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Post: 22 Investigates: Psilocybin Research: searching for answers

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22 Investigates: Psilocybin Research: searching for answers

Relief from crippling mental health struggles found through an unlikely treatment, psilocybin.

Caroline Hagedorn is a wife, mother, and registered nurse, on the outside it appears she lives a pretty typical life, but on the inside Caroline says she didn’t feel so typical.

“I was at the point where I had accepted that I was going to be living with the debilitating illness the rest of my life,” said Hagedorn.

For 13 years, Hagedorn battled crippling OCD. She had intrusive thoughts and unwanted obsessions that made daily tasks, like loading the dishwasher or doing laundry, nearly impossible. Contamination fears that kept her from walking in the backyard and stole her ability work as a bedside nurse. Avoidance that included rooms in her home, cabinets, closetseach uncontrollable thought narrowing the scope of her life.

“It took a lot of joy out of my life. Driving was very hard. It would take me about twice as long driving to places due to circling back and rechecking,” she explained.

Hagedorn says she was a prisoner to her own mind. No medication providing a key to freedom.

It was a documentary she watched with her husband, featuring a man that suffered from OCD and was part of a psilocybin clinical trial, that provided Hagedorn with something she had lost….hope.“I felt like we had a lot in common and it kind of brought us both to tears it made me feel hope that there was maybe something out there that could help me.”Hagedorn was accepted into a clinical trial at […]

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