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Post: Marijuana lab testing accuracy improving, study in new science journal finds

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Marijuana lab testing accuracy improving, study in new science journal finds

Just Released! Get realistic market forecasts, state-by-state insights and benchmarks with the new 2024 MJBiz Factbook member program, now with quarterly updates. Make informed decisions. (Photo by Matthew Staver for MJBizDaily/Emerald) Marijuana testing labs’ ability to detect pesticides on plant material improved over the course of a four-year study.

The study, shared exclusively with MJBizDaily and reMind in conjunction with the launch of the Cannabis and Psychedelic Science Journal ( CAPS Journal ), analyzed nearly 350 pesticide test results collected from accredited testing labs between 2019 and 2023.

The number of tests found to accurately measure pyrethrin and pyrethroid compounds – common insecticides that are part of some states’ mandated third-party marijuana testing regimen – improved from 89% in spring 2019 to an overall average of 94% across all eight data points.

“The ability of ATLs (analytical testing laboratories) in the cannabis industry to detect and quantify pesticides has improved over a four-year period,” according to the study.

Authors of the study added that conducting retroactive data analysis could be a useful way to measure labs’ testing accuracy over time. Practical testing applications

The study posits that “enhancement of competency” as the cannabis industry matures has led to labs’ improved ability to accurately test for certain compounds on plant material.

“There has been a continual increase in the number of analytical chemists with a doctorate degree moving into the cannabis industry and a continual increase in laboratory directors who have more experience in the analysis of analytes in cannabis and cannabinoid-containing products,” the study noted.

Wes Burk, principal author of the study and managing director at CAPS Journal, added that the study has practical applications in the field of marijuana testing, where “lab shopping” is a recognized problem.

“We need operators committed to accuracy in testing, and the labs that demonstrate proficiency should be rewarded with business,” he said.“The practice of shopping for labs that will manipulate results puts our entire industry at risk and ignores our shared mission of improving the health of all people.” Cannabis testing standards needed While the study showed progress over time, Jeff Keller, CAPS Journal’s founder and editor in chief, […]

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