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Post: Blood For Oil!

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blood for oil

In 2000 George W. Bush aka (Dubya) was the most wired candidate in the history of politics. Bush had instant name recognition because of his father’s  presidency George H. who stated read my lips “no more new taxes”. A staff of supporters and industry insiders. Well connected to big oil and other intangible invisible associations unknown to the American voting public.

It was the architect’s task aka  Carl Rove to position Dubya as a presidential candidate. Rove applied the ambiguous brand of “compassionate conservatism”  which had taken on different references to different related voting constituencies.

Inheriting his fathers twenty five year dubious legacy of dealing with Saudi Arabia and US military contracts. In 1999 Mr. Perle who was an inside advisor to Bush told the Pittsburg Gazette that candidate Bush was drafting a speech taking the opposite stand as Bill Clinton  stating: It’s time to finish the job. Its time for Saddam Hussein to go. In reference to his fathers dealings with Hussein. However nothing was said during the 2000 presidential race in any of Bush’s speeches.

Using dirty politics to tarnish his opponent John McCain  Dubya romanced every single media journalist  who was coving his presidential campaign with trivial speeches and positioned himself as the ultimate Washington outsider living in Crawford, Texas. As a result very few questions concerning American foreign policy were asked by any journalist. Not one journalist realized Dubya was the candidate of “BIG OIL” or that the Bush clan had over: ONE BILLION DOLLARS IN TRANSACTIONS  WITH SAUDI ARABIA and the Caryle group over a thirty year pervious period. These facts were non existent to the American voting public. Bush’s selection of Dick Chaney for vice president with his previous tenure working in Washington and Halliburtan oil one of the largest oil servicing company in the world, with offices in over 80 countries also had huge financial interests in The kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore the two highest publically elected officials in the United States had enormous financial interests with another foreign power Saudi Arabia with the largest oil reserves in the entire world.

There are federal election laws that prohibit foreign nationals from funding American political candidates. However Saudi Arabia had strategically researched, cultivated and supported the right horse in the 2000 presidential race. George W. Bush already had a 30 year history developed by his father George H. Bush paying five billion dollars for five AWACs planes in 1981  that were worth less than 600 million dollars. Providing a text book case of circumventing the US congress with an unwritten gentles man agreement was behind the sale of the five AWACs planes stated reporter Scott Armstrong a Washington Post reporter. Over the next decade Saudi Arabia spent over 200 billion dollars in buying American military purchases. A 200 billion dollar purchase with zero public debate this was one of the many Bushes “off the government books” transactions. This was the beginning of the policies shaping the Middle East with the United States.


With the 2000 presidential election looming Saudi Arabia had duplicated the Israeli model of allocating over 300 million dollars to US mosques and Islamic charity groups. The Republican noise machine realized there are seven million Muslims living in America and strategized to tap these voters with an American Muslim electoral block. Capitalizing on the hate Muslims have for Israel and the Jews.

This was pointed out by Arthur Swartz in congressional testimony there are as many as 5 thousand or more mosques in the US with 80% come under Islamic fundamentalism control who are sponsors of international terrorism. Several of these charities have  been linked or designed to support terrorism. One such example would be in 1998 AL KIFEL Refugee  Center in New York was a mainland outpost for Al Qaeda.

Aided by the invisible financial ties to Saudi Arabia with a 30 year strategic alliance Dubya actively cultivated the Muslims US electoral vote meeting with many of the Islamic mosque Muslims. On July 31, 2000 innocuous to the American voter and taxpayer the GOP opened their Philadelphia convention with T Othman offering a Muslim prayer. It was a landmark symbol as this was the first time any political gathering was addressed by a Muslim. T. Othman was no ordinary Muslim he had previously been a board member of Harken Energy representing Saudi investors, the same Saudi investors who bailed out Harken Energy. Bush’s father oil company in the late 1980’s which was loosing 40 million dollars a year prior to Saudi Arabia kingdom BCCI dominated bank financial investment. As Harken Energy director Dubya stated: He was unaware of any new investors and there is no corresponding paper trail to connect Saudi Arabia money to the Bush dynasty. Even though Harken Energy continued to drill many dry holes  searching for oil, plagued by accounting errors and Dubya was eventually a board member. George W. Bush was unaware of the single largest investment that resuscitated the Bush clan family oil company.

