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Post: OpenAI Set to Unveil Major Updates, Including Voice Assistant

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OpenAI Set to Unveil Major Updates, Including Voice Assistant

OpenAI poised to revolutionize AI interaction with new updates this week. The growing excitement among enthusiasts in the artificial intelligence (AI) area will climax as OpenAI releases its upcoming developments. Users have been speculating and making guesses, hoping to catch a glimpse and discover what lies ahead.

OpenAI, led by Sam Altman, is about to deploy the newest upgrade to ChatGPT, the text-generating AI. This AI has put Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, and Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg in a competitive race for artificial superintelligence, as per Coingape .

Will OpenAI GPT-4 Be Free?

Based on projections and industry leaks, Alvaro Cintas, an AI, cybersecurity, and technology specialist, has compiled a list of potential big releases from OpenAI. The top contenders for future improvements are phone calling capabilities, a voice assistant, and a potential price change. Others include object recognition and improved modeling.

According to Cintas, integrating phone call features into ChatGPT will allow users to engage in real-time chats effortlessly. Although this feature is expected to be a minor component of the event announcement, it has the potential to improve the platform’s interactive experience significantly.

Another much-anticipated update is the launch of OpenAI’s Voice Assistant. With plans to compete with industry heavyweights such as Apple and Google, creating a real-time chat model capable of seeing, listening, responding, and interrupting in real-time is expected to be on the horizon.

Experts Are Not Betting On GPT-5

Interestingly, there is little hope for GPT-5 in the near future. Nonetheless, conjecture implies presenting a significantly improved model that outperforms GPT-4. Furthermore, OpenAI has teased its customers with views of a new multimodal AI model that can converse and recognize objects, implying that AI skills will continue to grow.

Meanwhile, preparations for the May 13 launch event include improvements to the ChatGPT iOS app. This includes conversational mode preparations, the lack of a model selector, a lite mode for the conversational UI, and the inclusion of a mute button.This week’s OpenAI releases will corroborate the prevailing speculations. While the anticipation grows, experts believe OpenAI will follow regulatory requirements to avoid legal squabbles .

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