So the now world is now focused on the Anschutz Medical Campus…and not for anything positive and all the wrong reasons! This does not come as any surprise to the Anschutz Medical Campus blog.As we have stated for years the continuous problems at the Anschutz Medical Campus are now clearly visible to everyone….or are they still obfuscated?

In April 20, 1999 two students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold developed a hosting website and played the video game doom.After several months the website started to contain numerous death treats, threats against columbine students and teachers, harris created explosives and  general statements about hating society in general. Investigator Guerra was lead to the website wrote a draft affidavit requesting a search warrant of Eric Harris home …however the search warrant was never filed…sound familiar? Harris and Klebold went on to kill 12 students and wound 23 others.
Columbine is now a term used to identify mass school killings. Marilyn Manson songs were blamed as part of the reason the killings that took place and Marilyn Manson was banned from playing in colorado immediately following the columbine massacre.

In september 2001 also know as 9/11 two planes piloted by terrorists flew into the world trade center towers and both twin towers fell completely to the ground in less than two hours. Additional planes also were targeted at the pentagon and the US capitol. However the plane targeted at the US capitol fell short of its intended target and crashed in a field. The term 9/11 is synonymous with these events. The tragedy was so colossal tv stations stopped showing the pictures of the planes flying into the twin towers as it disturbed the american people psyche.This is the reason George W. Bush gave the American people for starting the iraq war.

However what was lost, scrubbed, whitewashed from these national media  events was that Al.Qaeda blamed Israel and the usa support of Saudi Arabia for these attacks.Bin laden went on to state it was the selling of saudi crude oil to westerners was the real reason for the attack. Immediately Following the twin towers plane crash when every single plane in the entire united states was grounded after the attacks there was one plane that was still able to fly nationwide under coordination and direct approval  from the white house. And who was on that one single plane? The remainder of the bin laden family leaving the united states.Did you hear anything about it? No these facts  are buried and obscured. And the reason spoon feed to the american people national security? More than a decade later and several trillion dollars spent on two wars which the middle class will pay for the rest of their lives  with facts that are obfuscated. The real reason for the Iraq war was to produce more oil on the world market.With two billion (2) more consumers India and China consuming world oil and world oil supply resources rapidly dwindling.

Unless you are living under a rock the entire world has learned of the James Holmes movie theater killings in Aurora Colorado. And where did James Holmes go to school? The Anschutz Medical  Campus Colorado University (CU) graduate neuroscience program. There appears to be a lot of  convoluted information concerning these events so the Anschutz Medical Campus blog is going to initiate a visible Timeline concerning these events.Something revelent all of the national readers and potential colorado university students can read, meditate and review as future events unfold concerning the defendant self nick named  “the joker”

2005                                  Dr Lynn Fenton was reprimanded by Colorado Board of Medical Examiners for prescribing medication (Xanax,Ambien,Lorazepan, Vicodin) to herself, husband and an employee.

June 2011                          James Holmes was admitted to the Anschutz Medical Campus neuroscience program.Holmes received a $25,000 dollar scholarship to attend Colorado University. Holmes was a patient under Dr. Lynn Fenton’s care.Dr Fenton whose bio includes  general psychiatry, psychotherapy for 15-20 students per week.Coordination of a team of four mental health clinicians.Supervision of R4 and R3 residents who treat students. Dr Fenton was a research fellow instructor R and D service at the VA eastern colorado health care system 2008 to present. Dr. Fenton also has experience working with propranolol the memory loss drug.

May 22, 2012                      Holmes purchased a  40 caliber pistol at Gander Mountain.

May 28, 2012                      Holmes purchased a remington 870  from Pro Bass shop.

