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Post: Senior Citizens Increase Their Denver Marijuana Consumption!

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In 2020 the global monetary consumption of marijuana was over 9 billion dollars. Projected to Increase at the annual rate of 26% from 2021 to 2026. Currently there are 11 legal states with over 13,000 cannabis farm licenses with retail outlets open to the public. Enough Denver marijuana to fill 57 Olympic pools, or 11,000 dump trucks lined up for 36 miles! With US wholesale cannabis rates ranging from $500.00 a lb. to $3,000.00 a lb. pending on quality, type and THC potency. Marijuana is now America’s fifth(5) most valuable crop! Federal and state authorities do not track or acknowledge this fact, due to cannabis is still a Federal schedule 1 drug. In Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Alaska marijuana is the most valuable crop! Only cotton, hay, soybeans, and wheat return more wholesale revenue to American farmers.

The state of Colorado collected $423 million dollars in cannabis tax revenues in 2021 an increase from $387 million collected in 2020. Cannabis is a recession proof industry as the 2021 Covid 19 shut down has proven. Since retail cannabis sales have started in Colorado in 2014 over 12 billion in marijuana sales and 2 billion in Colorado sales tax has been collected. In 2022 several Colorado legislature cannabis bills will go into effect. HB 1317 restricts the amount of high THC products for 18 to 21 year old individuals, Which must have a cannabis medical card from 2 different doctors, and is limited to purchase 2 grams per day! Doctors are required to provide a medical mental health screening and a physical exam for medical cannabis cardholders under 21 years old. Individuals over 21 can now purchase 8 grams of medical cannabis products per day. Previously over 21 patients could purchase 40 grams of cannabis products per day.

With the growing ubiquity and social acceptance, Cannabis is now embraced by both young and old adults which now includes children. The children consuming cannabis are only prescribed/issued CBD oil. Limited research has determined CBD oil has tremendous benefits for children with: Epilepsy, ADHD, Autism, and individual behavioral problems. There is minimal clinical evidence to support CBD use in children. Due to the decades of failure of institutions, research campus, hospitals, doctors and medical personnel to research CBD, parents have now completely bypassed established  medical channels, as they have consistently failed their public fiduciary responsibility as currently over 70% of the public now agrees that marijuana should be legalized nationwide.

A divided Congress is unable to pass an agreed upon Federal marijuana bill? This has lead to a piece meal state by state approach and hap hazard enforcement action. Despite these underlying  facts, the demand for legal marijuana and its state regulated byproducts are expected to rapidly surge nationwide. With a failed medical community response desperate parents now preform their own in house online research, talk to parents who use CBD products on their children’s medical conditions. This results in a trial and error in home investigation. When CBD products visibly help their children, no medical validation is required

Colorado Senate bill 56 clarifies that school age children can take non smokable marijuana at school, to treat  individual medical conditions. A medical doctors prescription is mandatory. Individual school boards are now required to establish policies for possession, storage and administration of cannabis products by school employees. Who now cannot be prosecuted or sued for administrating medical cannabis products to children.


In a 2020 AMA study stating marijuana consumption has increased 75% in senior citizens(over 65) over the last 3 years.  From .04% of seniors using cannabis in 2006 to 4.2% of seniors using cannabis in 2018. Medical cannabis is now viewed as an effective option for senior chronic pain management, and insomnia. Due to the overwhelming national acceptance of marijuana consumption, the stigma of marijuana is now subsiding. As baby boomers realized in the 60’s, there should be no stigma attached to marijuana. Nancy Reagan just say no” campaign sidetracked America for over 30 years. And yes the next phase will include psychedelics soon to be decriminalized in California and Colorado for consumption, for their therapeutic value.

Many studies have validated and concluded: Marijuana is now a safe alternative for chronic pain management and can be used as a substitute from traditional pharmaceutical’s. Senior citizen marijuana consumption is now used to help mitigate: Manage chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, Glaucoma, ADHD, Increasing senior focus, stimulate hunger, Cancer, promoting creativity, migraines, facilitate healing of broken bones, and reducing Nausea. To receive the benefits of medicinal marijuana. There are basically two strains of marijuana; Sativa and Indica. Each strain has different attributes which are described below:


The benefits of the Indica marijuana strain for seniors. Indica is known for relaxing, in direct contrast to sativa which is known for boosting energy. Best consumed at bedtime, Indica creates a drowsy effect, Indica helps seniors that suffer from insomnia. Reducing the consumption of traditional insomnia medications which can have the adverse side effect of visual hallucinations. Indica can be useful for as a chronic  pain suppressant. Helping seniors with Arthritis, Glaucoma, and Cancer. Smoking or ingesting Indica marijuana can reduce nausea, increase appetite thereby reducing senior weight loss and preventing fragility. Indica strains can range up to 30% THC, the average THC potency is between 17% to 25%. Several different states have introduced legislation to regulate the THC potency of marijuana.


