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Post: Can Pollen Allergies Be Helped By Cannabis

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Can Pollen Allergies Be Helped By Cannabis

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya Pollen season is here and people’s head and noses are clogged and miserable…can cannabis help?

Over 100 million people in the US and Canada have to deal with seasonal allergies. As spring starts and flowers and plants bloom, noses start their annual running. More than $13.4 billion was spent in 2021 on people seeking relief from the sniffling and sneezing. Typical symptoms including congestion, sneezing, itchy eyes, nose and throat, runny nose and eyes, and post nasal drip. But can pollen allergies be helped by cannabis? It sort of depends.

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While pollen is a generally an issue when it warm…it can go from spring to fall. For many this means February onwards for tree pollen, followed by grass pollen, then ragweed in the later summer and autumn. While more research can be done, for a portion of those afflicted, marijuana may help. green grass field under white sky during daytime Marijuana is known to be anti-inflammatory and it seems marijuana can lower histamine levels in the body. This suppresses the immune system’s allergic response to pollen and other allergens. By reducing inflammation, marijuana may be able to open up airways and provide relief similar to over-the-counter allergy medications, but without some of the side effects. In addition, for some, it can be a sleep aide to help get over the loss of sleep/fatigue hump.

However, it’s important to note that marijuana itself can also act […]

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