Trust: Definition: firm belief in reliability, truth, ability, honest and effective.

Currently all federal and state medical hospital error (mistake) records are only available in aggregate form. Therefore it is not possible to discern exactly how many medical mistakes occur which can be attributed to each individual hospital nationwide. The Anschutz medical campus goes one step further and erases, white washes, eliminates all public reviews, negative feedback, consumer comments. Even the biography of Dr. Lynn Fenton was erased off of the CU website after the James Holmes shooting massacre! There is huge liability and circle the wagon mentality is in full effect when there is the possibility of  millions of dollars in lawsuits, loss of hospital prestige, individual doctor accountability, hospital rankings, certifications, loss of patents, loss of  insurance payments and federal medical dollars at risk.

Previously it was nationally accepted there were approximately 100,000 (100k) annual medical errors. However this figure has been recently revised radically upward with a new study stating that the original figure was much to low the new study currently states the figure is somewhere between 200,000(200k) and 400,000(400k) annually. This would put medical errors as the third leading cause of death. Heart disease is number one and cancer is number two.

MEDICAL PATIENTS; The Anschutz medical campus blog  investigative team randomly interviews released patients that have been previously treated at the brand new football size 54,000 sq. ft. emergency room. This in depth real world market research reporting reveals interesting facts/data not previously available to the public, or future unknowing Anschutz campus patients.

Recently there was a large display banner on the Anschutz Medical Campus building stating that Colorado university hospital is a nationally certified stroke center. Colorado University hospital was recently named as a comprehensive stroke center by the joint commission a certifying body for hospitals. There are only 30 hospitals across the nation that are certified as a comprehensive stroke center. A stroke occurs every forty (40) seconds in the United States with Colorado University hospital currently treating over 300 patients a year.
When minutes matter……a stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks an artery and brain damage occurs. Each stroke effects every patient differently, however 60% of stroke survivors end up with some type of disability.

The released patient the Anschutz Medical Campus blog thoroughly interviewed had been treated numerous times over a year period at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus hospital. This individual patient entered the Cu Anschutz emergency room, was analyzed, medical intake forms initiated, medical tests prescribed, saw several cardiologists and associated relevant doctors to review his deteriorating medical condition.

This occurred numerous times over the period of a year. Eventually this patient accumulated a comprehensive medical record with Cu Anschutz hospital, stayed several days at the Cu Anschutz hospital each time, his medicine was adjusted and the patient was released. Each time this occurred the CU Anschutz Medical Center campus team reviewed the previous medical record and the cardiologists repeatedly stated there is not much more we can do for you and released this patient. The patient being interviewed for this article had a blood pressure level consistently over 200! A normal blood pressure level is 120 over 80. A huge disparity was in constant effect…and not just a couple of days this was over a years time period. This vulnerable gullible patient trusted the CU Anschutz medical doctors, cardiologists, Anschutz Medical Campus brand, patient diagnosis,medical prescriptions and follow up medical care.

However, this Cu heart patient goes onto state in this particular interview  that this time was completely different than every other time  he had been admitted and treated at the Cu Anschutz Medical Campus. Our teams interest was peaked, We asked what was different this time around?

This weary Cu heart patient goes on to state something odd happened this time with my several day follow up stay at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. What happened our investigative team inquired? This CU heart patient states while he was staying in the recovery room an unknown doctor approached him and states I am familiar with your problem. The patient asks who are you? You are not on my previous Cu cardiologist team? This new unidentified doctor tells the CU heart patient we need to readjust your medicine, add additional prescribed medicine, I have recently read/learned about this type of condition. We  asked the heart patient who was this doctor? The patient responds: I really don’t know. I have never seen him before. We asked  the heart  patient why wasn’t the Cu cardiologists involved with this decision to change your medicine? You have been on this medicine for over one year. The CU heart patient stated I don’t know. If I had to take a guess the CU heart  patient goes on to tell the Anschutz Medical Campus blog investigative team the unidentified doctor that stated he was familiar with my heart condition, was a young doctor and all of the cardiologists on my medical team are much older. I think there is some type of internal conflict among this new young doctor and the assigned medical team of Cu Anschutz cardiologists and my current assigned medical personal. What? We all responded.