Sativa is best known for providing energy. Can be used as an optimal resource for providing energy, help accomplish daily tasks, allowing lethargic seniors more energy to: Be more motivated to perform and focus on mundane tasks: cleaning, washing clothes, etc. Additionally sativa can stimulate  creativity in the brain thereby helping senior citizens with repetitive menial activities. Sativa helps stimulate appetite, alleviating nausea  when seniors suffer from cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy. Sativa helps alleviate congested throats and migraine headaches. Sativa marijuana effects the brain vs the physical body which can help reducing senior depression, terminal illness, and improve your individual mood. Instead of a senior feeling isolated and alone seniors can experience being more talkative, enhanced visual and audio surroundings. Cannabis is more affordable than prescription drugs and can also be far more effective!

Seniors are the fastest growing segment of medical cannabis users nationwide! With more and more seniors now frequently visiting Denver marijuana dispensaries nationwide, a friendly knowledgeable bud tender can inform the inquiring senior as to the many different types or strains of marijuana available, and make several recommendations.  Additional useful information is the THC potency. The higher the THC potency, the stronger its attributes the more the marijuana is likely to cost. In the beginning it is suggested to keep the THC potency low, slowing increasing the THC level, eventually finding your most favorable marijuana strain, preferred taste, THC potency, and suitable price point!

Marijuana has two(2) main active ingredients: CBD and THC, including about 100 different chemicals in each different marijuana strain. Seniors would be wise and cautioned when using marijuana with blood thinners and anti seizure medications. It is also important to disclose marijuana use if you are going to have surgery. Under these circumstance the anesthesia use and post surgical pain management can be adjusted by your surgeon. Research indicates there is improved cognitive functioning when some seniors use medical cannabis, due to improved sleeping and chronic pain control.

In an October 2020 study published by UC San Diego. Researchers found 61% of patients who used marijuana started after age 60. Out of 568 patient’s studied 15 percent starting using cannabis in the last three(3) years.. Fifty percent of the users stated: They use Denver marijuana regularly and mostly for medical purposes not recreation. Many new seniors use medical marijuana as a lotion rather than smoking or ingesting(edibles). Edibles are slow acting usually in 30 minutes, and effects last 4-6 hours.

The CBD oil segment dominated the market in 2020 with a 51% market share. CBD oils extracted from cannabis are used for treatment of cancer nausea and vomiting. The cannabinoids in the CBD oil help improve sleep disorders, while alleviating, anxiety, and stress. The chronic pain market segment in 2020 was 44%. With more seniors becoming aware of marijuana pain management benefits. Pain includes: cancer pain, headaches, face and neck pain, arthritis pain and neurogenic pain. With 18% of the market suffering from anxiety in North America that’s 58 million people this is going to be the fastest growing marijuana market segment  according to: Anxiety depression association of America(AADA).


In 2016 Florida voters approved the Florida Medical Marijuana Legislation Initiative. The Florida Department of Health, established Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC), Over 2,590 cannabis doctors are registered in Florida. Qualified cannabis physicians receive special training to be listed with the Florida Marijuana registry. Physicians issue cannabis prescriptions, regulate the quantity, type and frequency of the cannabis for the patients desired result. Patients are able to change the form of marijuana they receive providing it is consentient and approved by their physician.(edibles, tinctures, vaporizers,)

Florida is the nation’s third largest state with over 5 million residents, over the age of 65 plus, supporting a 1.3 billion dollar medical  marijuana industry that is growing rapidly! The residents over age 65 who regularly use medical marijuana is now approaching  1 million seniors!  The state of Florida now has over 600,000 seniors who qualify for medical marijuana prescriptions to manage their chronic pain and related symptoms. The Florida Department of Health currently has 80 employees and is expanding their budget by 13 million dollars to increase to 165 employees to handle marijuana regulation and enforcement. The Department is preparing to award 19 new state medical marijuana treatment center(MMTC) licenses. Doubling the marijuana treatment centers in Florida! It is estimated by ArcView research Florida will generate 6 Billion dollars in  medical marijuana sales by 2030!

Florida has issued 22 MMTC licenses to date. Fourteen are active 8 are involved in a lawsuit. Florida requires a seed to retail vertical marijuana supply chain integration for each marijuana license. This increases the cost and value of each license. In January 2019 Acreage holdings paid $67 million dollars for Natures Way MMTC license. The 14 active MMTC current license holders operate 347 dispensaries. Trulieve controls over 40% of the market with 85 separate dispensaries with over 500 million in annual sales! Florida voters have not approved recreational marijuana, all cannabis consumption is state regulated and classified as medical marijuana.

