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Post: New Mind Therapy, Supervision & Ketamine therapy

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New Mind Therapy, Supervision & Ketamine therapy

Photo of New Mind Therapy, Supervision & Ketamine therapy, MS, LMHC, Counselor in Bellingham Accepting New Ketamine Therapy Clients: The most potent skill I want to offer to you is the ability to both witness and experience fully whatever is arising within you with kindness and curiosity. Holding this paradox gently appears to be the way to move through difficulty with softness and be open to the wisdom of the challenge. I focus on adults age 40 and up as they go through natural life transitions and find themselves struggling to make meaning of their difficulties. Changes in our relationships, health and roles in family are some of the things that can be very challenging to accept and understand at this time of life. I also offer Washington state therapists Clinical Supervision as they pursue licensure. I work from a mentorship perspective, and help new therapists find their voice and confidence in their new professional role. I also offer Ketamine Assisted Therapy, with information and FAQS at

Together we will make new meaning of what is challenging to you. With humor and curiosity, I will help you return to a sense of peace and calm. I collaborate with you to regain and remember your inner wisdom and strength so that eventually you will not need therapy, but have the lifelong skills and tools to face whatever is next.

Take the first step to help. Call or Email New Mind Therapy, Supervision & Ketamine therapy now – (360) […]

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