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Post: Snowflake is taking on OpenAI, Google, Meta and others with its open-source Arctic AI model

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Snowflake is taking on OpenAI, Google, Meta and others with its open-source Arctic AI model

Cloud data warehouse heavyweight Snowflake Inc. is looking to make its presence felt in the generative artificial intelligence arena with the debut of its own, open-source large language model, designed to compete with the likes of OpenAI’s GPT-4, Google LLC’s Gemini, Meta Platforms Inc.’s Llama 2 and Mistral AI’s Mixtral.

The company claims Snowflake Arctic is the most open, enterprise-grade LLM available today. What’s more, the company says, it’s also among the most powerful, aided by an up-and-coming “mixture of experts” architecture that optimizes it to perform a wide range of enterprise use cases.

Along with the model itself and some impressive benchmark results, Snowflake is also making Arctic’s weights available under an Apache 2.0 license, as well as details of how it was trained, setting what it says is a new standard for AI openness.

Snowflake’s new chief executive officer, Sridhar Ramaswamy (pictured), who replaced Frank Slootman in February, hailed the release of the Arctic LLM as a “watershed moment” for the company, which until now has been more invested in feeding data to LLMs rather than creating its own.

“By delivering industry-leading intelligence and efficiency in a truly open way to the AI community, we are furthering the frontiers of what open-source AI can do,” Ramaswamy said, adding that the aim is not so much to position Snowflake as an AI company as to enable its customers to use AI more more efficiently and reliably.

“We are making a foundational investment,” he told reporters in a briefing. “It’s our first big step […]

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