June 1 -10, 2012                  Dr Fenton made phone calls to several BETA team members to discuss the current Anschutz Medical Campus student James Holmes.  However the beta team never convened. Beta team members discuss appropriate action concerning particular individuals and collaborate about how to provide support for involved individuals

June 7, 2012                         Holmes failed preliminary first year oral exam. No follow up by CU
Colorado University, no retaking the exam, no discussion ,no support from training committee. Hours after the failed oral exam James Holmes purchased  a semi automatic assault rifle from Gander Mountain.Undefined officials state Holmes did poorly on his oral exam.

June 10, 2012                        Holmes sent an Email to faculty at the Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus to withdraw from the neuroscience graduate program. Holmes did not fill out the portion of the form asking why he was dropping out. The form never made it graduate school dean Barry Shur’s desk. James  Holmes was not formally withdrawn from Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus when he went on his shooting spree at the cinema 16 Aurora movie theatre. Colorado University school dean Barry Shur states students are very carefully monitored, coached  and counseled. Withdraw does not happen without Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus oversight.

June 12, 2012                          Holmes lost access to Colorado University Anschutz medical   Campus secured areas. Holmes made threats to a Colorado University professor.

June 25, 2012                          Holmes applied to Colorado Gun club. Glenn Rotkovich gun club owner became concerned when he heard a voice message on Holmes answering machine. Rotkovich alerted his staff to keep on the look out for James Holmes at the July 1, 2012 orientation and not accept Holmes into the Colorado Gun Club,.

July 2, 2012                              Holmes bought combat vest, magazine holders and a knife.

July 6, 2012                              Homes bought a Glock pistol from Pro Bass Shop.

July 12, 2012                            Fox News reports a suspicious package arrived at the Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus mail room and sat on the loading dock for a week. Colorado University official’s denied this event.

July 20, 2012                            Holmes opens fire at the Aurora Colorado cinema Batman The dark night rises premiere a few minutes after midnight killing 12 and injuring 58 The Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus removes the biography of Dr. Lynn Fenton from their website.

July 23, 2012                             A package arrives at the Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus mail room addressed to Dr. Lynn Fenton. with stick figure drawings shooting at each other and a notebook describing James Holmes actions. Holmes first court appearances was closed to the news media. Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus is swept for explosives with police dogs Holmes apartment is bobby trapped and Aurora Colorado police attempt to enter the apartment which is rigged with explosives.The entire neighborhood is in upheaval and disarray.

July 30, 2012                              Holmes first public court appearance holmes is charged with 24 counts of murder and 116  accounts of attempted murder.

Now for discussion, the first item on the time line that is significant is that a non medical person Mr Glenn Ratkovich noticed immediately that there was something odd peculiar about James Holmes. Here is someone that drew the correct analysis immediately with no medical background. And here we have the Anschutz Medical Campus who is intimately familiar with James Holmes for over the entire last year and supposedly one of the top neuroscience programs in the nation and could not reach this same conclusion after more than one year with intimate research, collaborations, and personal visits actively interacting with James Holmes…what’s wrong with this picture?

Immediately after the Aurora cinema shooting the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus immediately took down the biography of Dr. Lynn Fenton who has a past conviction of
issuing psychotic drugs without the proper paperwork.

Recently Don Elliman and Lilly Marks officials of  Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus hired a former us attorney Robert Miller to investigate if Colorado University could have done anything differently. Typical bureaucratic response hire an independent outside council to protect your interests. Does anyone really expect to hear the ugly truth with a (5) five billion dollar university medical campus involved?

1. This is not rocket science….The first item the Anschutz Medical Campus current faculty and leadership (ie. Don Elliman, Lilly Marks ,Bruce Benson) should have done is  follow through on the BETA Behavioral  Evaluation and Threat Assessment team that never meet. The team that Dr. Lynn fenton founded in 2010. More than a phone call was required, No follow up, no referral for treatment, no counseling, or voluntary care knowing intimately with constructive notice on file that James Holmes has dormant schizophrenia…its called dropping the ball or more blatantly Anschutz Medical Campus negligence. And to add insult to injury a minimum of three (3) Colorado University health professionals   meet with James Holmes prior to the shooting. No matter how you slice it. The BETA team is a failure!