While Dubya was strategizing for the 2000 election, Bush’s competitor Al Gore and the Democrats were supporting Israel and the Jews of America. Eventually Al Gore selected Joe Lieberman as a vice president.

In October 2000 Bush was preparing for a Florida presidential debate. Bush was being counseled by Arab representatives how to address the US Muslim population. Bush was instructed to use the words; “secret evidence” and was the first presidential candidate to speak the code words “secret evidence” along with racial profiling. Immediately the entire US Muslim population recognized Bush as their candidate of choice over Al Gore.

In the final analysis of the 2000 presidential election by thousands of so called experts providing theatre for the gullible American voter, concerning the hanging chad fiasco in the controversial swing state of Florida. One deciding factor was completely overlooked and not recognized by anyone. Out of the 55,000 Muslims living in Florida 91% voted for Bush with 1% voting for Al Gore. Additionally, Bush received almost 90% of the seven million Muslim vote in the 2000 presidential election. Therefore the margin of victory was not the nationally reported 537 Florida votes. Grover Norquist wrote in the American Spectator Bush was elected by the Muslim vote. George W. Bush was now the officially elected  proxy candidate for the Saudi Arabia kingdom.

As a direct consequence of the 1973 Arab Israel war and America mistakenly backing Israel and the Jews the final result was formation of OPEC. In a breath taking display of it power and ultimate control over markets Saudi Arabia owner of 25% of the  worlds known oil reserves, without saying one word, flexed its muscle using its only strategic resource “OIL” as a financial weapon raising the price of oil 300% sending shock waves through out the entire American financial system. Saudi Arabia had now used its strategic resource and converted it into  strategic political capitol thereby aligning the worlds largest oil supplier with the worlds largest consumer using George W. Bush as a conduit, a proxy candidate to make middle East decisions decided in Riyadh bypassing Washington, congress and the American taxpayer who have failed to detect an invisible secret relationship between the Bush dynasty and the Saudi dynasty the two most powerful secret dynasties in the world. The Supreme court added US legitimacy to the bush election by a 5 to 4 vote stopping the recount of the Florida’s vote.

When Dubya took office it looked like a repeat performance by surrounding himself with the same cast of characters that were in his fathers administration. Namely Dick Chaney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powel and James Baker and his firm baker Potts. On 9/11 American airline flight 11 went off course from LA to New York headed towards the world trade center. Then United airlines flight 175 crashed into the second world trade center tower. Soon afterwards Bush cabinet members saw the crash as an opportunity to pursue another agenda democratize the Middle East. At 2.40 pm Ronald Rumsfeld ordered the military to begin on a retaliatory plan to go after Saddam Hussein. According to notes taken at that time by an aide reported by CBS news David Marin. In the notes were the words “sweep up everything related or not.

Long before the 9/11 attack Wolfowitz was pushing for the seizure of Iraq’s oil fields soon sending memos to Rumsfeld making a case for war against Iraq. Chaney soon started a campaign to the American public as Iraq was a threat to peace. It was believed by the Bush administration  the 9/11 world trade center attack could not occur without a state sponsor. The Bush administration incorrectly decided Iraq was the sponsor of terrorism, cherry picking, manipulating and ignoring intelligence to support a predetermined outcome. Paul Pillar the Bush  CIA official from 2000 to 2005 who oversaw Middle East intelligence during this time wrote an article in foreign affairs in 2006 clearly stating: Intelligence was misused to publicly justify decisions already made.

