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Post: CU Denver-A National Symbol of Failure.

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CU Denver symbol of failure

Classic CU Denver Failures…

Remember the Exxon Valdez environmental disaster of the oil tanker that ran aground at prince William sound spilling 50 million gallons of crude oil in 1989? The original settlement was for 5 billion dollars, litigation continued for 15 years eventually  the original settlement was whittled down to approximately 500 million dollars plus interest. The Exxon Valdez then went on to 5 name changes and was eventually dismantled in India for scrap metal.

How about Enron?  Remember the beginning of the 2000 California energy crisis? When Enron was guilty of criminal conspiracy for creating a false energy crisis? And manipulating the cost of energy purchased by the state of California? With documents and oral recordings showing that Enron had been preparing for years to manipulate California’s energy prices?
How about the controversial death of Enron’s founder and Ceo ken lay? Who was a close personal friend of president George w. Bush and dead body has no photos?

National symbols of failure engrained into American psyche and culture  burned into Americas minds. Complete documented failures of corporate  execution, manipulation, branding, and corporate reputation. Classic mistakes made by big companies that went awry and national failures documented. Billions of dollars manipulated, mismanaged and squandered away.

Both of these are vivid examples of public companies  using wall street expertise, investors and the public’s money to operate shady, criminal operations. Investors were lied to but willing to invest money into these corporations….billions of dollars were invested and lost. A salient lesson in greed, criminal activity, mismanagement and the unsuspecting public fleeced.

A post graduate secondary education  can cost a prospective college student any where from 10,000 dollars to over 300,000 dollars in student debt and is supposed to learn about these type of failures. Especially if you are an MBA graduate. At Harvard university all MBA classes  study corporations….not real book learning. Real life learning experience with 50% of your grade based upon oral class participation.

With so much of your future in the balance, concerning which college to attend, your college’s reputation, your selected college degree, amount of student debt you will carry and repay. Shouldn’t the college you finally select and attend have a pristine record of accomplishments? Effective consistent leadership with a valid track record, a focus on the students future and not the money paid for education? These are items every potential student, parent, each individual family should consider before selecting the college your child will finally attend.

What about the college alumni? Prospective future financial donors for life who can be recurring donors with financial gifts. How about foundations who make multi million dollar gifts towards secondary education, research, buildings, these are valuable strategic resources for a  participating college stakeholder.

So a prospective college student though naïve, still idealistic, and  subject to manipulation, has a lot of things to considered about the future college they select, amount of student financial debt load, with their future secondary education and career in decision mode.

Today, the Anschutz medical campus blog is going to look deeper, peel back the obvious layers, eliminate the rhetoric,  investigate and discuss some relevant issues that effect every potential student who will consider CU Colorado university as their college for secondary education. Today we are going to offer not words, not classroom or book learning but a real world class education on a recurring national scale in this one article concerning CU, Colorado University  current leadership, management and CU funding This is especially important for perspective out of state foreign students who pay a higher CU tuition with Colorado University  attempting to recruit these big dollar students. While a medical degree can cost over 300K dollars upon graduation. Two  dozen or so  of these out of state foreign students can bring over three (3) million dollars into CU financial coffers. With more and more foreign medical students acquiring visas and coming to America to become educated, as upon graduation The future employment compensation can be into the high 6 figures and in some cases even over a million dollars a year. So your future decisions are critical and an investigative, cumulative discerning evaluation, into the proper pristine college is warranted. While your future is still in flux mode and your secondary college selection has many competitive choices to every individual.

Lets use the way back machine and go back to the year 2008 roughly 5 years ago. Take A picture into the past and lets take a close under the microscope look at what occurred then and since 2008 at CU Colorado University and the current leadership management. We are now out of the classroom and into the real time world….with billions of dollars on the line!…and your future college selection!

In 2008 CU Colorado University decided that CU had a branding problem. An image problem.
With dozens of logos used to describe CU, mismatched letterhead, inconsistent logo use Colorado state government polices enacted with state higher education tuition dollars dwindling from state tax support CU needed to make  improvements as a consistent brand reputation/management is all that CU had to offer. There is no corresponding financial statements to support a stock market price. No way to benchmark the financial market of Colorado University.

So CU Denver university decided to contract and hire a brand management firm Landor.

One of the best in the brand management business. Landor was paid a fee of $780,000 dollars for this previous brand  study. The brand study took approximately 3 yrs to complete which was finished in January 2011. Landor wrote a complete 121 page report and highlighted their findings which included but  not limited to:

CU Colorado University needed to  be consistent and coordinated with their messages.
Messages cannot be fragmented!

CU needs to improve its overall reputation was the key finding in this 780,000 dollar branding study…5 years ago!

From a branding perspective there is a disconnect between all three of the Colorado university campuses. With little coordination between all 3 campuses. This has led to a higher student opinion of the CU Boulder and CU Anschutz campus and a lower student opinion of the CU downtown campus.

There is massive confusion internally and externally about the various names used and associated with CU.