2.What about the search for missing chemicals where was the Anschutz Medical Campus security?
where are the written records? Where is the lock down procedure from this second rate medical campus? What is the missing procedure for students to receive us bulk packages on the Anschutz Medical Campus? Where exactly is the time sheet (LOG) with dates and times. How can a student receive numerous packages containing ammunition at a medical campus? What is the exact date the controversial stick figure package was mailed to the Anschutz Medical Campus? How can the gullible public be assured that the more than two (2) dozen explosive devices found in Holmes apartment did not orginate or come from the Anschutz Medical Campus?Any legitimate mail order facility would not break federal postal law and mail explosives through the us mail system.I’m sure the Holmes defense team will subpoena these records if they exist or have not been purged!

3. On June 10, 2012 James Holmes sent an email to withdraw from the Anschutz Medical Campus Colorado University neuroscience program. The spokesman school dean Barry shur states withdrawal does not happen easily students are carefully monitored, coached and counseled. By their own words Holmes was still a student at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Where was the coaching and follow up to Holmes which was one of only 6 students to receive this  prestigious National Institute of Health (NIH) grant? Knowing in vivid written detail That Holmes just failed his oral one year crucial neuroscience exam? And has dormant  schizophrenia? Where exactly was Colorado University Lilly Marks, and Don Elliman’s oversight? Or more poignantly missing leadership? Talk is cheap decisive action was missing from the current Anschutz Medical Campus leadership. By contrast the nation witnessed effective leadership from john elway by signing Payton Manning as the current denver quarter back.

4. Where are James Holmes missing medical records? Here is a 24 year old with a history of dormant schizophrenia there has to be some previous medical treatment on file especially at a medical university. There has to be some type of past periodic, regulated, documented ,medical treatment. And with dr. Lynn Fenton’s past convictions with psychotic drugs this is where the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus culpability and liability could be determined. This is also one the reasons for the Anschutz Medical Campus actions, taking down Dr. Lynn Fenton’s biography, failure to follow up with the beta team, failure to follow up monitoring a NIH grant student that just failed his one year oral exam.Hiring of us attorney Robert Miller.These are all documented actions of a failed Colorado University.Anschutz Medical Campus.And the entire Aurora Colorado community suffered from these actions. Deaths, Trauma,wasted police manpower and financial expense…..and flat out destroying the Aurora Colorado community psyche. These 12 killings and 58 wounded only add credence and credibility that the Aurora Colorado community is crime ridden. No amount of Aurora police chief Dan Oates or Aurora Colorado mayor Steve Hogan public speaking will erase these hard facts.
These events could also hamper/deter future business from selecting Aurora, Colorado for their future place of employment/headquarters.

5. What about the immigrant Aurora Colorado Community? James Holmes lived less than 1000 feet from the Anschutz Medical Campus at an apartment building located  at 17th and Paris street. Many ethic groups also live in this area who were confused and forced to be evacuated from their homes. Unable to understand or comprehend english The perception of an unsafe crime ridden Aurora Colorado community is now mentally secured in their head. As the Anschutz Medical Campus blog has stated for many years the Anschutz Medical Campus has adversely effected the entire surrounding community. As the previous mayor Ed Tauer and the Aurora city council’s  failed pipe dream the Anschutz Medical Campus is now a documented  liability to the entire centennial state of Colorado. A five (5) billion dollar nightmare liability! that was negligent in their actions concerning james holmes!

No matter what type of public rhetoric the Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus leaders (Lilly Marks, Don Elliman, Bruce Benson ) state The current Anschutz Medical Campus leadership  failed to take any decisive action at the appropriate time interval and the entire Aurora Colorado community has suffered from their lack of leadership.A simple follow up, mental referral , professional counseling, could have at least attempted to stabilize and put James Holmes on the current constructive path.

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