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Post: The Legal Loophole to Order Shroom Gummies Online

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The Legal Loophole to Order Shroom Gummies Online

Magic Mushrooms There are a lot of scam websites and social media accounts selling shrooms these days.

This makes it especially important to only order from reputable companies with a solid track record — but with cubensis mushrooms being illegal in the United States — who’s selling them?

You might be surprised how many excellent companies are popping up in this space.

Let’s break down some of the best magic mushroom gummies on the market today so you can put them to the test and find what works for you. We’ll also explain how to find other solid vendors selling mushrooms online. The Top 6 Best Magic Mushrooms Gummy Brands To Check Out In 2024

> Area 52 Magic Pluto Gummies (Best Overall)

Amanita Mushroom Gummies by Royal (Best Value)

Microcybin Psilocybin Capsules (Only available in Canada)

Infinite CBD Magic Mushroom Muscimol Gummies (Best low-dose option)

TRĒ House Magic Mushroom Gummies Koi MusciMind Gummies 1. Area 52 Magic Pluto Mushroom Gummies (Editor’s Choice) Area 52 has been in the business of manufacturing legal cannabinoids for several years now. With over 100,000 orders under their belt — this is one of the most well-established companies on this list.Area 52 recently ventured into mushrooms and released a new product called the Magic Pluto Mushroom Gummies. It’s legal, incredibly potent, well-formulated, and offers the best value for the money — by far. This one is a no-brainer.The formulation of these gummies is unlike anything else on the market. The company consulted a plant medicines expert to ensure they got it right — and the results speak for themselves. All Area 52 products go through third-party lab testing, and the results, along with all the information you need on every ingredient, are listed clearly on the product page. Product Specs: Magic Pluto Gummies by Area 52 The formulation of these gummies is what sets them apart from the pack. Unlike some of the other options below, Area 52 took extra care in creating these powerful psychoactive gummies.The ingredients break down into two groups: A) The “Lucid Blend:” […]

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