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Post: Mental-health professionals explore AI-powered digital therapeutics to treat patients and improve care

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Mental-health professionals explore AI-powered digital therapeutics to treat patients and improve care

Francesco Carta Fotografo/Getty Images AI is being used in the understaffed mental-health-care field to help providers.

AI-powered software can suggest treatments through mobile apps and analyze therapy sessions.

This article is part of " Build IT ," a series about digital tech trends disrupting industries.

The fusion of human ingenuity and machine intelligence is offering an innovative approach to personalized mental-health care. By leveraging AI technology , clinicians and behavioral-health-care facilities can provide tailored treatments for people with conditions such as depression and addiction. They can also use AI to assess the quality of their services and find ways to improve as providers of mental-health care.

These advancements also bring up important ethical and privacy considerations . As technology becomes more involved in mental-health care, ensuring data security, confidentiality, and equitable access to services must be top priorities. How an AI-powered mobile app provides treatment

Dr. Christopher Romig, the director of innovation at the mental-health clinic Stella , said he saw great potential with AI "aiding in early diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and monitoring patient progress."

There’s a reason for this anticipated gain in momentum , he added: "Because there’s such a huge shortage in this country of mental-health-care providers, AI is going to be a key component moving forward in terms of support and interventions." Click Therapeutics , a biotechnology company that develops AI-powered software for medical treatments and interventions, helps patients through a mobile app. The software can work independently or in conjunction with pharmacotherapies to treat conditions such […]

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