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Post: Mike Tyson is shockingly giving up sex and weed in training for Jake Paul fight

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Mike Tyson is shockingly giving up sex and weed in training for Jake Paul fight

It appears Mike Tyson believes in the old boxing mantra that “ women weaken legs .”

And apparently weed does too.

Tyson, the former heavyweight champion, revealed he has given up sex and marijuana during his training for his upcoming July 20 Netflix bout at AT&T Stadium against Jake Paul. Mike Tyson on “The Damon Elliott Show.” The 57-year-old provided different timelines for how long he has refrained.

“Two-and-a-half weeks I haven’t smoked, I haven’t had sex for two-and-a-half weeks,” Tyson said on “The Damon Elliott Show” while detailing his training. Mike Tyson furiously charges in for a combination while training for the Jake Paul fight. mike tyson running video trainer unicorn Mike Tyson visits with Ryan Garcia He also told Forbes : “Probably six weeks I haven’t gotten high or had sex.”

Tyson has been married to Lakiha Spicer, his third wife, since 2009.

Whether it’s been two-and-a-half weeks or six, Tyson is making it clear he is giving up two of his favorite activities as he prepares for his first bout since an exhibition draw against Roy Jones Jr. in 2020.

Tyson is a big proponent of using marijuana, with his Tyson 2.0 company selling cannabis . Mike Tyson and his wife Lakiha Spicer watching Coco Gauff’s match at the 2023 U.S. Open Tennis Championships Mike Tyson speaks to Forbes. But there appear to be different motivations behind why he’s refraining from using it.“Discipline, doing what you hate to do but doing it like you love it,” he told the outlet. “I hate […]

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