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Post: Revitalizing Gut Health: The Power of Cranberry Extracts

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Revitalizing Gut Health: The Power of Cranberry Extracts

Cranberry extracts have shown promising results in enhancing intestinal microbiota and potentially preventing chronic conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases , according to research conducted by Université Laval and the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF). The study revealed positive effects after just four days of consumption (1 ✔ ). The health benefits associated with cranberries and other berries are largely credited to their abundant polyphenol content, particularly tannins. Additionally, these fruits contain significant levels of oligosaccharides, which are believed to play a role in their biological activity.

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The research team, led by Yves Desjardins, professor at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, showed that the polyphenols and oligosaccharides present in a cranberry extract boost the genus Bifidobacterium, associated with a reduced risk of diabetes and cardiometabolic diseases. “Normally, these bacteria are stimulated by dietary fibre consumption . We observed the same effect with cranberry extract with a dose almost 20 times lower," points out Jacob Lessard-Lord, a postdoctoral fellow at INAF.

Cranberry extracts also stimulate the Akkermansia muciniphila bacterium, which plays an important role in the intestinal mucosa, helping to reduce inflammation and strengthen the intestinal barrier.

This is of particular interest when it comes to countering the harmful effects of a Western diet . “This diet alters the microbiota, causes inflammation of the mucosa, and compromises the integrity of the intestinal barrier, which plays a crucial role in protecting the body from bacteria present in the gut. Alteration of the intestinal barrier allows the passage of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) derived from the intestinal microbiota, known as metabolic endotoxemia, and is a crucial factor in the onset and progression of inflammation and metabolic diseases,” explains Yves Desjardins.

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