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Post: Will Generative AI Mean The End Of Internet Searching And SEO As We Know It?

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Will Generative AI Mean The End Of Internet Searching And SEO As We Know It?

Will Generative AI Mean The End Of Internet Searching And SEO As We Know It?Adobe Stock Generative AI could change the nature of internet searching forever as more and more people choose to access information via tools like ChatGPT. Could internet searching (as we know it today) die out altogether? And what does generative AI mean for the search engine optimization (SEO) industry – an industry worth roughly $68 billion a year . Read on to find out.

Generative AI Strips Away The Frustrations Of Searching For Info

Let’s face it: the average internet search experience is clunky at best. Say you’re searching something like “What are the top attractions in Savannah, Georgia?” You’ll probably be presented with thousands of search results. You then have to sift through the top results and dodge all those cookie notifications that pop up on each website. And then you may have to scroll past paragraphs of SEO content to get the simple answer you were looking for.

Compare this to asking a tool like ChatGPT “What are the top attractions in Savannah, Georgia?” You simply type or speak your question and get an immediate response. The AI trawls the internet, so you don’t have to! It is, generally speaking, a much easier, less frustrating experience for users. (Of course, whether the information you receive from a generative AI tool is 100 percent accurate is another matter. But the same can be said of internet searching.)

What’s more, OpenAI is rumored to launch its own AI-powered search product , which would further up the game in its competition with search giant Google.


Clearly, this could fundamentally change – and even threaten – internet searching as we know it. So, it makes sense that internet search companies are quickly integrating generative AI into their search offerings. Microsoft Bing was the first to integrate ChatGPT. Google has also released a new search experience called SGE (Search Generative Experience), which is designed to help users navigate information online more easily. As an example, SGE users can see definitions by hovering over certain words or accessing a list […]

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