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Post: A key service helping convicted US veterans recover remains dysfunctional for everyone else, but there’s a fix

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A key service helping convicted US veterans recover remains dysfunctional for everyone else, but there's a fix

Veteran treatment courts provide comprehensive rehabilitations for convicted veterans.

Adult drug treatment courts are struggling to provide comparable support due to lack of resources.

The success of adult drug treatment courts depends on government funding and community integration.

Veteran Treatment Courts give convicted US military veterans a shot at rehab and comprehensive care, but similar treatment courts made for the public have more work to do to be of more help.

"We don’t have a very robust treatment infrastructure in this country and there are many communities where adequate treatment is difficult to access," said Christopher Deutsch, the communications director of All Rise, a nonprofit focused on assisting drug court, veterans treatment court, and DWI court professionals.

Veteran treatment courts, which prioritize rehabilitation for convicted veterans, provide comprehensive care, but the public version of these courts fail to deliver comparable support.

Deutsch added that these public-facing treatment centers are lacking sufficient accessibility and medical care individuals need to properly provide effective treatment."Outside of treatment courts, we know that things like substance abuse counselors, mental health counselors, in general, there’s a struggle for those positions to be filled," said Christina Lanier, the co-director of the National Treatment Court Resource Center."I would imagine that that trickles down to the treatment court world," she said.There are other challenges as well. Counties receive federal funding to provide and pay for mental health and substance abuse services, but instead of establishing or assisting an existing a treatment court with more funds where it is […]

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