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Post: Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Now Offer Multimodal AI Assistant: Here’s What to Know

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CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses from Meta have received upgrades. The Facebook co-founder showed new features on Instagram, including a cat-eye frame for glasses and video calling.

Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the new Skyler frames and other upgrades in a video conference with Instagram fashion lead Eva Chen.

Along with the cat-eye frame design, the Wayfarer and Headliner are getting new colors. For comfort, the Headliner model showcased rounder lenses and a low-bridge fit. Here’s What to Know About Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses Updates

Recent updates allow smart glasses to connect to Apple Music for hands-free music control. The multimodal AI assistant, previously available through an early access program , is now available to all US and Canadian customers, per The Verge.

Moreover, Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses users may make video calls over WhatsApp and Messenger. Facebook’s parent, Meta, admits that this feature’s availability may vary.

Meta’s announcement did not mention Apple Music compatibility, but the Meta View app instructions did. This feature lets customers operate Apple Music hands-free and get tailored suggestions.

Meta has also enhanced its multimodal AI helper feature to include picture recognition, Instagram captions, and foreign language sign translation using smart glasses. All US and Canadian eyewear users may now utilize this beta capability, which was previously available under an early access program.Meta tested a multimodal AI upgrade in December to improve Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. This upgrade enables users to query their glasses about what they see and receive knowledgeable and useful answers.”Say you’re […]

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