It was under Pentagon secretary Doug Feith job to reinterpret information and produce “false links between Iraq and Al Qaeda” On November 21, 2001 Bush secretly told the military to update the war plan for Iraq. Then in December Tommy Franks was soon briefing Bush at the Crawford, Texas ranch on the updated Iraq war plan. In march 2002 Bush told senators: “We are taking Hussein out” Condoleezza Rice “Condy” chimed in and stated Bush had already made up his mind.

A bipartisan Senate Intelligence committee concluded Dubya repeatedly presented intelligence as fact when it was contradicted, unsubstantiated or even non existent. There are numerous specific report documentations made by George W. Bush that were not supported by intelligence. The main premise of the Iraq war was Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and the risk of these WMD’s falling into terrorist hands, In the final analysis there were no WMD’s and no links between Iraq and Al Qaeda therefore the Iraq invasion is now seen as not being legitimate.

Reported in The Prince of loyalty by R. Suskin former Secretary of treasury Paul O’ Neill stated: The largest foreign policy initiative under the Bush administration discussed within the first week of Bush’s 2001 January inauguration was a secret one. Bush told cabinet members “Go find me a way to do this.: And the pentagon drew up a document called: “foreign suitors for Iraq oil field contractors.


Almost every hijacker on all the planes were Saudi citizens. After the 9/11 crash a Saudi price named Bandar contracted with international media PR giant Burson Marsteller. Immediately launched an out media campaign on all TV networks and newspapers stating Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with terrorism. Repeating the Saudi American relationship was strong.

What happened next was not reported by any news outlet anywhere as every single news media organization in the United States did not think the story was important. For the first time ever in FAA history every single plane in America was grounded Every radar screen was completely empty of any flight. However a hand written list of some of the occupants  obtained by independent investigators revealed that a minimum of seven planes were allowed to fly and leave the US for Europe and be repatriated to Saudi Arabia. The 140 passengers on these planes were Saudi officials, the royal family and relatives of the Bin laden family. No questions were asked, by the FBI and the CIA there is no record of these planes ever leaving the United States.

With the World Trade Center on fire, ground zero was burning and the skyscrapers fell to the ground, America standing in disbelief and horror watching the tallest building in America, a symbol of American power in the heart of New York. With Wall Street in complete disarray a 25 billion dollar gas exploration project in Saudi Arabia was signed with eight US oil companies, ExxonMobil, BP, Royal Ditch, Phillips, OC, Marathon Oil, Conoco and Total Final  advised by James Baker with prince Abdullah and Prince Saud al Faisal representing Saudi Arabia. In November 2001 Dick Chaney’s firm Halliburton won 140 million dollar contract to develop Saudi Arabia oil fields.

25 billion dollar gas pipeline signed

Enriched by a billion dollar Saudi invisible alliance, with a thirty year ongoing compatible relationship facilitating the exchange of Saudi oil for US military protection, the two Bush administrations adopted the cardinal rule of Don’t ask any questions concerning Saudi Arabia internal affairs. Specifically multi million dollar funding of Islamic Fundamentalism  organizations who are responsible for international terrorism and 9/11.

In 2008  time magazine reported the Bush white house mislead the American public. Blacking out and deleting over 25 pages of a congressional report dealing with Saudi Arabia. Senator Bob Graham stated the Bush white house is protecting a foreign government from public exposure. Time magazine reported the blacked out pages covered up the worst terrorist attack in American history. This strategically released Bush administration propaganda has led to a 70% of Americans believe Saddam Hussein is responsible for 9/11.

With tens of millions of dollars flowing from Saudi Arabia to Al Qaeda George W. Bush and Col. Powell praised Saudi Arabia with 3 thousand Americans lying dead at ground zero in New York.

In 2002 American forces invade a two story house in Pakistan and captured ADU Zubaydah Al Qaeda operative. When Zubaydah was interrogated he provided a private telephone number to his interrogators to call. When the CIA called the number it was Saudi prince Salman Adul Aziz who was found  dead a few weeks later. The prisoner then told his interrogators the Saudi royal family had made a deal with Al Qaeda the Saudis would finance the Taliban and in exchange terrorism would be kept out off Saudi Arabia soil.

