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Post: New AI-powered test could quickly detect three major cancer types – using a single drop of dried blood

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New AI-powered test could quickly detect three major cancer types - using a single drop of dried blood

Scientists in China have developed a new method of testing for cancer, powered by AI, that could help diagnose the disease with a single drop of blood – even before patients have symptoms A brand new, AI-powered tool could help detect three deadly cancers in their early stages (

Image: Getty Images/Cultura Exclusive)

A brand new method of testing powered by AI could one day be used to diagnose the early stages of three of the deadliest cancers – using just a single drop of dried blood.

Chinese researchers have revealed that in primary testing, the tool was able to detect cancer in patients already diagnosed around 82% to 100% of the time, by recognising certain chemicals in the blood droplet samples. It was also able to distinguish between patients who didn’t have cancer and those with pancreatic, gastric or colorectal cancer.

The new tool is powered by a form artificial intelligence known as machine learning which is able to detect metabolites – substances left over in the liquid part of the blood, the serum, after metabolism. These by-products, depending on their type and quantity, act as ‘biomarkers’, potentially flagging the presence of cancer cells in the body. Writing in the journal Nature Sustainability , the researchers claim that by detecting these specific chemicals in the blood, the test has the capability to accurately identify cancer in patients approximately 82% to 100% of the time.

The test is able to detect biomarkers that might signal cancer in just a single drop of dried blood […]

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