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Post: OpenAI: ChatGPT-Based Search Engine to Challenge Google’s Dominance with AI-Powered Browsing

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OpenAI: ChatGPT-Based Search Engine to Challenge Google's Dominance with AI-Powered Browsing

This is a heads-up: It was revealed that OpenAI is planning a massive product based on its ChatGPT chatbot. In this take, it will deliver a new search engine that would help users surf the web easily.

This will be an AI-powered search engine that runs on ChatGPT, which is considered one of the best AI chatbots in the world.

Through this discovery, ChatGPT’s search engine would compete with Google and its renowned search engine, which has been in the industry for decades. OpenAI is Making a ChatGPT-Based Search Engine

(Photo : MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images) New information came to light as analysts discovered OpenAI’s SSL certificate logs, revealing that the company is working on creating a ChatGPT-based search engine in the future.

Ashutosh Shrivastava shared the logs that contain clues behind OpenAI’s new search engine, which is based on its renowned AI chatbot.

The logs also show that a new domain dedicated to this experience was already listed under "," which points to a yet-to-exist company website.

It takes form now as it is similar to ChatGPT’s chatbot domain, , which leads to the chatbot’s dedicated website.

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There is still no word on when ChatGPT’s AI-powered search will be available, but OpenAI CEO Sam Altman previously discussed how AI and search come together.With this, it will take on the top search engine in the world, Google, known for its massive internet developments and AI-powered search introduced earlier.Over the past months, it has been evident that Google is developing its AI and its integration into Search that expands more of the renowned experience. AI-Powered Search is Available AI-powered search is no longer new, and OpenAI may be coming later than other competitors, especially with various takes on this integration of artificial intelligence for the web.Its partner company, Microsoft, is known for launching AI-powered search during the early days of AI adoption. Bing’s new search engine harnesses the GPT power.That being said, Google is not one to back off from this as apart from its earlier […]

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