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Post: Ibogaine By David Dardashti Offers Expanded Treatment Options

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Ibogaine By David Dardashti Offers Expanded Treatment Options

Ibogaine By David Dardashti Enhances Treatment with Holistic Therapy Services

Ibogaine Mexico New treatment option in ibogaine Mexico MIAMI, April 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ibogaine By David Dardashti is proud to announce an expanded treatment program providing greater support and more comprehensive care options to those suffering from addiction.

"Overcoming Addiction" Ibogaine By David Dardashti is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and services to those struggling with addiction. To ensure every patient receives the best possible treatment, the team at Ibogaine By David Dardashti is now offering a more extensive treatment option. This option covers comprehensive testing before and after the initial ibogaine treatment, as well as more exclusive therapy options such as computer brain imaging, PET Scans, and Leg Weakness Testing (LWTs). Furthermore, the team is now providing aftercare coordination services to assist in setting up the most optimal environment for recovery. This includes providing the patient with a free reflection treatment several months after the initial ibogaine treatment to help the person discover the growth that the ibogaine treatment has provided them. Additionally, the team then provides a wide range of activities for the patient to take part in such as swimming with dolphins, scuba diving, and trips to the Mayan Ruins. “At Ibogaine By David Dardashti we are committed to providing our patients with the very best care,” said David Dardashti, founder of Ibogaine By David Dardashti. “We understand that recovery requires more than just the ibogaine treatment. It requires a holistic therapeutic […]

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