The Anschutz medical campus blog  has continued to document the consistent deterioration  of the CU Anschutz medical campus in aurora, Colorado, dentists operating without a license, patient morphine abuse, babies falling on the floor, sexual assault on a blind patient(allegations still pending), no strategic alignment with any major medical manufacturing firm, continued poor infrastructure planning effecting the community, and disabled veterans etc.. So even though the current CU  management/leadership was aware of the branding problems the CU Anschutz medical campus is slowly deteriorating in value, brand reputation, integrity  on a daily basis with the current management. As trust is the differentiator in branding and CU Anschutz medical campus continually fails in this aspect. As a logo is not branding and identifies corporate leadership. As each touch point to your audience is a concern and should be controlled and monitored. The Anschutz medical campus blog continues to gain and earn  the publics trust and reputation for accurate independent journalism offering clear concise accurate unbiased information. As our readership continues to explode internationally as the legitimate “go to source” for valid untainted unbiased relevant information.

Today we are going to look at the CU downtown campus and the selection of J. p. Morgan by the current CU leadership as the financial partner for the CU commodities center. It’s called brand reputation management for all you current and prospective  high tuition dollar students!

We are going to show in detail the current dichotomy disconnect between what CU Denver leadership publicly states, implemented and what actually is occurring behind the scene. Its called brand integrity. See the “CU” registered trademark logo used in connection with the press release? Don Elliman states no academic program will match what J. P. Morgan commodities will provide.

CU Denver states its the aim of this program to solidify Denver as the hub of this type of commodities activity. This college course will prepare future talents (students) to improve public understanding through new research. Colorado University  received a 5.5 million dollar grant to open  the CU  J.P. Morgan commodities center in the new 120,000 sq. ft. Colorado university business school in downtown Denver.

These are the public statements stated by current CU Denver leadership to prospective naïve, idealistic future college students to consider and enroll in this new CU Denver Commodities course. These statements were made in an opaque attempt to entice future student enrollment and bring high tuition dollars into this new CU commodities course.

What’s actually happening with J. P. Morgan? In senate testimony J.P. Morgan mislead federal investigators, investors, mislead the public, executed secret trades, piled on and allowed too much risk in their 150 billion dollar synthetic credit portfolio, ignored risk limits, placed improper valuations on positions as losses accumulated, executed improper book keeping to hide accumulating  huge losses and lost over six billion dollars is what actually occurred with this selected brand new CU financial partner. Completely opposite of what current CU leadership stated about this new CU commodities course!

The “London whale” Bruno Iskil saw the problem coming and called the trades “idiotic”. Internal risk model alarms were ignored. Senate testimony indicates the risk manager called the warnings “garbage”. Months later the current Ceo of J.P. Morgan Jamie Dimon dismissed the warnings and told the public it was a “tempest in a teapot” Jamie Dimon will not testify before the senate and is fighting to remain as Ceo of j. p. Morgan. The real question remains why wasn’t Jamie Dimon fired? Why did the Morgan leadership try to persuade major investors to keep this dysfunctional leader on board? WHY isn’t Dimon’s entire salary been clawed backed? As Dimon was in the leadership role as the London whale was beached at the cost of the us taxpayer.

Of the five(5) big risk measures tracked at Morgan all five were breached in January, February and March of 2012. From January 1, through April 30 these measures were breached more than 300 times! The office of the of currency has downgraded Morgan management to a level 3.With five the worst and one the best. This management rating clearly indicates that Morgan’s practices are less than satisfactory and management needs improvement!

There it is! read it again directly from the US controller of currency J.P. Morgan is not even mediocre, management needs improvement. There it is in a nutshell for all future perspective CU students. The truth was hidden from public view, coerced out during senate testimony and is now the selected implemented high profile national partner by the current CU leadership for the new CU commodities course. Talk about a false emotional feeling and perception emulated from a brand! Loss of CU Denver brand integrity and executed CU  brand reputation!

Morgan used federal insured deposits to own and manage a 150 billion dollar synthetic credit portfolio derivatives. This federal insured money should have been used by main street business to kick start the fledging us economy after the George W. Bush tenure as president. Instead the money was misdirected, manipulated and mismanaged and used by greedy Morgan executives. The Volcker rule would have prevented this however the Volcker rule has yet to be implemented. And of course Morgan borrowed sixty eight (68) billion dollars from the federal reserve in 2008 which was taxpayer money. While over 3 million homeowners lost their home in foreclosure.

So there it is in black and white 5 years later, after a $780,000 internal Landor branding report. A failed brand reputation, failed brand stewardship and brand management. All this occurred after a $780,000 dollar brand study. CU leadership was in full constructive knowledge of the problem 5 years ago. Which leads us to the question who is the current leader of Colorado university? Bruce Benson has been president of CU Denver since march 2008.Who’s biography states Benson has enhanced CU’s standing as one of the nations top teaching and leadership universities. Who’s primary accomplishments are fund raising for Colorado University.

And now CU Denver president  Bruce Benson has hired and paid $380,000 for Chicago consulting firm Grenzenbach and associates to help access CU’s potential fund raising efforts and work with the CU Denver foundation. Benson is contemplating a 2014 ballot initiative and asking the Colorado taxpayer voters for more money to help support CU. After all CU contributes over 5 billion to the overall Colorado economy. Benson feels CU can raise over 200 million dollars from various private sources. And recently the CU board of regents gave faculty and staff increased employment compensation. A pay raise?

