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Post: Now health nuts are drinking deer blood to ‘stay young’, risking deadly zombie deer disease, warn experts

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Now health nuts are drinking deer blood to 'stay young', risking deadly zombie deer disease, warn experts

Experts have warned against a new gruesome health fad in which people drink deer blood in the hope of turning back the clock on their brains and bodies.

In an image posted to X, formerly Twitter , one user shares his used nicotine pouch covered in deer blood, which he says is a ‘nutrient dense neutropic [brain health supplement]’ that ‘saves the digestive system energy’.

However, doctors have warned that engaging in this odd wellness ‘hack’ could expose you to terrifying zombie deer disease – a growing threat in the US.

The lethal condition, known medically as chronic wasting disease, causes deer to develop ‘zombie-like’ symptoms, like fatigue, disinterest in food, drooling and difficulties walking.

Some authorities have warned that it’s possible that the the disease may pass from animals to human following contact with blood or tissue from a sick deer.

The gruesome illness was retroactively ruled as the cause of death in two hunters in 2022, who suffered telltale symptoms of the disease, in a controversial scientific paper. This twitter user shared a picture of a Zyn nicotine pouch, which he has supposedly soaked in deer blood. At least 33 states in America and parts of Canada have seen reports of a virus dubbed ‘zombie deer disease’ in animal populations. Indiana, not included in this map, was the latest to confirm a case. No cases have ever been confirmed in people. Sam Ghali, an ER doctor, replied to ClassyRedneck’s original tweet saying, ‘I really can’t believe I’m saying this but do NOT soak ANYTHING in wild animal blood and put it in your mouth.’

The Florida based provider followed up with a second post saying, ‘this is how zombie apocalypses get started.’

Chronic wasting disease occurs when the proteins in a deer’s body become misshapen – interrupting the brain’s normal function and causing a host of odd ‘zombie-like’ behaviors.

This includes slow, lethargic movements, a lack of interest in food and difficulty controlling bodily fluids according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. It’s nearly 100 percent fatal.CWD is one of a type of diseases caused by prions, not by virus or bacteria, which […]

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