What happened next? We inquired? The Cu heart patient goes on to state his medicine was changed and re adjusted. Additional medicine was prescribe and I was released.

This entire Cu heart patient medical care did not seem appropriate to the Anschutz medical campus blog investigative team. What was revealed was completely opposite of the banner hanging stating Cu was a national certified stroke center. Why didn’t the Cu Anschutz Medical Campus cardiologists properly diagnose this CU heart patient previously? Why wasn’t these medicine adjustments made during the numerous follow up visits to this so called nicknamed mayo clinic of the west? Who was this unknown unidentified young doctor that completely changed the CU heart patients medicine?

In the days and weeks following this medical episode  the Anschutz Medical Campus blog investigative team followed up with this released Cu patient to see how he was recovering.

Well the first thing that occurred was the CU heart patients blood pressure dropped over 80 points! The patient’s medicine was still readjusted several more times. The patient stated the CU young doctor told him it would be several weeks before he became acclimated to the new prescribed medicine. The medicine level was reduced. The Cu patient goes on to state that the Cu Anschutz Medical Campus doctors think they caught the problem in time. After more than one year with blood pressure over 200 the patients blood pressure is now down to a more normal 130.The Cu doctors think a few months more their would have been permanent heart damage to this patient. He is still recovering and recently had to take a nitroglycerin pill. However this point is still up for debate and is still unknown!

The end result of this undercover investigation is that an unidentified young Cu doctor completely changed the medicine of this previous CU heart patient. His blood pressure was lowered by over 80 points in less than two weeks. This patient had been previously admitted and treated numerous times over a years period at the new CU  ballyhoo  emergency room. In addition to these facts the current cardiologists prognosis was changed. Permanent heart damage is still a possibility?
There was not alignment/agreement on this Cu patients assigned CU Anschutz medical personal team. For an existing heart condition. The patient has been advised that the Cu medical doctors think he has no permanent heart damage after having his blood pressure over 200 for a period of over one year.

We add this investigative report to the growing laundry list of other Anschutz patient problems/concerns: Morphine abuse at the Anschutz Medical Campus, new born babies falling on the floor, dentists treating patients without the correct license. Patients having to go to competing clinics due to their oral procedures performed at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Ambulance drivers stating to patents in emergency route to other medical hospitals their is better medical care offered outside of the Anschutz Medical Campus. The misdiagnosed James Holmes psychotic affair resulting in the Aurora Colorado massacre which is currently in litigation.

Students; Cu students will now be associated and educated by a convicted criminal partner of the Cu Colorado university downtown campus.
J.P. Morgan has now been convicted by the securities and exchange commission (SEC).Paying a 920 million dollar fine in the previously described London whale fiasco outlined on the Anschutz Medical Campus blog.
In addition Morgan is attempting to settle litigation in numerous other
cases involving fraud. Morgan has offered to pay a seven(7) billion dollar fine and four (4) billion dollars in mortgage relief to homeowners
for selling shady loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The United States justice department has indicated this amount is insufficient. Morgan has raised the amount to eleven (11) billion dollars and negotiations are continuing.

Morgan is still under investigation by seven different federal agencies and two foreign governments. Current settlements do not even include the state of California, Morgan securities fraud and numerous other unrelated pending legal issues. Morgan has incurred over one(1) billion dollars in litigation costs in the last two physical quarters alone!

This is the type of financial partner that Cu Colorado University has researched, selected, engaged and brought to the downtown Cu campus in which vulnerable idealistic, CU students will go into debt to get  an  education from the  CU J. P. Morgan commodities course. All future debt laden  graduating CU students can be proud of receiving a degree from a convicted financial Cu partner and touting their degree on graduation day in June!
This is the type of trust the CU symbol radiates nationally!

community: Potential students go on to receive a higher education degrees to improve their lives and receive higher wages. Advanced education prepares student for a role in life….educating the student to the nuts and bolts in a particular industry which can be taught in higher education. However the vision can not be taught. And is imbedded in only a few leaders. A few  examples would be Steve Jobs, Bezos, Gates, and Rupert Murdoch. Few individuals can become leaders  initiate and complete their vision. This is why many number two executives never become the leader of the corporation. They do not have the vision and cannot make a definitive decision and live with their consequences.

