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Post: How a wounded veteran, family were gifted their dream home

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How a wounded veteran, family were gifted their dream home

Army Veteran Cody Blevins (bearded man with blue jersey shirt) and family pose with representatives from Wells Fargo and from the Wounded Warrior Project. The groups partnered to award a loan-free home to the Blevins through the Homes4WoundedHeroes Program. It’s under the umbrella of the Military Warriors Support Foundation. Since 2010, Military Warriors Support Foundation has awarded more than 900 mortgage-free homes in all 50 states.

Homes-4-Wounded-Heroes is one of the vehicles it uses to support wounded veterans as they transition out of the military and into their civilian life.

A year ago, one Dayton-area veteran and his family received a mortgage-free home from the program. But their journey to this happy spot begins in 2009.

Eager to enlist

That year, Cody Blevins eagerly graduated high school and enlisted in the U.S. Army. He was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division as an infantryman. His goal: joining special forces and jumping from planes.

“I was in charge of handling the mounted guns, the 50 calibers, the mark 19 grenade launchers, the 240 Bravos,” he said. “So really the big support weapons for the infantry guys.”

In 2010, Blevins deployed to the Kandahar Providence in southern Afghanistan. His team’s missions were mostly uneventful.

Then in March, as they were unpacking from a two-day overnight patrol, Blevins and several other soldiers were told to ‘gear-up’ again for a transport mission.

They had to pick up their sergeant major at Combat Outpost Nolan. Their three-vehicle convoy took off. “ We had to go over this tiny little bridge. And our tires, they almost overhung on the bridge. So we had to go roll over it pretty slow and we had a guy. He got out. He checked for IEDs,” Blevins recalled. “I was the last truck in the convoy, and I was on the radio, on comms. I gave truck’s clear, trailer clear, vehicle all clear.""And as soon as I gave the all clear, that’s when dirt came up. I heard the explosion. And next thing I know, I was laying on my back and looking up at the sky in Afghanistan in the Arghandab River Valley,” […]

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