out of the deal! 50% of the construction cost was financed by incentives and the gaylord hotel fell apart? What this clearly indicates is the risk capitol available for initial construction is not attainable.Yet the city of aurora colorado officials approved this deal .Think this is an isolated incident?

Lets review the proposed 600 million dollar GE solar panel manufacturing facility with aurora city council incentive financing. Its a no go. On current hold... General Electric backed out of the deal on tower road and I 70. Currently GE is revaluating the solar panel market.GE does not have a competitive solar panel ready for manufacturing. What does this tell us? GE has failed in their research and development as China has been manufacturing and lowering the cost of solar panels for the last few years. In fact China has been dumping solar panels in the us market so much the United States has had to  add an  import tax to china solar panels. What exactly was GE doing with their research and development concerning solar panels while the worlds largest manufacturer was in high gear? Asleep at the wheel!.Where was the continuing R and D? where was the GE reverse engineering? And what action did the Aurora Colorado  city council perform? They just gave away another tax incentive....Another documented reason the citizens cannot trust the aurora city councilAnd to think Aurora's economic officials are optimistic that General Electric (GE) solar technology will succeed? Displaying the ostrich approach keeping your head in the sand? Hoping for a positive outcome Aurora Colorado continues to have its continuing colossal failures, gaylord hotel, GE solar plant, NASCAR,baseball stadium,  and of course SCI-fi land. The truth is ugly and the Anschutz Medical campus blog continues to outline, document and nationally publish the  truth for all our readers ,current and potential future Anschutz Medical Campus and all colorado university students.(CU) your future education and financial dollars are at risk!


There she blows! With no where to hide  Security and exchange (SEC) quarterly  reports  due the losses continue to explode at the J. P Morgan bank.What was initially reported by Morgan ceo Dimon as an initial bump in the road a mere 2 billion dollar derivative loss is now restated in first quarter earnings  and is now up to 6 billion dollars and soon could reach 7 BILLION DOLLARS! IN losses.

As a comparison value, a yardstick  for measurement for all future Colorado University (CU) students to consider before enrolling in any Colorado University curriculum we have now completely demolished every single building on the 227 acre  Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora Colorado and we are now moving towards the Colorado University downtown campus and start demolishing buildings on the Auraria campus....thats how large the losses are at the J. P Morgan bank... the financial partner at the soon to be open Colorado University J.P. Morgan commodities school located in the new 120,000 square foot downtown Colorado University campus.What a way for Colorado University (CU) officials to introduce a new course curriculum! Right off the bat the financial partner looses 6 BILLION about selecting the right about brand damage to the 125 year old Colorado University about earning your paycheck for due diligence?

And the bad news continues to come in droves Federal regulators are looking at Morgan employees for fraud and filing criminal charges. Federal regulators from the securities and exchange (SEC), comptroller of currency and Federal bank of New York are carefully analyzing the reported value of the derivative trades. It appears several internal traders at J. P. Morgan have disguised their trades to lessen their losses.

J. P. Morgan is now seeking clawbacks from  several key traders pay equal to approximately their last 2 years of employment pay.Clawbacks could also come from ceo Dimon however the bank did not indicate it would pursue this course of action.

Why would the ceo Jamie Dimon not be held financially accountable for this loss? Where are the  Morgan shareholders? Well for one the Ohio state attorney is seeking to file a class action lawsuit of behalf on Ohio state pension fund shareholders. Mike Dewine Ohio Ag
states pension fund managers were given false and misleading information which hid the true risk of the investment. This lead to 27 million dollars in pension fund losses from Ohio school teachers, school employees  and public employees.

Talk about the 5.5 million dollar Colorado University gift that keeps giving! National federal legislation is being discussed as it directly correlates to J. P. Morgan actions.All this in an election year!

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