Anyone can squander away money. People do it all the time, borrow money and never return it. The US government does this all the time wastes taxpayers money. One such notable example is the Iraq war. Now approaching 5 trillion dollars directly falling to and adding to the bottom line of the US 20 trillion dollar deficit. The Democrats have been a failure over the last two elections. This is the reason Donald Trump will be the president in 2017. A non political figure. Trumps first order of business will be to change FOREIGN POLICY! As president Trump has stated this money could have been used to rebuild Americas infrastructure twice! All of Americas airports, highways and bridges!

When some one builds a building there should be a tenant somewhere on the horizon. Sometimes in the form of a commitment letter, a signed lease or equity participation. Otherwise the lender will not issue a commercial loan. This is what happened in the 1980’s and the 1990’s overbuilding on speculation. We now have more than two decades of the same problem looking through the rear view mirror. After more than 20 years of the same problem us taxpayers money is misappropriated to pay for all the government’s failed expenditures. This has been the political scenario for now more than two decades…and why there is a non politician in the white house running the worlds largest economy! failed leadership eventually gets replaced. The Anschutz Medical Campus blog documents and highlights failed leadership in action.

This is where leadership become important. People are voted into a position of trust, are evaluated and viewed by their actions taken. Witness the current presidential election. Trump has stated NATO allies have not paid their fair share of funding. Hillary has done nothing for the last 30 years the Clintons have been in power. The final result is America is paying to be the worlds peacekeeper. Subsidizing countries like Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Kuwait. The richest countries in the world. The costs then eventually filter down to taxpaying Americans that do not receive benefits they paid for all their lives. One such example would be Obama healthcare. Which will be immediately repealed under the republican president and congress.

President elect Trump who is still waiting in wings, not even sworn into office. Has already notified Japan American will no longer continue to finance their military commitments. Apple is already looking into moving the manufacturing of the I phone back into the United States.



Lets take a closer look at the City of Aurora, Colorado. This will be an interesting topic in the future as we will continue to document their failed leadership attempts. And they are growing exponentially! We are now approaching two decades of failed City of Aurora leadership and its effecting hundreds of thousand of people. This blog documents worldwide for readers to become educated with supporting documentation. Influential people from around the world read the Anschutz Medical Campus blog posts, comment and become informed by billion dollar mistakes and who is responsible for making these decisions!  Many leave interesting comments that are not published. These comments are reviewed and analyzed by Anschutz journalism staff for our blog articles.

Each article documents in depth, chronological order of failed leadership. As the late Steve Jobs stated: Only hire A people. No B people. Thereby only the best and brightest work at Apple. Notice how Apple is slowly starting to flounder with its narcissistic charismatic leader now deceased and a systems guy Steve Cook at the helm for the last several years. There are very few visionaries that are capable of leadership. Any fool can originate an idea the trick is to properly execute the idea to fruition. If you were a Harvard graduate you would learn that over 50% of ideas fail in the execution stage.

As we view downtown original Aurora, Colorado for the last three decades it has been a virtual waste land. Very little construction, redevelopment, private development or private capitol moving into this desolate area. One failed restaurant after another. The major redevelopment has been Florence square A 26 million dollar low income apartment and retail space. Financed by LIHTC, donated land, City of Aurora contributing 1.5 million dollars to the project. This was suppose to be the catalyst for the whole area. Another documented failed vision. It took over 2 years to lease a dozen retail spaces. And after more than a decade since construction began, all the wrong tenants are occupying these spaces. No expanded redevelopment in the area has occurred. This has not stopped the city of Aurora from squandering away generous tax benefits branding the area Cultural Arts district. Adding a farmers market with artists leasing individual spaces for $10.00 a year! When you are desperate you grasp at straws! This is a hard lesson being described for an entire nation to view and analyze. This way failed leadership can be witnessed in action and other world wide leaders can learn from a public failure.

So with a failed arts district, failed housing plaza with all the wrong retail tenants in place what does the City of Aurora leadership do?  Advertise? Court real estate developers? Hire another consultant? they already hired dozens of consultants original Aurora is a derelict location riddled with high crime which is the label Aurora Colorado is associated with.  The demographics indicate over a 50% Latino population. Aurora, Colorado City officials piss away 2.6 million dollars of taxpayers money to build a “white box”



What? a 6,000 sq. ft. abandoned retail space that has no paying tenants after more than 2 years of standing empty. Every Aurora official associated with thisshould be fired period! Starting with Mayor Steve Hogan. Located on the corner of Colfax and Florence street sits an empty building costing taxpayers money. An isolated island of development financed by taxpayers, similar to the nearby ALL taxpayer consuming Anschutz Medical Campus which leads the nation in FAILED infrastructure planning highlighted previously on this blog. Taxpayers from around the rest of Aurora Colorado paying for a failed second pipe dream with no taxpayer accountability of any type, hoping to lure a restaurant, or develop an indoor art studio is the City of Aurora’s plan. This is an another isolated island of redevelopment financed by taxpayers a few miles west of the problematic University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

