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Post: Price of Weed – Lists for The US

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What is weed really worth?

PriceOfWeed crowdsources the street value of marijuana from the most accurate source possible: you, the consumer. Help by anonymously submitting data on the latest transaction you’ve made.

The street price of marijuana can vary significantly based on location and legal status. Generally, you can find marijuana for about $10 to $20 per gram. Since a gram has enough marijuana for about two small joints, a single dose of marijuana will almost always stay under $5 to $10. It’s important to note that even in places where marijuana is illegal, it remains one of the easiest street drugs to access, which likely contributes to its affordability and widespread use. Several factors influence the price of marijuana, including where it was grown, where it is being sold, the quality of the product, current availability, and local laws.

Additionally, the cost of marijuana can vary based on whether it’s legal or illegal in a particular area. If marijuana is not legally available, the street price may be higher due to the risks involved in production and distribution. Conversely, in regions where marijuana is legal, street prices tend to be lower, as the quality may be inferior to what’s found in legal dispensaries. Overall, understanding these factors can shed light on how the price of marijuana is determined in street transactions.

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