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CU Anschutz limited marijuana research

On October 10, 1990 Congressional Human Rights Caucus held a meeting lead by Tom Lantos (D) and John Porter(R) in Washington D.C. out of a free office space from by Hill & Knowlton (H&K) the worlds largest advertising agency. A young Kuwaiti girl named Nayirah supplied oral and written testimony, stating that she volunteered at the Kuwait Al-Addan  hospital and witnessed with her own eyes how Iraqi soldiers armed with guns came into the hospital went to the new born infant baby section and took 312 new born  babies out of the warm incubators and left them on the cold floor to die. Three months after Nayria’s testimony the United States was involved in Gulf War One. The story was repeated by president George Bush one, sited as fact in congressional testimony, repeatedly told across the US on TV and radio stations, and stated at the UN security council. No other statement had a bigger impact on the American people.


At the time of the Nayirah’s statement a CBS poll showed that 48% of American’s wanted president Bush senior  to wait, before taking any action in the event Iraq might withdraw from Kuwait, one of the richest oil reserve countries in the world. On January 12, 1991 the US senate voted by a narrow 5 vote margin to allow the George Bush administration to declare war on Iraq. The first war with Iraq cost the US billions of dollars. Hundreds of thousands war causalities, that  desperately need  hospitalization,  all types of surgery, required medications, coping with major life changing disabilities, disrupted broken families, and seeking some type of financial compensation.

After the first Gulf war, human rights investigators attempted to confirm Nayirah’s story. No other witnesses could be found. Not One anywhere. Nayirah had no comment to the media. Amnesty International which had repeated the story, numerous times had to issue a retraction. Exactly who was this 15 yr old girl? After all she did not release her last name for fear of Iraqi retaliation against her family. After the war, It soon came to light this was no ordinary sobbing teenager. Nayirah was a member of the Kuwait Royal family. Her father was the Kuwaiti US ambassador. It was furthered revealed that Hill & Knowlton vice president Lauri Fitz-Pegado had coached Nayirah into false testimony.

The US congress and the American people had just been manipulated, by a carefully orchestrated event and fallen victim to Hill & Knowlton(H&K) mastermind PR strategy campaign. The individual behind the clandestine campaign was Craig Fuller. One of George Bush’s political allies and closest friends. H&K used many strategy stunning devices to deceive and sell America the first Iraq war. Full scale press conferences, stickers at colleges, distributed thousands of free Kuwait tee shirts, releasing US hostage letters to the media. The national deception continued with dozens of carefully planned video news released to national media stations to spoon feed the public. H&K set up many “front” companies with official sounding names: National Free Kuwait Day, National student Information Day, Citizens for a free Kuwait, Including the staged event of Nayirah at the Human rights Caucus that really wasn’t a legitimate congressional hearing at all. Thereby eliminated all legal accountability allowing false testimony to be used with no legal retribution. As Hal Steward a retired army official stated, the Bush administration had come up with a needed public relations campaign to persuade the American public why American soldiers were unnecessarily dying  to conceal the Bush’s administration real subversive intention to grab cheap oil on the world market. The United States Congress and public at large, had just been carefully manipulated, sold a costly and unnecessary first Iraq Gulf war.

In 2001 George W. Bush  nicknamed Dubya, the accidental president restricted federal funding  for research on stem cells which were obtained from human embryos because they required the destruction of life. Bush stated this is my position from my deeply held belief. These stem cells could cure heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s and many other potential diseases. Three years later in 2004 California voters created the Institute for Regenerative medicine(CIRM). for loans and grants to study stem cells. No federal funding required period. In the last decade the CIRM is the largest non Federal stem cell research facility in the world. In 2009 president Obama by executive order number 13505 lifted the federal funding restrictions. However it was already to late, researchers were already extensively using stem cells and had learned to genetically reproduce stem cells.

It’s hard to swallow and believe  president Bush’s statement. In 2008 the Center for public policy completed a project that showed that over 900 false statements were made by the top eight members of the Bush administration. Including over 250 false statements made by the appointed president himself. The second Bush administration continued the false and misleading propaganda from his fathers administration, spoon feeding a gullible American public who was distracted watching the boob tube. Using the world trade tower collision, as a front to enter the unnecessary second gulf war in 2003. In his book the price of loyalty, Secretary of treasury, Paul o Neil stated. the decision to invade Iraq was made six months earlier by the Bush administration.