This is the real dichotomy between what CU Denver leadership publicly states and what is occurring in the real world.

With a failed brand reputation meticulously nationally outlined the first question is why is Bruce Benson president of CU? With a $780.000 dollar brand study in hand executed under his tenure? a five year track record intact, with  all the continuous documented Anschutz medical campus blog failures and now a new CU commodities course partnered by J. P. Morgan who has been labeled nationally as one the top ten (10) worst brands in America over the London whale debacle!

Reputation management starts with prevention of mistakes and disasters. Prevention of disasters starts with education. Where was the due diligence? Where is the consistent integrity of CU Denver leadership? Why didn’t the nine (9) CU board of regents step in and handle this J. P. Morgan fiasco? Because the total leadership is a consistent failure at CU. This is why CU does not deserve to be considered as a future college choice for your pristine college education .As reputation management is an extension of your character. What student would want to be associated with a serial convicted criminal organization? When your future career and future student debt is on the line?

Why wasn’t the 5.5 million dollars in  tainted money rescinded to Morgan is the next question? Why wasn’t the commodities center renamed with a pristine sponsor that has displayed a clean national track record? Why aren’t these valid questions front and center in the Colorado media? The Colorado legislature? Instead of revisiting the private carry hand gun on campus issue? This was upheld by the Colorado supreme court! And had to educate the CU board of regents!

Because CU values money more than your future education! Otherwise this financial debacle would have been corrected. And current CU Denver leadership would be singing a different tune to entice out of state foreign students and their high tuition dollars. Instead of stating the opposite of the reality of the selected CU Denver financial partner. This validates the previous  $780k dollar Landor study was not seriously considered and implemented by current CU management/leadership. As CU Denver actions speak louder than words. This is irrefutable evidence that CU Denver management/leadership values financial dollars more than your future education! And is a serious/underlying concern for everyone involved/associated/financing Colorado university.

And to add insult to injury now the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) after a 70 page report is considering bringing additional legal action against J.P. Morgan for their role in manipulating energy schemes associated with the Enron failure. In addition the FERC recommends to hold commodities chief Blythe Masters and others individually responsible and liable for their past actions.

This is exactly what the Anschutz medical campus blog is stating! With J.P Morgan Ceo Dimon avoiding senate testimony and tenuously remaining as Morgan Ceo, retaining his employee compensation. And now Blythe Masters head of the commodities unit being held individually responsible for the Enron commodities failure. Where is the successive accountability for the CU Denver leadership?

CU Denver president Bruce Benson is considering asking the Colorado taxpayers in 2014 for a tax to support this type of continuous behavior? Every leader at CU Denver should be fired and their compensation should be clawed backed and held accountable for their mismanaged decisions and roles! Stakeholder, the national public at large, and Colorado tax payers overall evaluation of CU has declined over time in visibly displayed behavior at Cu Colorado University. The CU Denver vision and leadership is a failure and every future student, stakeholder, donor, researcher, and public citizen needs to take notice and hold CU Denver leadership accountable its that simple and long over due at Colorado taxpayers expense.

To publicly display  and document  the continued lack of implemented brand knowledge and the ongoing continuous failure of Colorado university leadership. CU Denver has the requirements of their brand management of the CU logo displayed on their quick links/ media relations of their website. How to properly use the Cu logos? As testimony, a  logo is not a brand, CU Denver fails consistently in this respect, with continued public display of failed integrity, leadership,brand reputation , CU Denver has received a $10k grant from the livestrong foundation to offer a palliative care certification. Joint commission advanced certification is a symbol of quality.

What about the Lance Armstrong international doping incident? This is the newest grant received by CU Denver from another tainted sponsor. With lance Armstrong now being sued for 40 million dollars in fraudulent claims, Armstrong stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, with tainted sponsors radio shack, Trek bicycles and the disgraced USPO now forever associated with lance Armstrong.

WTF is CU Denver doing? This is not a public company! Where is the accountability to the Colorado taxpayer? Where is CU’s fiduciary financial responsibility and underwriting obligation to the one hundred and seventy (170) million dollars it receives from Colorado taxpayers  annually? With CU receiving almost 6% of its funds from Colorado taxpayers? This is why Colorado ranks last in the nation for supporting higher education…. failed CU   leadership on the national stage. Its a disgrace and a liability for Colorado taxpayers! Colorado taxpayers do not want to be associated with a national disgrace, no Colorado taxpayer is willing to finance or be associated with criminal activity! The Colorado taxpayer already financially bailed out the now defunct Silverado Savings who was associated with Neil Bush. Another member of the Bush clan that cost the USA billions of dollars and ran the United States into the ground! The bush clan has run the United States into financial crisis twice in the last 2 decades. This is why CU Denver is a national symbol of failure! Outlined in detail and being held accountable for every student, donor, stakeholder, researcher, public official and now the pissed off, agitated  Colorado taxpayer to review, analyze and take action with your voice and future vote in 2014.

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