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Post: AI’s Impact In Medicine Around Development, Deployment, And Use

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AI’s Impact In Medicine Around Development, Deployment, And Use

As AI increasingly makes its way into our daily lives, there’s no doubt that its impact on healthcare and medicine will impact everyone, whether or not they choose to use AI for their own activities. So, how can we make sure that we implement AI in a responsible way that provides mostly positive benefits while minimizing the potential downsides?

At the recent 2024 SXSW Conference and Festivals that took place in March 2024, Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, President of the American Medical Association (AMA) spoke on the topic of “ AI, Health Care, and the Strange Future of Medicine ”. In a followup interview on the AI Today podcast, Dr. Ehrenfeld expands on his talk, and shares additional insights for this article.

Q: How are you seeing AI impact medicine, and why did AMA recently release a set of AI principles?

Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld : I am a practicing doctor, an anesthesiologist, and in fact I saw a bunch of patients earlier this week. I worked in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and I’ve been in practice for about 20 years. I’m the current president of the AMA, which is a household name, and the largest, most influential group representing physicians across the nation. Founded in 1847, purveyor of the code of medical ethics and lots of things to help physicians practice health care in America today. I’m board certified in both anesthesiology and clinical informatics. I’m the first informatician board certified to be President of the […]

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