Potential seniors who prefer natural medical marijuana instead of prescription opioids must have a “qualifying medical condition” receive a prescription from a registered cannabis doctor. The doctor will conduct a medical exam, evaluation, review your health history, current prescriptions and see if medical marijuana is a safe option available to you. Then you can apply for a state medical marijuana card. A state registration fee can range from $50.00 to $100.00 dollars which will need to be renewed annually. Medical marijuana cards are processed in usually less than 15 days and are mailed to the patient. A valid medical Denver marijuana card user pays lower taxes than a recreational cannabis buyer. When seniors select and visit a dispensary. The dispensary will keep a HIPPA patient file on your purchased of marijuana products, and regulate you do not exceed your prescription limits. This includes all Denver marijuana products consumed from smokable to edibles.(gummies, lollipops. brownies, popcorn, vaporizer oil, etc.)


With patients dying, families coping with palliative care, and end of like struggles. Typical outdated traditional medical response is to keep the dying patent comfortable using morphine or fentanyl. The result is: Sleeping 20 hours a day, incoherent, and unable to communicate with the immediate  family. The reason for this is simple. Hospitals like CU Anschutz Medical Campus and nursing homes receive their funding from the Federal Government. In the Case of CU Anschutz this is over 400 million dollars annually just for research grants.  This does not include CU Anschutz Medicare or Medicaid  reimbursements. Federal and State tax exemptions,

With Federal funding comes Federal restrictions. Denver Marijuana is classified as a schedule one drug. There no Federal funds are allowed. In the case of CU Anschutz this could/jeopardize their  Federal research grants.(Grants do not have to be repaid). Therefore with CU failed leadership (Termination of president Mark Kennedy) There is zero incentive to change the status quo. As previously stated change and innovation will systematically occur outside the confines of CU Anschutz and Fitzsimons isolated walled campus.

IN 2018 Senate bill 311 named for 41 year old dying cancer patient Ryan Bartell was approved. As Ryan lay dying, he was transfer to a facility in Washington, terminating his opioid and fentanyl medication and was administered medical Denver marijuana. This allowed 41 year old dying  Ryan to engage and communicate with his family! Senate bill 311 does not allow a hospital or care facility to issue Denver marijuana just not to intervene with its use.

It is estimated by 2060 there will be over 100 million senior citizens living in the United States. Currently 36 states allow medical marijuana under a doctors supervision. With current Federal laws restricting medical marijuana use in nursing homes. However Hebrew Home of Riverdale NY nursing home allows its New York residents the same rights/benefits of all New Yorkers. The right to use Denver marijuana in a nursing home facility. The facility does not purchase medical cannabis for its patients, but allows residents the benefit to purchase medical marijuana from state licensed dispensaries. Patients self administer the cannabis. Nursing home employees are not allowed to administer cannabis to its patients.

A Laguna woods California nursing home  has so many residents using medical marijuana that a local dispensary charters a bus, which transports residents to the dispensary, provides senior cannabis discounts, and  includes a catered lunch. In Washington, there is more than A dozen assisted living facilities that are cannabis friendly. Research is available concerning Cannabis use in a nursing facility.

With the marijuana research void intentionally left in the market by traditional channels. New suitors have stepped in the fill this research void. Canopy Growth a public marijuana company, wholly owned subsidiary Spectrum Therapeutics has formed a partnership with the Ontario Long Term Care Association(OLTCA). Both will be preforming the first long term care study using CBD  with 500 senior citizens in Ontario over a 6 month period. CBD and medical cannabis will be used in long care living facilities to displace traditional therapeutics. Residents are prescribed medical marijuana on an as need basis. This is emerging cutting edge research. Initial research has been encouraging as residents have shown improvement after using CBD as prescribed. The goal of the study is to gather data on the effects of cannabidiols on an aging population. This will help improve aging senior citizens.


Denver Marijuana contains two basic compounds. The most commonly known compounds are (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). THC is the component that produces the “high” associated with marijuana use. CBD does not reproduce the “high” like THC. Therefore  CBD is now being researched for all of its  potential related to health benefits. CBD is non habit forming for the treatment of pain management. Benefits include:

CBD has the potential to reduce anxiety. Anxiety sufferers are able to talk and give speeches with the help of CBD. Reducing stress. CBD interacts with brain receptors stimulatingly mood and improving cognitive function. CBD helps alleviate joint pain, MS, and Arthritis. Reducing inflammation and strengthen bones. Helping seniors cope with Osteoporosis. Speed the healing for seniors who fall or fracture bones, (wrists, ankles).  CBD promotes relaxation and calmness. This results in quality sleeping time.

With heart disease the leading cause of death in senior citizens. High blood pressure is the number one concern. CBD is a natural treatment to combat high blood pressure. Antioxidant properties of CBD help lower cardiac inflammation, deterring the death of cells that promote oxidative stress.

CBD is available over the counter, and is an unregulated supplement. Medical marijuana is available from state licensed dispensaries. Both can help the aging senior population cope  and mange their chronic pain while offering improvement in other described areas.

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