Now the Anschutz Medical Campus blog is going to look at just a few of the previous decisions the senior leadership of Cu Colorado university has implemented over the years.

The decision to construct the entire Anschutz Medical Campus on the de activated Fitzsimons military base in Aurora Colorado. This is a failed vision and has adversely effected the entire community and state of Colorado.

1. The entire Anschutz Medical Campus has grown to large to be on this piece of ground. There was a plan in the beginning and it was a failed comprehensive vision implemented by the CU senior leadership. There is no parking, everybody was aware of this problem before any construction commenced. However inadequate prior planning took precedence!

2. Every interior road that was constructed inside the Anschutz Medical Campus is to narrow. This effects traffic patterns, connectivity, all future construction. public access and exits. All types of future construction on the Anschutz Medical Campus.

3. The construction of the new VA hospital. This billion dollar project was squeezed onto an inadequate piece of raw ground. Previous Aurora Colorado mayor Ed Tauer was incorrect to even suggest the future VA hospital be positioned on this piece of ground. Now every single future VA patient will pay dearly in human flesh for this piss poor decision every day in the future. Not to mention the 400 million dollar and rising  construction cost of the new VA hospital.

4. This ineffective decision effects many other related decisions. With the growing federal budget because of the decision of the bush administration to start a war over oil there is limited possibility of getting more federal funds to complete the Va hospital as originally planned. Therefore additional decisions will have to be implemented. One example could be to cut the size or even eliminate the VA research facility all together.

4. The decision to move and position the Aurora light rail stop over one half mile on the green space so every single disabled veteran from the gulf oil war will have to be transported twice to arrive at their final destination the poorly planned Aurora Colorado VA hospital. To add insult to injury the foolish current Aurora mayor Ed Hogan publicly states this could be an advantage to allow more development. Talk about a leader that fails to comprehend the problem!

5. The encroachment of the Aurora light rail on the eroding green space. This effects the surrounding community of Morris Heights and all their residents quality of life.

6. As you look around the nation comprehensive Leed planned developments positioned around light rail have a residential component, retail and medical component. The Anschutz residential component is far removed from the Aurora light rail. Not only that there are numerous planned Aurora light rail stops and not one is correctly comprehensively planned. The new Leed certification awards point for connectivity.

7.The entire Fitzsimons boundary redevelopment zone (FBRZ) every project has to be financially subsidized. The Fitzsimons village had to receive 10 million dollars in aurora tax credits for phase one. More recently the Fitzsimons village received 25 million dollars in economic incentives for a 245 room Hyatt hotel and conference center. The city of Aurora had to loan 300,000 dollars to remove the old heaven on earth hotel. The undeveloped parcel of land on the corner of Colfax and Peoria street has gone into bankruptcy.

8. The failure of CU Colorado University to have critical strategic alliances. In research and development.Fund raising and manufacturing. The entire focus of the Anschutz Medical Campus has been on real estate development. This is a failed vision from the start.

The community of Aurora and the entire state of Colorado trusted CU however as the above published outlined results clearly reveal the community has been adversely effected by CU senior leadership.

As this one single article has briefly outlined. Medical patients, students and the community all three public groups simply cannot trust Cu and their current leadership. As with the James Holmes shooting many other governments,cities, towns and communities look at previously failed responses and failed projects as CU and the Anschutz Medical Campus is now the national poster boy of failed trust and community development.

With the rising high cost of secondary education, burdensome student debt, and numerous secondary education options available to all potential students. It has become imperative for all future in state and out of state future students to carefully re evaluate and even consider CU Colorado University for their secondary education. Selecting the wrong college can be a death blow to a promising career.
What graduating CU student could possibly feel they have significantly accomplished a legitimate life long goal when they paid for and received a graduating certificate from a convicted Cu financial partner?