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Post: 5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Their Child’s School About AI

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5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Their Child's School About AI

5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Their Child’s School About AIgetty Artificial intelligence is rewriting the rules of education.

The jobs our children will hold likely haven’t been invented yet. Their world will be shaped by AI in ways we can barely imagine. Are their schools preparing them?

As AI permeates every sector, a chilling statistic from the International Monetary Fund reveals that up to 60% of jobs in advanced economies are at risk . For jobs not at risk, we will likely see them augmented to the point where additional skills will be needed. Schools must rise to the challenge of preparing their students for this AI-driven future or risk leaving them woefully unprepared.

The stakes are high.

Imagine the competitive edge your child will have if they are empowered to not only understand AI but to wield it as a productivity superpower. Imagine a generation equipped to tackle the ethical dilemmas of this technology. Schools hold the key to unlocking this potential.

AI currently has the capacity to boost a skilled worker’s productivity by up to 40%, a piece from MIT’s Sloan School of Management notes. Junior developers can expect productivity gains of 20% to 30% when using an AI tool like GitHub’s Co-Pilot , while seasoned developers leveraging their expertise alongside the AI assistant may experience productivity increases of up to 50% to 60%, according to a UNESCO webinar.

It’s time for education to embrace AI and ensure our children are prepared for an AI world. Questions To Ask Your Child’s School To Ensure They Are On The Right Track


I tapped into the wisdom of 10 respected education specialists, from school leaders and technology experts to AI researchers.Their insights offer vital insights and helped me form five essential questions: CEO: C-suite news, analysis, and advice for top decision makers right to your inbox.By signing up, you agree to receive this newsletter, other updates about Forbes and its affiliates’ offerings, our Terms of Service (including resolving disputes on an individual basis via arbitration), and you acknowledge our Privacy Statement . Forbes is protected by reCAPTCHA, and the Google Privacy Policy […]

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