The Bush white house has now effectively dumbed down the narrative concerning 9/11 for the American public to mentally absorb. America good, terrorism evil, New York firefighters and police good. Saddam Hussein responsible for 9/11. Over 90% of Americans approve of Bush’s War on Terror.

Saudi Arabia is completely overlooked as a sponsor of international terrorism aided by their proxy presidential candidate George w. Bush. This story line lives because of the invisible 1.4 billion dollars that has been funneled from Saudi Arabia to the Bush dynasty. This invisible network has been completely unreported in the news media. Another factor is that US forces protect Saudi oil fields  American public who is “addicted to oil” as stated by Dubya. William Hartung an American arms industry analyst at the world policy institute believes activities of the Bush administration completely overlooking Saudi Arabia as a source of international terrorism is due to the fact of shared financial interests. A secret Saudi Bush alliance.

With the rise of India and China two billion more oil consumers coming on line, there is a strain on the international oil supply. Therefore 9/11 provided an opportunity for the US to go to war in Iraq in March 2003. Iraq has the fifth most proven oil reserves in the world with less than 2% exploited. Comprising 12% of the worlds known oil reserves with over 100 billion barrels of reserve oil in the ground. Enough oil to make every single Iraqi a millionaire.
Since the 2003 George W. Bush invasion of Iraq. Iraq has now ratcheted up oil production and exportation to now become the second largest oil exporter on the world oil market behind Saudi Arabia. Iraq now exports over 4 million barrels per day right behind Saudi Arabia’s 10 million barrels per day. Iraq is also aided by the extremely low cost of producing oil at the ridiculously low rate 0f $5.00 per barrel. So low in fact Iraq is undercutting US oil shale production. Iraq is slowly recovering from its strategic Bush’s 2003 invasion is now exporting record amounts of oil up over 35% the highest production and export figures in more than 35 years on the worlds market driving down the cost of oil 50% adding to the current worlds glut oil supply. Also benefiting Iraq a member of OPEC is not subject to OPECS exporting quotas thereby putting world market pressure and on the remaining OPEC members. Additionally this effects the entire world wide global financial markets who benefit from a worlds oversupply of oil. You can make billions of dollars in a dropping market by purchasing “put options” financial leveraged bets which are cheap and are easy to purchase and implement.

As deep throat famously stated in the Nixon affair.” Follow the Money” With the billion dollar invisible strategic alliance between The world’s largest oil supplier Saudi Arabia, using its proxy America political candidate George W. Bush’s  military power, supplemented with Dick Chaney’s connection to the largest oil field supplier in the world Halliburton the predetermined outcome is there is now enough oil reserves, production and exportation for the foreseeable future. Able to supply America who is “addicted to oil” in addition to rapidly emerging India and China. The Anschutz medical Campus blog has connected all the unrelated scattered dots and all the pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle for the entire world to view as one completed beautiful picture.  How could there be any losers in this predetermined movie script? The oblivious uninformed America taxpayer is thrilled with cheap gas and a slowly recovering economy under the Obama administration! A win- win solution to all the worlds problems…so it seems…. lets take a peek of the after birth of the bush’s administration misused intelligence …the throw away part that is discarded and has no value. There’s a lot of controversy concerning the after birth and some of it is in the news.

The Anschutz medical Campus blog will now take a peek in the trash and look at the afterbirth under the microscope of the George W. Bush administrations legacy.

In March 2003 when the United States invaded Iraq, The George W. Bush (Dubya) administration estimated the total cost of the war at 60 billion dollars. Larry Lindsey Bush’s director of economic council estimated the total cost of the war at 200 billion dollars. This figure was immediately dismissed by the Bush administration and Larry Lindsey was soon unemployed.

