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Post: As cannabis becomes more mainstream, children need effective guidance. What to tell them

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As cannabis becomes more mainstream, children need effective guidance. What to tell them

Cannabis became legal in Massachusetts in 2016, with the first sales beginning two years later. The state has announced that sales have surpassed $4 billion. That has made 4/20 Day popular throughout the state, involving retailers, dispensaries, cannabis aficionados and the everyday user.

As cannabis and its many products become more mainstream within the changing culture, children and teens are exposed to more, whether through social media, influencers or the internet in general. Effective drug education can help children and teens understand cannabis, and parents and educators can have a positive impact on their lives.

Findings from an International Cannabis Policy Study found that emerging adults in Massachusetts (ages 16-20) were the most likely to have never used cannabis. Individuals ages 21-25 were the most frequent daily users, and those ages 26-35 also reported high frequent use. Marcel Gemme Youth cannabis use has dropped since legalization

A Youth Health Survey from 2021 found that marijuana use decreased dramatically for high school students in 2021. About 30% had used marijuana over 30 days in 2019, but that declined to 17% in 2021. Perhaps a testament to effective drug education while legalization was occurring. How to talk to kids about drugs, alcohol

For parents and educators, when speaking about cannabis, alcohol and other drugs, keep the conversation age-appropriate. Speaking with a 5-year-old is much different than speaking with a teenager. Use language and examples a child or teen would understand. Teach them about the dangers and what to avoid.

Put yourself in your kid’s […]

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