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Post: Exact time you should drink coffee in the morning – and it’s not first thing

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Exact time you should drink coffee in the morning - and it's not first thing

Are you the kind of person who turns the kettle on as soon as you open your eyes? It turns out you you could be doing more harm than good – and it could actually be leaving you feeling more tired than before You’re not reaping the full benefits of caffeine if you drink it straight way (stock image) (

Image: Getty Images)

Many Brits can barely open their eyes in the morning without reaching for a coffee or tea – but it turns out you should be waiting a bit before you indulge in a cuppa.

For many Brits, their morning brew is a sacred ritual – and a must-have before heading to work. But reaching for a caffeinated beverage first thing isn’t ideal, according to sleep experts.

The average wake-up time in the UK is 7.33am, according to research, and many will put the kettle on straight away. But, Rex Isap, sleep expert and CEO at Happy Beds , is urging people to resist having a cuppa until exactly 8.33am, Wales Online reports .

This is because you aren’t truly "reaping the benefits" if you drink it earlier. He explained: "When it comes to the ideal time to have your first coffee , we might tend to reach for the kettle as soon as we wake up. Ideally, however, you want to wait an hour before waking to truly reap the benefits.

"When we wake, our cortisol levels are at their peak. Cortisol, often associated with stress, enhances your alertness levels. So, drinking […]

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