After 12 years in the presidential office both Bush administrations, George H. and George W. are bona fide experts in the area of financial accounting “economic voodoo” as the cost of the Iraq war was basically kept off the governments books during the entire Bush administration’s tenure under a questionable presidential election process. This way the entire Iraq war remained out of sight of the taxpaying American public. This task was accomplished by 70% of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars funded by supplemental appropriations outside of the normal Pentagons operating annual budget. This allowed the Bush administration to covertly shield the war financial costs from the scrutiny of congress and the gullible taxpaying American  public and all American veterans.

Masking the true cost of the war to the public at large.

The covert strategy of the Bush administration using deficit funding shielded the true financial costs of the wars from the American people during the eight years the Bush administration was in office 2001 through 2008. This off the books financing was paid on credit borrowed from China. With the costs of the war hidden from public view and scrutiny. The real costs of the war were confined to the disposable American veterans who fought and died for their country. Less than 1% of the United States population of 320 million people. A small price to pay for cheap oil which James Baker refused to publicly state. Dubya stated the Iraq war is not about oil it’s  about naked aggression that will not stand.

One of the several unintended consequences of the wars using off the books financing, was an uptick in abuse, fraud and waste. Estimates range the United States lost somewhere between 10 to 60 billion dollars of taxpayers funds. Nation building had a zero impact in Iraq. With hundreds of hap hazard uncompleted projects paid for by America taxpayers, Iraqi officials cannot point to one single completed project that the US George Bush administration managed during the entire Iraq war  occupation invasion. This clearly explains why the Bush administrations public advertising policy spoon fed to the American public for their hearts and minds never gained traction with the American public who could really care less about a war that NEVER EFFECTED THEIR LIVES!  Under this strategy the American public would support the eradication of Saddam Hussein.

Another factor hidden from the taxpaying American public was the annual cost of $450,000 per US soldier. With the Bush’s administration carefully designed covert strategy to avoid a US draft, the Bush administration hired an army of over 100,000 private contractors to fill in the military void, thus supplementing US military personal, avoid implementing a mandatory US draft and thus alerting and upsetting the oblivious American taxpayer.

With thousands of private contractors operating in the Iraqi war zones, pissing away billions of American taxpayer dollars against the background of an falsely advertised, constructed war on terror in full operation mode. This Bush administration policy cost American taxpayers over 10 million dollars per day! Even after the withdraw of American military forces from Iraq, There were over 100 separate private security forces  with over 30,000 armed men still operating in Iraq months after the US military withdrawal. Through 2012 the US is projected to have spent 15 billion dollars on police training and civilian reconstruction projects in Iraq.

On May 1, 2003 George W. Bush landed on the USS Abraham aircraft carrier sporting a flight suit, even though Bush lost his flight status in the Texas National guard, stepped up to the microphone announcing that major combat operations in Iraq have ceased, with the removal of Saddam Hussein from office along with the symbolic toppling of Hussein statute. Flying high over Bush’s head was a banner that read: “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” hanging from the USS Abraham offering the uninterested American taxpayer a temporary photo touting Bushes accomplishments. In a nationally televised press conference George Bush failed to reference or mention a  delayed financed war debt with China, along with a 1.5 trillion dollar national debt. That’s trillion with a “T”. $1,500,000,000,000. A number so large the American taxpayer has no frame of reference.

In the lingering results of Dubya’s actions more than a decade later, is the Iraq and Afghanistan American military deaths and wounded data is all over the map with difficult to locate statistics. This results in many ambiguous data figures. The official US government statement is 4,500 killed with 32,000 wounded. However these figures hardly scape the surface and are deceiving at best. Other reports state;  Veterans brain injury center reports over 200,000 of diagnosed cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI) with varying degrees of severity. TBI is the end result from severe jolts to a soldiers head thereby disrupting brain functions which has now become the signature wound of George W. Bush’s invasion of the war in IRAQ. Over 200k veterans suffer from PTSD. Veterans of America estimates 30% of military veterans suffer some sort of PTSD, depression, or traumatic brain injury. PTSD is the third most prevalent psychiatric diagnosis from Veterans hospitals. With 1.5 million military personal serving in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars this would amount to 500,000 military wounded. Another study by the center for disease control CDC veterans age 25 through 65 had twice the rate of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancer than non veterans.