What exactly is the problem here? We have a complete repeat of the failed vision of University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus. Redevelopment with no comprehensive planning  adversely effecting the surrounding taxpayer population. The exact same problem has occurred a few miles to the east on Colfax avenue. Another pipe dream after more than a decade there is no redevelopment. All the development has been financed by the government, Medicare, taxpayer participation, Federal student loans, free discounted military land, City of Aurora waived tax benefits, user fees, Tax free private donations, condemned property repurposed resulting in more homeless people. With The Colorado rental market now the hottest market in the nation there is now no adequate housing available. Vacancy rates are now under 3%  This is the long term adverse effects of failed leadership coming home to roost. The end result is homeless, people sleeping on the streets, mental problems, suicides, and the well deserved recognition of high crime. All cultivated by a documented failed vision.

Desperately attempting to attract the low hanging fruit, starving artists, with expensive renovations the city of Aurora officials attempted to attract one small local choreographer. However with costly renovations in an obsolete area. The city of Aurora had to revise their plan and scale down the interior finish of the “White Box” aka the peoples building. There will now need to be a larger organization to step forward and bail out the Aurora taxpayers investment.

With the newly elected president Trump there will be a repeal of Obama care. This will directly effect the annual revenues incoming into University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. With overbuilding, high debt overleverage, Patients and students will be squeezed for additional financing!. All of the real consumer comments have been edited/removed from The University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus website. This is a direct result of receiving all types of subsidized government funding. These facts have been INTENTIONALLY eliminated from the University of Colorado website. However The Anschutz Medical Campus blog receives all types of incoming comments to support these statements. Some comments include:

My dying father received basic treatment and it’s going to cost me another mortgage to receive care here. We have already paid out over $80,000 dollars!

If you have insurance do not come to this hospital they charge an arm and a leg for basic services.

The emergency room is disgusting with blood on the floor, fluid on curtains, and fungus growing?

If you are driving from “out of town” to the Anschutz Medical Campus I would think again! not very impressed!







Montview Park is the immediate neighborhood surrounding the Anschutz medical Campus has fallen further into poverty since this unwanted facility was constructed in 2007.The poverty rate around the isolated Anschutz Medical Campus exceeds forty percent(40%)! To keep this billion dollar boondoggle Anschutz campus financially afloat (solvent). A significant number of low income patients do not receive health care! They are “redlined” screened and eventually eliminated, pushed to other medical facilities! A sad but true fact not readily recognizable, orally stated, or even published. In fact the University of Colorado Anschutz officials deny these facts, instead continuing to emit the false misleading rhetoric to the gull able taxpaying public exactly like our previous article highlighting Kuwaiti ambassador daughter Nayirah’s  false testimony a tried and true very effective misleading public tactic!

The Colorado state department of Medicaid  has received numerous complaints from low income patents stating they have been a victim of apparent  ” PATIENT ABANDONMENT” by the Anschutz Medical Campus! This could directly lead to a cut/termination of all Federal Medicaid reimbursements to this problematic campus!

Patients who have enlarged prostates were “redlined” did not receive any appointments from Colorado University Anschutz campus. They were rerouted to hospitals in Parker, Boulder or the Aurora Medical Center. Another patient received chemotherapy and was then rerouted to another medical facility. Another patient Ms. Martinez was bitten by a spider and sent home. Not surprisingly the Anschutz medical campus is accepting just enough indigent patients to qualify for Medicaid reimbursements and receive state fees due to hospitals.

Nurse practitioners at the primary care clinic in Aurora, Colorado have had trouble with several of their patients unable to access the closed off “ivory tower” of University of Colorado Anschutz campus. The Colfax community Network health employees have a negative perception of University Hospital. These reliable Aurora community health providers have to “mop up” rejected patients from the Anschutz medical Campus.

The carefully worded statement from Anschutz campus spokesman Lily Marks is “we have to manage” access to indigent patients. The Anschutz Medical Campus journalism staff noticed this trend almost a decade ago and wrote about it on the previous article Does the Anschutz medical campus offer quality care?

After more than a decade of existence the future goals of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is to connect with the local Aurora, Colorado community, and move into the top 10 research facilities to receive yet more government funding. Hopefully with a conservative elected president taking office enacting a more prudent business like manner will come to the National Institute of Health (NIH) and  funding will be restricted and redirected to more legitimate research facilities that use Federal taxpayer funds to actually help working class people.






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