The Anschutz Medical Campus is not a sovereign territory after receiving 227 acres of land from  the Federal government for a nominal fee following  the closing of the Fitzsimons Army base. The Anschutz Medical Campus is accountable to follow all of Colorado laws not to pick and choose selectively which colorado laws the CU Regents selects to enforce states a concealed weapons permit holder.

At issue is the broader impact of a recent Colorado supreme court ruling. On March 5, 2012 the Colorado supreme court ruling is clear the concealed weapons carry act applies to the entire state of Colorado including the Anschutz Medical Campus. Effectively eroding the local governing authority of the 9 member Colorado University regents.

At the center of the  issue is a 40 year old gun ban that has been imposed on the University of Colorado campus including  the Anschutz Medical Campus, Childrens Hospital and the University of Colorado hospital. Only allowing guns by certified law enforcement and security staff.However the gun ban will remain in effect at the Childrens Hospital which is a private Enterprise located on the 227 acre Anschutz Medical Campus.

After the Virginia Tech shooting of 27 students and professors in 2007 students for the Conceal Carry on Campus SCCC actively lobbied for the repeal of the state law and school polices to allow valid state issued concealed hand guns on college campuses including the Anschutz Medical Campus.

We already have had one incident with a hand gun on the Anschutz Medical Campus. This recent  Colorado supreme court ruling will only enhance the safety of the students,clinics and faculty there is nothing unique about the Anschutz Medical Campus  it is not a sovereign territory.Officials from the University of Colorado hospital have not yet stated how the recent supreme court ruling will effect the Anschutz Medical Campus. But a precedent has been set and imposed by the Colorado supreme court and effectively eroding the Colorado University regents authority to govern.Expect a ripple effect on all college campus across Colorado.


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