This war increased the national debt by over a trillion dollars, and added to hundreds of thousands of wounded veteran’s, after all these millions of disposable veterans were necessary collateral damage. An unwanted by product. Who really cares how many die? All coffins will be out of the publics sight, hidden from view. The real important fact was to bring more oil on the  world market. The Bush family history would validate president Bush and his son Dubya working in collusion. After all they appeared noble and just, working in America’s industrial interest. In 2016 Jeb Bush still cannot  comprehend why he isn’t the current GOP nominee. Complaining to established GOP insiders. After America had been blatantly intentionally deceived twice, by both Bush administrations. With millions of wounded veterans flopping around as collateral damage. Dubya announced mission accomplished and  soon retired comfortably to his Crawford ranch. The president can now sleep comfortably forever,  Bush has lifetime secret service protection.

With the American public, still failing to realize what actually has occurred,  easily distracted with Wii, and Facebook technology. In 2007 the smart phone market was owned by five major companies and market share looked like this:

Nokia   40%

Samsung  13%

Motorola    11%

Sony Erickson 9%

LG           7%

World famous Microsoft president Steve Ballmer made the defiant  public statement that Apple has a 100% chance of getting o% of the smart phone market. After all in 2007 Microsoft was the worlds most valuable technology company. In the following eight years by 2015, Apple responded in their own way, changed the world permanently and is the worlds most valuable technology company.

The above three unrelated scenario’s we are all familiar with. As most of us, have lived through all three. What does these three events have in common? They changed history and they were all started by one single individual. One person and they had an impact that lasted for decades and they are still effecting our lives today. The individuals are; a 15 year old teenager named Nayirah,  George Bush one, appointed president Bush two, Craig Fuller an advertising guy and Steve jobs a college drop out. No one complained, each one set out a strategy and then the most important part executed the strategy to perfection. All three of the above examples are real definitive  and show how one single individual can change the world permanently.

IN November 2000, by a 54% margin vote Colorado residents amended the Colorado constitution and approved amendment 20 to allow patients to use marijuana with written medical consent. In November 2012 Colorado voters approved amendment 64. Possession of one ounce of marijuana was now completely legal. Individuals could also grow up to six plants. Sixty percent of Colorado voters wanted legal marijuana in 2012. The initiative was filed eight times with Colorado legal council in 2011 to be on the 2012 ballot. Enough names were  approved on the petition and verified by the secretary of state. Colorado was now the first place in the entre world to recognize and allow the sale of marijuana and marijuana products Colorado could now actually regulate and tax marijuana. Marijuana had become mainstream. Colorado was the initial impetus with 25 states now following Colorado’s lead. In 2016 Nevada, California, Arizona, Maine, Connecticut, Michigan, and Rhode Island, all pending states on the ballot for marijuana to become legal.

Colorado Marijuana Sales  Is Reeling It In!

Colorado marijuana is now a billion dollar a year industry. One billion dollars annually! That’s a B for billion. Over 100 million dollars per month in sales! With 140 million dollars a year collected from marijuana tax! Sales of Marijuana across the United States is now a seven(7) billion dollar tax product! And this figure is growing exponentially. Over 600 people a day are moving into Colorado because of the marijuana industry. Marijuana tourism is big business in Colorado. People from around the world come to Colorado to actually witness and purchase legal marijuana.

However marijuana is still classified as a schedule one drug which means it has no medical value, by the Drug enforcement agency(DEA) Therefore marijuana cannot be used for medical purposes. In order to be used for any type of medical therapy Marijuana would have to be moved to a scheduled two drug. The DEA has been petitioned by marijuana advocates to allow marijuana to be used by PTSD veteran’s, children’s epilepsy, to replace addicting painkiller opioids, to help with  cancer, aids, arthritis ,asthma, chronic pain. glaucoma, and many other diseases. However the DEA states there is no supporting scientific evidence (data) to allow a rescheduling of marijuana.

Colorado is home to the controversial CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Now famous for neuroscience educating, receiving stipends from, and harboring James Holmes, who went on a shooting rampage killed 12 people and wounded 70 Holmes who was sentenced to over 3,000 years in prison. As we hear the continuous rhetoric emitting from this leadership. Who boasts receiving over 400 million dollars annually for research, Over 50 companies started in the last 10 years. Over 60 companies operating out of a two building incubator. Contributing  Five billion dollars to Colorado’s economy in the last decade. Repeatedly stating this isolated ISLAND campus is designed to collaborate with partner hospitals. Receiving Tens of millions of dollars in private funding. With leadership continually shooting their mouths off stating this is a state of the art campus. We are designed to bring research from the research laboratory to the patients bedside.

The rhetoric has continued for years, University leaders stating everybody is coming here, over 1,800 patent applications, CU Anschutz Medical Campus technology office offering a streamlined process, There is really nothing we can’t due here on this campus. Home to a federally approved clinical trial facility. Advertising locally for potential research patients, Access to the local Colorado government officials being a public university. This public lip service rhetoric has resulted in:

The Anschutz Medical Campus blog recently completing a local survey. Asking a dozen different questions to 300 local Colorado residents. 276 responses or 92% of the surveys participants continually responded and asked the exact same question.


