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Post: The first music video generated with OpenAI’s unreleased Sora model is here

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The first music video generated with OpenAI’s unreleased Sora model is here

Credit: Washed Out/YouTube Discover how companies are responsibly integrating AI in production. This invite-only event in SF will explore the intersection of technology and business. Find out how you can attend here .

OpenAI wowed the tech community and many in media and arts earlier this year — while also raising feathers of traditional videographers and artists — by showing off a new AI model called Sora that makes realistic, high-resolution and smooth video up to 60 seconds per clip.

The tech remains unreleased to the public for now — OpenAI said at the time , back in February 2024, that it was making Sora “available to red teamers to assess critical areas for harms or risks” and a selected small group of “visual artists, designers, and filmmakers.” But that hasn’t stopped some of the initial wave of users from making and publishing new projects with it.

Now, one of OpenAI’s handpicked Sora early access users, writer/director Paul Trillo, who was among the first in the world in March to demo third-party videos made with the model, has created what is being called the “ first official music video made with OpenAI’s Sora. ”

The video was made for indie chillwave musician Washed Out (Ernest Weatherly Greene Jr.) and his new single “The Hardest Part.” It is essentially a 4-minute long series of connected, quick zoom shots through different scenes that have all been stitched together to create the illusion of a continuous zoom. Watch it below: On his account on the social network X, Trillo posted that he’d first had the idea for the video 10 years ago, but abandoned it. He also replied to questions from his followers and stated that the video was made from 55 separate clips generated by Sora out of a pool of 700 total, and stitched together in Adobe Premiere.

Separately but relatedly, Adobe recently announced it was looking to add Sora and other third-party AI video generator models into its subscription Premiere Pro software, but no timeline has been set for this integration, so in the meantime, those looking to emulate Trillo’s workflow would have […]

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