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Post: Why smoking pot gives you the munchies, according to cannabis research

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Why smoking pot gives you the munchies, according to cannabis research

The munchies are real — even science says so.

The concept of getting the munchies after indulging in cannabis has long been a thing, but people often wonder why it is that they get so hungry and feel the need to devour whatever food is in front of them after smoking weed.

Luckily for inquiring minds, scientists have been studying marijuana’s effects on human hunger for decades.

A 1975 study published in the journal Behavioral Biology found that “no unequivocal explanations for the phenomenon in humans or animals are readily acceptable and a general consideration of the problem raises more questions than answers.”

But a paper published in the journal Nature Neuroscience in 2015 got a little closer to figuring it out.

Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine discovered that cannabis tricks the brain into thinking we are starving — even if we’re full. Explore More

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