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Post: Experts discuss misinformation, AI regulation in ‘AI and Healthcare’ event

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Experts discuss misinformation, AI regulation in ‘AI and Healthcare’ event

Media by Michelle Ding | The Brown Daily Herald Three experts discussed the importance of AI regulation and combating misinformation in “AI and Healthcare,” the fourth event of the “ Conversations on AI and our Data-Driven Society ” series. The series is hosted by the Office of the Provost in partnership with Brown’s Data Science Institute.

Moderator Sohini Ramachandran, the DSI director and a professor of biology, data science and computer science, opened the event by asking panelists about their “dream scenario for the integration of AI into healthcare from the perspective of (their) research.”

Hamish Fraser, an associate professor of medical science and health services, policy and practice, pointed to the progress that health apps have made in the past 10 years, and said he hopes that systems would improve enough to provide “an accurate diagnosis and advice about what to do in a home setting.”

Claire Wardle, a professor of health services, policy and practice and co-director of the Information Futures Lab, said that she is excited about “how AI will improve people’s access to personalized care regimes.”


Panelists then went on to share concerns about the future of AI health misinformation.

Fraser said that the quality of ChatGPT’s diagnoses varies from case to case and is hard to predict, citing his current research. He added that a ChatGPT diagnosis only matched a physician’s diagnosis about 60% of the time.One major issue, panelists agreed, was that people were more likely to trust AI — even if it was incorrect — than their […]

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