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Post: Remedy or gateway drug? Doctors, police differ on path forward for medical marijuana

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Remedy or gateway drug? Doctors, police differ on path forward for medical marijuana

Medical marijuana blurs lines across law enforcement and the medical community, where advocates and opponents don’t agree whether it is a gateway drug or necessary medical device.

With days left in the 2024 session, House members are hearing from doctors, law enforcement, researchers, pharmacists and others on the highly contested issue. Out of 17 speakers at a Ad Hoc committee meeting Tuesday, eight opposed the bill, nine supported it and one was relatively indifferent.

The Compassion Care Act passed the Senate 24-19 in February. The House killed a similar bill two years ago on a technicality. Tom Davis, R-Beaufort, has been working on passing a medical marijuana bill for 10 years. It’s up to the House whether to send it to the governors desk.

The bill, described as one of the more conservative medical marijuana bills in the country, would limit who can use the drug, such as those suffering from terminal conditions, severe neurological disease or debilitating disease. The drug could not be smoked in flower form, and can only be taken through tincture, unflavored edible or vaporizer. Psychosis to increased crime; cannabis’ major concerns

Multiple law enforcement leaders, including chiefs and sheriffs from Myrtle Beach, West Columbia, Greenville and Chapin testified Tuesday against the bill citing their experiences from their line of work.

They described marijuana as a gateway drug to others such as narcotics and opioids consistently, and cited its other dangerous qualities. Law enforcement and some physicians spoke about marijuana’s psychoactive qualities and how this can affect someone. Decreased […]

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