In the 1970’s there were no wireless cell phones, or a world wide web, In the 1970’s you had to actually walk into a separate room to access a computer. IBM aka big blue was the dominate computer manufacturer. Computers were designed and built for large corporations who needed to crunch data. Why would any else ever need a computer was the prevailing thought?

Two outcasts dropped out of college, were employed  together at Atari, and in their spare time worked in a garage and developed a small crude personal computer. Soon there was a working proto type, proof of concept model constructed. These two individuals soon were able to sell 500 hundred of these first models. With no cash or financial reserves, IOU’S were used to purchase the needed supplies from manufacturers.

With the debut at a local computer trade show and the introduction of an easy to use compatible floppy disk, sales started to increase. In 1980 the company had expanded to several thousand employees Including several managers who steered this fledging start up to operate like a “real company”.

With this long haired, visionary founder having no track record, often operating erratically, and tough to deal with, an unknown Steve Jobs recruited the CEO of Pepsico John Scully to be the  CEO of record for a company called “Apple”.

In May of 1985 Apple’s board of directors stripped this visionary founder of all executive duties and awarded John Scully full oversight, control and management of Apple. Dejected, having no authority, or management input, a thirty year old Steve Jobs resigned from the company he originally founded.

An uneventful decade passes, and with operations CEO John Scully having no vision, no new product launches, no viable R and D department, fails to have the ability to lead Apple corporation. Even though Scully was a viable operations CEO at billion dollar PepsiCo he did not posses the skill set to lead in the rapidly changing computer industry.

Forgotten by the world, unable to raise financing, with the vultures circling overhead, Less than six weeks away from bankruptcy, in total despair a desperate decision was made: The original founder was called back to resuscitate a dying company. In July 1997 the Apple board renamed Jobs as interim CEO. Jobs first task was to change the color of the Apple computer case. And soon all the wall street analysis started to laugh and stated it will take more than a color change to get this company back on track. Then Jobs soon visits an old friend Bill gates and settles a pending legal battle. Receiving a 150 million dollar investment from a billion dollar corporation. As the world looked on, dazed and confused, scratching their heads in bewilderment, Why would a billion dollar corporation (Microsoft) invest in a dying company? Wall street was confused as Steve jobs never spoke to financial analysts. However a financial statement was clearly given for the world to interpret at their leisure.

In 2001 with Jobs back in control of Apple corporation, completely rebuilt with his hand picked employees to implement his personal vision. Jobs unveils the IPOD at Apples headquarters. In less than three years the Ipod becomes the worlds best selling MP3 player. Soon over 70 million Ipod units are sold worldwide and there is not even one competitor on the market to challenge the Ipod!

Next, Jobs introduces the IMAC G4 and the power IMAC G5 the worlds fastest personal computer. In 2007 Jobs introduces the Iphone with the touch screen interface. Apple computer has been transformed into Apple corporation. In 2010 Jobs then introduces the revolutionary IPad that runs on the same operating system as the Iphone.

On August 2011 the worlds greatest visionary died of pancreatic cancer at age 56. As Apple products has transformed our every day lives and Jobs as made his personal  “ding’ in the universe. On August 11, 2011 with Jobs death operations Ceo Jim Cook takes over Apple corporation. Cook has been employed with Apple for more than a decade, and was employed with Apple during the Imac, Ipod, Iphone and IPad  development and launch of all of these revolutionary products.

Jobs was a brilliant visionary and Cook is an operations CEO. Jobs was a design fanatic, product development specialist, brilliant marketing strategist and a charismatic leader! On the other hand Cook is a numbers guy, aka bean counter and quota person.

It has been more than 2 years since the death of Jobs. Apple has languished in the marketplace. The shift in market has already occurred. As Samsung Galaxy 5 phone  has now emerged as a legitimate Apple Iphone competitor. The Iphone display is fading compared to the high resolution Galaxy 5 phone having a 5 inch 1080p smart screen with 441 pixels per inch. The Galaxy 5 phone offers 16 mega pixel camera and can record 4k video.

The IPad is now almost 4 years old. Upon entering the market 4 years ago the IPad owned 70% of the market. Apple has now stumbled with rivals Samsung and Amazon quickly gaining market share. Closing the gap on quality and offering lower prices. The IPad mini is a flop and is now engaged in a legal battle with rival Samsung.

The has been no new products launched or introduced under Apple’s current  operations CEO Jim Cook for the last 2 years. Apple stock has fallen from being the richest company on the planet which passed ExxonMobil under Jobs tutelage. Apples net profit stock growth has completely vanished!

This is what occurs when you have an operations CEO vs a visionary CEO. The effects and results are completely opposite of each other. Soon Apple will launch the Iwatch which the market will carefully watch. It will be interesting to see  if Apple will receive the same hundreds of millions of dollars of free advertising and publicity which Jobs routinely received for the last decade at product unveilings.

The Anschutz Medical Campus blog has now carefully outlined the difference from a visionary CEO to the operations CEO. We have carefully outlined two completely different market segments. In part one of our series was the sports segment. In part two of our series was the business segment. The difference is more than visible. It effects every employee, business manager, market operations,  financial performance, all phases of the operating company. Its that simple!

In part three the final part of our series we will directly compare the current leadership specifically Bruce Benson, Lilly marks and Don Elliman  The current senior leadership gainfully employed  at  Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus located in Aurora, Colorado.

We will juxtaposition their management style and corresponding results, which is directly subsidized by the Colorado taxpayer to the tune of 150 million dollars annually. (One billion dollars over the last 7 years). We will bench mark their results for the past 10 years(decade) to John Elway and the Broncos who also are subsidized by the Colorado taxpayer.

The Anschutz Medical Campus blog will then publicly ask some serious questions. Such as where is the media coverage of their management and the corresponding results? Why did the Denver business  journal interview with Don Elliman fail to ask the pertinent relevant questions? Where are the Colorado lawmakers who tour this medical campus? Where is the Colorado taxpayer fiduciary accountability?

Once part three is released and published nationally on the:
Anschutz Medical       blog there will be undisputable evidence researched, outlined and bench mark to the current senior management of Colorado University. This will allow national investigative media, legislatures, academics, Colorado voters, competing universities, potential financial donors, future students, and potential world class researchers the opportunity to directly comprehend, understand and visualize what has transpired with the current senior management at Colorado university. There is a story to be told here. The narrative will be outlined and dictated by the key words: Anschutz medical