Other veteran injuries include: 1,500 veterans have loss a limb, toes, or fingers Over 150 veterans are now blind. Many have spinal cord related problems. Thousands more are disfigured over. 200 soldiers now need complete face replants. Many veterans have back, shoulder, knee injuries with 20% now requiring orthopedic surgery after they have returned from combat duty. Veterans have also sustained irreversible lower back pain, accompanied with numbness in their hands and fingers from excessive vibrations operating all the Iraq war equipment.  One result is veterans trying to cope returning from the Iraq war are now  displaying violent behavior, alcoholism abuse, and sleep apnea.


Under the covet Bush strategy to avoid implementing a US draft, Many American Iraq veterans were deployed numerous times into an active Iraq war zone. With subsequent repeated deployments of US soldiers, early aging is now showing up as a latent war symptom. Using the fight or flight  human nervous system response with repeated exposure to active war conditions undue stress is paced upon the American soldier. Early researchers are searching for a name of this symptom. The Anschutz medical campus blog as coined the word accelerated aging syndrome or AAS™ to describe, define and reference this newly unveiling George W. Bush phenomenon.

Seventy percent of all military personal suffer from some sort of auditory (hearing) loss. In a 2010 Congressional report stated for every soldier wounded in action or medically evacuated more than four more were medically evacuated for some sort of reason. In a restricted government report the death toll is over 20k and 56k wounded. Deserters are over 7,000 in number. American war veterans are now claiming up to 10 different types of medical disabilities, some as many as 14 different types of medical disabilities. Approximately  thirty percent of American war veterans have now been granted disability. Women now account for up to 12% of the war veterans who are seeking care through the VA healthcare system. When factoring in the  total cost of the Iraq war including the long term care required for the wounded veterans the total cost hovers around 4 trillion dollars. That’s 4,000,000,000,000 in numeric from! A trillion dollar Boondoggle!

In 2013 the United States reached an historic milestone. Over one million wounded war veterans. The VA health care system also stopped releasing public statistics to the American taxpaying public. The VA used to publish  reports quarterly four times a year with statistics covering the Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. In a Hope to avoid a national public personal relations backlash. Without some sort of government conceptually reliable updated data it has now become impossible to quantify necessary financial funding required for our veterans. This action has now disrupted  many VA health care programs. There has now been close to over 100 inquires and requests to reinstate the VA quarterly veteran statistics

To serve the now over one million and growing, disabled Iraq war veterans there is now  four new VA hospitals under construction. The VA hospital in New Orleans is being completely rebuilt because it was demolished from 2006 hurricane Katrina. This 1.5 million sq. ft. facility will have 120 beds and 60 beds for institutional care. The hospital is 70% over budge, fourteen months behind schedule, cost over one billion dollars and  will be open in 2016. The nations war veterans are now receiving treatment from eight outpatient clinics.

The Las Vegas VA hospital is open has 200 beds and one million total sq. ft. with a final cost of 600 million dollars. This ended up being an 80% increase over the original cost of 325 million dollars. Representative Dina Titus there is a correlation between the Aurora VA hospital and the delayed opening of the Las Vegas hospital. She believes there has been re appropriations of funds effecting the Nevada VA hospital. Representative Titus believes the Aurora hospital has become an earmark at the expense of Nevada war veterans. When the Nevada hospital recently opened, the emergency room was too small so a second emergency room is now under construction.

The Orlando VA hospital is located on 65 acres is now partially open consists of  1.2 million sq. ft. at a cost of one billion dollars. The original cost was 665 million dollars. Currently the ophthalmology, audiology, dentistry clinics are all open The remaining portion of the VA hospital will be completely open by the end of this year.

