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Post: Marijuana Strain-Guide 101

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Although a naming system for cannabis strains exists, manufacturers do not always follow the rules. Some producers name the strain according to the smell of the plant or its lineage; others, according to the plant’s color.

A study in the Journal of Headache and PainTrusted Source reported preferred cannabis strains among participants taking medical cannabis for pain.

strain name

THC (%)

CBD (%)

OG Shark

21.4 (%)

0 (%)


15.6 (%)

0 (%)

Skywalker OG

22.9 (%)

0 (%)

Lemon Sour Diesel

18.3 (%)

0 (%)

Jack Herer

17.9 (%)

0 (%)

White Widow

18.7 (%)

0 (%)

Pink Kush

25.8 (%)

0 (%)

Master Kush

25.6 (%)

0 (%)

Sweet Skunk CBD

9.1 (%)

11.2 (%)

Depending on its effects, researchers noted that some participants preferred certain strains over others. For example, the top three cannabis strains for insomniaTrusted Source or sleep disorder were:

Lemon sour diesel
OG shark
For mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression, the preferred strains,Trusted Source included:

Jack Herer
Island sweet skunk
White widow


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