Psychedelics fueling a mental health revolution

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Is charcoal toothpaste an effective teeth-whitening agent or just another #TikTok fad? 🤔

Find out what @tamannatiwari78 says about the topic. ➡️
Celebrity @selenagomez cracked open the door on lupus in her recently released documentary, “My Mind & Me.”

A lupus specialist, who watched the publicized documentary, talks about the disease that and the advancements in treatment.
Despite having higher rates of diseases, older adults are often left out of studies that might help them, according to campus researchers.

To help change that, CU Anschutz is launching a free, 7-week program for 60-plus adults.


We know lots of organizations are asking for your support on #GivingTuesday. You can help build a better world for us all when you give to the global leader in patient care and medical research, #MayoClinic. Thank you!
Sharing his story with patients facing #PancreaticCancer has helped Jim manage the emotions that arise when thinking about his journey and the path ahead. “We cannot escape our human existence, we are all faced with this." Read more. @MayoCancerCare
Dr. Gosia Wamil, a cardiologist @MayoClinicUK, has long been researching the link between #diabetes and #heartdisease. She says, for people with diabetes, there are new treatment strategies.