The VA healthcare system consists of over 1,700 facilities and serves over 8 million veterans annually. The nations largest healthcare provider largest historic failure in its entire history sets in limbo located in the Denver stepchild city of Aurora, Colorado. Initially suggested by the bureaucratic Aurora Mayor Ed Tauer in 2006 chairman of the (FRA)Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority as a potential undersize landlocked site instead of the sites original intended projected use as a hotel and retail site. This small 31 acre landlocked parcel of land was sold to the VA at an original cost of $17.00 per. sq. foot. Now almost a decade later, rising haphazardly on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus this billion dollar boondoggle is a continual assault on Federal taxpayers wallets nationwide. This 1.2 million sq. ft. facility is approximately  the same size as New Orleans, Orlando and Las Vegas facilities now stands as a permanent testament as a national monument of George W. Bush symbol of mismanagement, is now more than three times its original cost of 600 million dollars.

This four building CU VA hospital is now only fifty percent complete, looking like a gutted skeleton from the inside, with only the exterior visible to the Federal taxpayer under tight perimeter security. Years behind schedule and now projected to cost American federal taxpayers 1.75 billion dollars. This is only an estimate the  final price tag will continually escalate higher! Once this problematic facility opens it will need all types of medical equipment, medical staffing, fixtures, furniture, all types of patient lifts raising the final tab to over two billion dollars! Additionally there will no adjacent contiguous land available for any type of  future expansion as this national Titanic symbol of a monstrosity does not have any land to expand, due to the failed vision of Aurora, Colorado mayor Ed Tauer. The Veterans Administration representatives have recently informed congress this facility will need to be expanded over the next twenty years. Due to the increasing amount of  Iraq war veterans from the Bush war.

One point seven five billion dollars 1.75 billion dollars is enough money to serve 200k war veterans for a period of one year. Colorado state representative Mike Coffman who is chairman of the subcommittee on oversight and investigation should have done something, on his oversight watch, anything to stop this run away federal taxpayer financial fiasco. Colorado Politician Coffman did: He used the VA’s biggest blunder in its history to raise reelection campaign funds. Then Coffman introduced HR 2496 to extend the corrupted historic blunder three more weeks and raised the University of Colorado/Anschutz medical Campus project funding from 800 million dollars to 900 million dollars.

The Aurora, Colorado VA hospital has raised the entire nations attention to the complete failure that has occurred by The George W. Bush administration on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. The negative reputation of the Aurora VA hospital has now led to a national embarrassing scandal leaving the politicians with no one to blame.

As this Aurora, Colorado billion dollar boondoggle is allowed to continue under construction. The US congress is mistakenly looking for accountability for the VA’s actions. Additional funding is required to finished this permanent national “Dubya” historic symbol of failure.

A congressional investigation has found a lack of leadership among the VA representatives. With several key VA employees taking/forced into  retirement to avoid blame. The Army Corp of Engineers is now taking over the construction of this national symbol of failure. However this band aid approach will be ineffective and the VA is now asking congress for approval for all federal taxpayers nationwide to pay for this mismanaged  public relations fiasco. Other options discussed are: proposed cuts of eliminating two buildings from this land locked construction site including the living community center and the post traumatic stress disorder residential clinic. PTSD.

As this rapidly unabated sinking ship is allowed to continue to progress  the Anschutz Medical Campus blog has interviewed doctors, nurses, medical students, construction workers, Colorado taxpayers and Iraq war veterans with the following related survey question:

What is your opinion of the CU Anschutz Medical Campus VA hospital under construction? Every single person interviewed would speak under only one condition if their name remained off the record giving an anonymous response.

Several medical students said this project is: “circling the drain”. Others asked: Is there a doctor in the house? Three or four  individuals stated: This project is headed towards the ECU? Eternal care unit. Others said: The war is over no need to care for these disposable veterans. Still others stated; That’s how we roll….with taxpayer funding. Other statements include: The hospital is on life support and headed towards the departure lounge. Other statements needed editing. wounded veterans replied f__K bush. A permanently disabled veteran missing limbs, said:  “blood for oil”. Others stated: It’s too late I can’t get medical care “I’m dying”.


