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Post: What are marijuana consumption options in Denver?

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What are your public marijuana consumption options in Denver? You can count them on one hand

Denver now has four public marijuana consumption options, including a new bus.

DENVER — A decade after marijuana legalization in Colorado, it’s not difficult to find a place to buy cannabis.

But finding a place to use it outside of a private home? That’s a bit more tricky.

Denver has just four options for public consumption, with six permits still pending.

Three of those options are on a bus, including a new one that owner Alisha Gallegos is hoping will be a game changer.

“ You hop on, pay a little fee, we go for a little smoke ride, we come back drop you off and you go back to your venue ,” said Gallegos.

Gallegos says the other two busses in town focus on tours between dispensaries and city landmarks. Her business model is focused on parking (briefly) outside of events like weddings, concerts, and sporting events.The Canna Cabana Bus is outfitted with a fancy filtration system and double doors to keep smoke away from the area with the driver.Gallegos said it’s been a long process to get it up to speed, in part due to lengthy licensing requirements and strict rules.“A lot of the rules and regulations just don’t make sense,” she said. “We have to move every 30 minutes. We can’t have butane lighters, and I’m like, we’re a smoking bus and we can’t have lighters? They make it really difficult.”Gallegos hopes her hard work will be worth it, with $10 rides on her 13-seat bus.“What we’re really trying to promote is […]

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