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Post: The Science of Microdosing – 28 day testing

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During the initial, pre-vaccine days of the pandemic, Diane, a primary care provider in the D.C. area, saw dozens of her patients die.

She started having nightmares, and as the months went on, she developed post-traumatic stress disorder, she said. She tried taking care of herself by eating well, exercising and meditating, but she was working nearly every day — and knew she needed some time to regroup.

Diane had taken psilocybin — also known as magic mushrooms — before, and the substance had made her feel safe, calm and euphoric. “I experienced an incredible warmth and felt light and goodness,” she said.

After reading about promising clinical trial results from studies using psychedelics to treat mental health, she decided to travel to Jamaica for a week-long psilocybin retreat. There she took the psychedelic drug under the guidance and supervision of therapists. After three psilocybin sessions, she felt the weight of her problems lift.

When she returned to the United States, she didn’t want the progress she’d made to wear off. She began researching how to microdose psilocybin — taking the substance in amounts small enough to avoid impairment. “I found it incredibly helpful,” Diane said. “I felt like it really, really helped my anxiety after coming back from the retreat.”


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