While this trillion dollar VA healthcare fiasco is seeking a federal taxpayer bail out solution. Other VA hospitals around the nation are being adversely effected by this Aurora, Colorado sinking Titanic flagship. With Federal congressional politicians demanding answers the Omaha VA hospital who sees 160,000 veterans annually has been put on hold. As taxpayer funding has not been approved. The price tag for this new facility is 620 million dollars. A 30% total cost of the Bush CU/Anschutz dinosaur. Additionally the Omaha VA is not sitting, idle and waiting for the problematic Aurora VA facility to pan out. The Omaha VA has stepped up its innovation, specifically using telemedicine using a  video link connecting doctors and their disgruntled seriously wounded veteran patients. This has drastically reduced veteran wait times and could serve as a national model instead on constructing expensive new VA hospitals.

Recently as VA leaders and spokesman are being called on the congressional carpet to account for their actions. The Veterans Hospital system leaders have informed congressional leaders  the entire nations VA hospital system is now being adversely effected by the bottomless pit of continual financial resources that are being poured into the Aurora, Colorado University of Colorado VA hospital. VA hospitals from New York to Hawaii are now being adversely affected by this slowly dying dinosaur as Veterans officials plead for more federal taxpayer bailout money.

Republican Jeff Miller from Florida and senator Johnny Isakson from Georgia have accused the VA and the current white house of failing to accept responsibility for this 2 billion dollar George W. Bush dying relic. Colorado Mike Coffman and VA secretary Bob McDonald have gotten into a serious argument with outsiders commenting. Republican house speaker John Boehner from Ohio criticized VA leaders for allowing veterans ” to be lied to, ignored and left to die” The 2016 budget plan has blocked VA funding. VA secretary Eric Shinseki who has served since the 1980’s resigned as 25% of congressional members stated Shinseki would be a “distraction” to VA reform efforts.

On May 31, 2015  The United Veterans of Colorado committee, organized a rally to support the continued construction of the beleaguered Aurora, Colorado VA hospital. Approximately 200 veterans attended the rally on the Fitzsimons campus according to the spokesman for the United Veterans. The ceremony opened with the presentation of the Color Guard. In the background is the half finished problematic VA hospital.

Speaking at the rally were two of Colorado’s political figures congressman Ed Perlmutter who shouted the chant “Finish the damn thing” with the crowd shouting back in unison. The other political figure attending the VA rally was House Republican Mike Coffman who is gathering senate signatures to cancel all Bonuses for all VA employees until the hospital is completed sometime in 2017. Coffman believes this bill will not become law and VA bonuses will continue unabated.  When you have wasted over one billion dollars of Federal taxpayers money on a failing construction project everyone is seeking answers. Recently a whistleblower construction worker on the VA site took photos of brand new construction materials worth thousands of dollars thrown away in a dumpster. A violation of Leed certification which the VA hospital is seeking. Other photos taken by the whistleblower were mushrooms growing at the base of the walls due to incoming moisture, dampness and limited light. Now an investigation is under way concerning a federal taxpayer wasted billion dollars. With the nations focus now clearly on the biggest failure in VA history many politicians were noticeably absent, specifically Aurora mayor Steve Hogan who is running for reelection making economic development his priority. Mayor Hogan already championed the 80 million dollar wasted subsidiary for the Gaylord Hotel which recently quietly broke ground to eliminate any further legal challenges.

Veterans were in total support of continuing construction of the VA hospital. The total cost was irrelevant. All veterans were united supporting the chant” finish the damn thing”

With the “hospital to nowhere” seeking over 800 million dollars in additional taxpayer funding. Congress will demand VA reforms prior to releasing any additional funding for this relic.

Copyright 2015 all rights reserved. All content believed to be accurate, but not guaranteed. Anschutz Medical Campus blog.

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