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Post: CU Anschutz Medical Campus ….A Mismanaged Brand!

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Anschutz Medical Campus

anschutz a mismanaged brand

What is a brand? Apparently the majority of Colorado University (CU) students don’t know what a brand is. So lets keep it simple…If  I said hamburgers what would you say? McDonalds? Burger King? If I said Apple what would you think of ? Beatles record label? probably not….more likely The IPhone, Ipod, Mac, high quality computers would come to mind. Why would high quality come to your mind and not quality from hamburgers? Its called a brand promise. If I said we try harder what would you think? Avis we are number 2 would probably come to your mind.

It cost millions of dollars to establish a brand nationally in the marketplace.No easy feat and to maintain that effect over decades is almost impossible.The above examples accomplish all of these items. Perception, quality, consistency and consumer promise. How are these facets of the brand implemented? Its called a brand strategy and is carefully executed every day relentlessly by the above examples sited.To give you one brief example recently a consumer purchased the Macintosh and was pissed off over the battery life and called Apple to complain. Apple initially did nothing and blew off the incident.
Three days later the pissed off consumer put up a you tube video throwing the Macintosh around the room and hitting the Mac with a hammer. How long was the you tube video up? less than 2 days. Apple quickly corrected the problems with this pissed off consumer. Apple protects its brand promise. Not only in the United States but worldwide! That is why Apple is a worldwide leader without comparison. And don’t forget Steve jobs dropped out of college!

How about the CU Anschutz Medical Campus? They have a brand with the Colorado University and a 125  year old tradition to uphold. However as the recent articles published on the Anschutz Medical Campus blog have pointed out…the CU Anschutz Medical Campus is a five (5) billion dollar MISMANAGED brand. Why?

  1. No due diligence with the J.P.Morgan bank before receiving a 5.5 million dollar gift and now the tarnished J. P. Morgan brand nationwide and by extension tarnishing the Colorado University 125 yr old name. This incident will not quickly evaporate. And all Colorado University (CU) leaders are directly responsible for this event. directly, adversely, effecting all Colorado taxpayers. All future Colorado University students also need to take note of these events.
  2. Lets move on to more recent actions. Recently the CU Anschutz Medical Campus needed 40 patients for free dental exams To train their students How is the public to know this? Its called a consumer touch point COMPLETELY MISSING FROM THE CU ANSCHUTZ MEDICAL CAMPUS..A valuable public communication point completely lacking from a 5 billion dollar brand?
  3. How about the bike to work day? Did you see any advertising concerning this event? With 400 cyclists participating and 15 selected vendors was there any community outreach on this event? NO And why would you? You come to expect  less than half an effort by the Colorado University and their leadership with no bicycle station located on the CU Anschutz Medical banners, no signs, no digital bulletin board, no coordination with the surrounding community. This is failed strategic planning executed by the Colorado University (CU)Anschutz Medical Campus leaders and students. A sad state of national affairs for a five Billion dollar facility!
  4. Lets discuss the farmers market recent opening on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. somewhere in the back of the campus located by fitz 21 apartments. Not visible to the surrounding community, completely absent from the visitors coming and going to the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Nowhere visible on Mont view boulevard….where health nutrition is a real problem. This event is operated by branch community students, faculty and attempting to partner with Aurora communities. Talk about a failed effort in planning, execution, marketing and branding by these  graduate students.  None…zero Aurora community interaction. No free fruit juices to educate the obese aurora community. No literature on body fat, diabetes, importance of a balanced diet. No alignment or simple education with the indigenous Mexican population. A completely failed effort. This  farmers market is suppose to educate students and prepare them for the real world instead you get less than half an effort by a 5 billion dollar failed CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Real world learning opportunities that have gone awry and ARE TOTALLY WASTED! and think 6 years has passed and the failures are coming more quickly and continuously!
  5. Recently Colorado was awarded one of the USPTO satellite offices. Other satellite offices were awarded to Detroit, Dallas and Silicon Valley. The official ceremony for announcing the awarding of the Colorado USPTO office was held at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado. This Colorado satellite office is expected to generate over 400 million dollars in revenue for the the state of Colorado a 400 million dollar event…and who was completely absent from this event? Not one… representative from the city of Aurora, Colorado attended this announcement. These are leaders who are expected to be teaching students and are completely failing on a daily basis. You would think at least one Aurora Colorado representative would have the knowledge to attend and say something intelligent….Nope!…not in this step city to Denver. It’s no wonder the CU Anschutz Medical Campus is referred to as being in Denver. Aurora is just not up to par….and we are talking about recently elected new leadership. CU Anschutz Medical Campus may be open for business however its a failed brand! nationally! and it shows on a daily basis!

These are all symptoms of the same failed strategy…failed leadership, .a failed coordinated effort, failed consumer touch points ,failed community outreach, all of these actions essentially accomplish the same effect and add up to a  failed CU Anschutz Medical Campus brand. And don’t forget this is an academic campus these students are suppose to be learning and are being taught by highly paid faculty members who are charging real money to educate these so called future community leaders. Financed by reluctant Colorado Taxpayers. There is substantial tuition fees on the line here…..this is no free academic project….real dollars and cents involved A LOT OF MONEY ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE AN OUT OF STATE COLORADO UNIVERSITY STUDENT!   Disclaimer: the Anschutz Medical Campus blog is attracting more out of state readers monthly…so take note all potential future Colorado university students carefully select your future college campus!

Now lets pull back and and review the larger picture and take note of  some more recent revelent news form Aurora, Colorado. The failed Gaylord Hotel. With almost 400 million dollars in government incentives in constructing an 800 million dollar hotel Gaylord backed out of the deal! 50% of the construction cost was financed by incentives and the Gaylord hotel fell apart? What this clearly indicates is the risk capitol available for initial construction is not attainable. Yet the city of Aurora Colorado officials approved this deal .Think this is an isolated incident?

Lets review the proposed 600 million dollar GE solar panel manufacturing facility with aurora city council incentive financing. Its a no go. On current hold… General Electric backed out of the deal on tower road and I 70. Currently GE is revaluating the solar panel market. GE does not have a competitive solar panel ready for manufacturing. What does this tell us? GE has failed in their research and development as China has been manufacturing and lowering the cost of solar panels for the last few years. In fact China has been dumping solar panels in the US market so much the United States has had to  add an  import tax to china solar panels. What exactly was GE doing with their research and development concerning solar panels while the worlds largest manufacturer was in high gear? Asleep at the wheel!. Where was the continuing R and D? where was the GE reverse engineering? And what action did the Aurora Colorado  city council perform? They just gave away another tax incentive….Another documented reason the citizens cannot trust the aurora city council. And to think Aurora’s economic officials are optimistic that General Electric (GE) solar technology will succeed? Displaying the ostrich approach keeping your head in the sand? Hoping for a positive outcome Aurora Colorado continues to have its continuing colossal failures, Gaylord hotel, GE solar plant, NASCAR, baseball stadium,  and of course Sci-Fi land. The truth is ugly and the Anschutz Medical campus blog continues to outline, document and nationally publish the  truth for all our readers, current and potential future CU Anschutz Medical Campus and all Colorado University students.(CU)…as your future education and financial dollars are at risk!

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