The answer is simple the entire Colorado University facility is asleep at the wheel. Vivid failed leadership in action. The continual false rhetoric emitting from the leadership has not helped Colorado resident’s. The cost of health insurance has not gone down. No bare bones discounted medical plans offered to Colorado residents from students who are not certified graduated doctors. All the focus has been on construction of new buildings not NEW MEDICAL RESEARCH ON MARIJUANA . It appears Colorado University has used the same tried and true tactics as the sobbing 15 year old teenager Nayaria and has intentionally distracted Colorado voters. This is exactly what the local survey has shown. The entire institution is a lead anchor adversely effecting medical marijuana research. The public institution has access to, government officials, private funding, eager local research participants, clinical trial facilities, students who could have easily grown 6 plants each and used them in their research. Not one student, any leader,  anywhere could lead marijuana research. This is completely backwards to what was accomplished by Steve jobs, George Bush one and Bush two.


In 2001 when George Bush signed no federal funding for stem cell research. Stem cell research did not come to a grinding halt. Instead what occurred is the state of California started its own independent CIRM research facility. In the following seven years research continued. In 2009 when Obama lifted the stem cell funding ban the necessary research had already taken place. Researchers had already learned to genetically reproduce stem cells.

Colorado was the first state anywhere to completely legalize marijuana. The process started in 2000 there has now been sixteen (16) years of known coming legalization of marijuana. Almost two decades! You did not need a crystal ball. All the documentation was easily accessible and could be reviewed. With marijuana now legal in CU Anschutz backyard, no one, no Leader, no student. no research, anywhere had the foresight, intuition or ability to initiate and plan for medical marijuana research. What is wrong with this picture?

Instead the public statements emitting  from CU Anschutz is: Colorado department of public health has put 9 million dollars towards 9 studies for marijuana research. Children’s hospital is involved with 4 of these studies. The process leading up to PTSD in veterans studied took seven years. “Just look at what we have been through” The DEA has recently announced and will now allow drug companies and researchers to grow marijuana for research and will not be held exclusively to use the DEA approved Mississippi marijuana growing farm.

When you have resource facilities and you do not  implement and execute properly. You are permanently labeled a public failure as identified by the survey.(Review Nokia above) While CU Anschutz has done so little so late and not produced any viable data on marijuana research for the last 16 years, to support the DEA reclassification of medical marijuana from a schedule one drug to a schedule two drug. Exciting and relevant events are taking place outside of the tax dollar consuming, failed isolated mislead University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

A British company G. W. pharmaceuticals who is designed to research, manufacture and distribute therapies from cannabis based products is in final  FDA phase three clinical trials to release Epidiolex. A cannabinoid based product to treat childhood epilepsy. Released data from clinical trials has shown patients had a 44% fewer seizures. Epidiolex is on schedule to be FDA approved and released as a medical marijuana prescription therapy in 2017. Market potential is estimated at three billion dollars! The stock has exploded as the first mover in the market. Business MBA students should be well aware of this first market mover fact.

The University of Dusseldorf Germany recently published in the European Journal of pediatric medicine. Sixteen adolescent children were treated for neurotically conditions between 2010 and 2015. Drops of THC were administered The authors of the study concluded in the majority of the pediatric patients  The THC showed promising effect in resistant spasticity.

Between the years of 2010 and  2015 exactly what was the CU Anschutz medical campus children’s hospital accomplishing? They were buying the land across Colfax where the outdoor theater shooting had occurred for ten millions dollars. Talk about missing the boat. This single statement is another documented testament to failed leadership of priorities. The focus was on building expansion instead of their own pediatric patients.

Additionally Twenty five random  control trials have taken place in Israel and have shown that cannabinoids have analgesic effects that can effectively treat kidney disease glaucoma, traumatic brain injury and anxiety disorders.

A once in a lifetime opportunity has completely slipped through the CU Anschutz Medical Campus leaders, students, researchers and its affiliate member fingers. An international  foreign market leader G. W. pharmaceuticals has emerged!

Recently more data has been researched and circulated showing cannabidiol oil has therapeutic value for children suffering from seizures and epilepsy. Sixteen states have passed laws allowing the use of this researched CBD extract which has no psychoactive ingredients.

As the CU Anschutz Medical Campus continuously has its hand out for millions of dollars in more funding to squander away. Which it clearly does not deserve. NIH and all other types of private and federal funding is better suited for more prominent research facilities that actually deliver value to deserving patients. There is a reason talented students and research individuals eventually decide to use their advanced skills at research and education at other campuses that actually deliver patient value!


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