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Post: 5 ways AI can help you study for finals – for free

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5 ways AI can help you study for finals - for free

Getty Images/champpixs Regardless of major, academic level, or institution, final periods are stressful for students, requiring intense studying and cramming. However, AI can help ease the load.

Since generative AI first surged in popularity, the technology has typically received a bad rap in the education sector, with many believing it would violate academic standards and integrity. However, AI can also be a great assistant capable of helping students optimize their studying.

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The best generative AI tools, such as AI chatbots , are intuitive to use, requiring no knowledge of coding or AI, and many of the most helpful features are free. If you’re ready to hand off some tedious studying tasks to AI, I rounded up the best ways you can use AI to study for finals.

Quick Note: For any of the below tips that include AI chatbots, you can use whichever one you choose, and there are plenty of options to pick from, which we break down here . For the examples below, I used Microsoft Copilot because the free version is connected to the internet, allowing the chatbot to access the latest information on the web, which is crucial for getting accurate information when studying. 1. Summarize PDFs

Earning a degree often involves lots of readings, usually in the form of lengthy PDFs. Whether you are a humanities or STEM major, you will be required to read or familiarize yourself with research papers that are loaded with technical jargon and hard to parse through. That’s where AI PDF summarizers can help.

With AI PDF summarizers, you can input your PDF from your computer’s files and conversationally ask the AI chatbot to answer any questions about the topic or even generate entire summaries for you.

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There are various different tools you can use to accomplish this task, with the most intuitive being ChatPDF . The free version of ChatPDF allows users to upload two PDFs daily, each up to 120 pages. Using it […]

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