In the arcane world of domain names in which very few corporations, management, attorneys, individuals and even Madison avenue completely do not comprehend. Most corporations need to learn the hard lessons of the  significant power and value of the correct revelant domain name for their website.

A domain name acts as the address for your website. Similar to the street address of where you live. Not every one uses a search engine to navigate. Many individuals type in the domain name directly into their browser and quickly navigate directly to your website bypassing all search engines. This is why domains such as,, and many others have sold for millions of dollars they are revelant to the corporation. An elementary example of strategic corporation branding.

When a domain name matches the searchers intentions there is an anchoring effect multiplying the value of the website content and solidifying the searchers intentions. This was recently validated by a microsoft white paper on domain names.

Recently a significant event occurred to thoroughly educate billion dollar corporations, management and their high priced attorneys as to the proper selection to the power of selecting the correct corresponding domain name for your corporate website.

Back In 2007 a domain name auction was held and a  high priced dallas attorney representing the dallas cowboys NFL team placed a bid and won the domain name Quickly following the auction the high priced dallas attorney became confused over the winning bid price. The confusion started over the price of 275,000 thousand dollars. The dallas legal representative thought the winning bid was actually 275.00 dollars and refused to complete the domain name purchase. The dallas cowboys a billion dollar corporation fumbled the ball……in the public domain with every one watching the fiasco unfold.

Eventually the domain went on to resale for a higher bid of over 100,000 dollars more than the original winning auction price. A website was released and sat mostly idle for the next five years.

Last week the dallas cowboys public fumble came back to haunt Jerry Jones and the dallas cowboys billion dollar organization. The website was relaunched as a cowboys gay dating website!!!….a textbook example in negative branding.

Darren Cleveland president and ceo of city advertising issued a press release repositioning the domain name as a gay dating site. Targeting the fastest growing segment of the dating industry.

Quickly the national media industry picked up on the fiasco. Front page news on, CBS in Dallas, then came the Huffington Shortly afterwards there was a story on and then I suspect we will eventually see this on television as the entire city of Dallas is in an uproar over this public fumble. Its hard to picture the reaction unless you have actually been to Dallas Texas and witnessed the gigantic egos, cowboy boots and general arrogance of the state of texas.

The dallas cowboys now have a national public relations branding nightmare on their hands with a fumbled public track record that cannot easily be corrected. Looking back in hindsight $275,000K was pocket change for a billion dollar corporation. There’s many bruised egos in the lone star state over the current use of the domain name. The lessons learned here the hard way in the public domain clearly illustrates the incompetence of the dallas cowboys leadership and will be repeated by many corporations until the lesson is learned. One thing about learning anything the hard way “it sticks”.