As colorado university anschutz medical campus officials Bruce Benson, lilly Marks , Don Elliman, state of colorado representatives and city of aurora colorado officials sit and watch the brand equity of a five billion dollar anschutz medical campus quickly fall in value.Similar to the crash and burn of Boeing’s 787 dreamliner. Maybe even a negative value thrust upon the anschutz campus in the second tier city of aurora colorado.

Once touted as the signature focal point of aurora, colorado now the anschutz medical campus is the national focus of liability with lawsuits now filed concerning Cu’s most famous student James holmes. As colorado university officials sit quietly under a court gag order…events are taking shape to permanently damage the anschutz medical campus for future generations of students,researchers,patients,financial donors and the city of aurora colorado.

The judge has now ordered there is enough evidence for aurora theater shooter James Holmes to stand trial. In addition the first civil lawsuit has been filed against Colorado University psychiatrist Dr. Lynn Fenton and Colorado University CU.

Chantel Blunk has filed the first lawsuit against Dr. Fenton and CU. Additionally Cu has been notified of another potential 11 lawsuits to come. Notice has been filed before the deadline expires. Like a  parade of victims beating a drum lining up to voice their concerns of the actions/lack of actions and calling into question the accountability of the anschutz medical campus colorado university and colorado university’s medical personal.

CU Psychiatrist Dr. Fenton had the opportunity to use reasonable care to place a 72 hour hold on James Holmes.(And don’t forget their was a history of psychotic behavior with James Holmes. So there had to be constructive notice contained in Holmes medical records.) However Dr Fenton rejected the idea of placing a hold on James Holmes. Dr fenton also has a past conviction on her record concerning issuing psychotic medications. The lawsuit claims the aurora theater shooting would not have occurred  had Dr fenton ordered a psychiatric hold. Dr fenton also failed to continue the follow up Holmes with the BETA team.

Another revelent issue is the timing of the arrival of the notebook sent by Holmes to Dr Fenton.This notebook contained illustrations, drawings and descriptions how holmes was going to massacre people.This notebook sat unopened for up to a week and will be used at the upcoming holmes trial. Fox news reporter Jana Winters states her law enforcement source was in a position to know when the notebook arrived at the anschutz medical campus. Ms Winters has been recently subpoena to testify before the court.

The anschutz medical campus CU officials dispute this fact. IT’S GOING TO GET UGLY AT THE ANSCHUTZ MEDICAL CAMPUS TRIAL WHEN A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL TELLS A DIFFERENT SCENARIO THAN WHAT THE CU SPOKESMAN HAS BEEN STATING FOR the last several months. This is the type of continuous failed leadership currently on national display at the anschutz medical campus. And when these facts start to emerge the credibility of the anschutz medical campus will be called into question and thrust into the national spotlight.

Colorado university spokesperson states the “university has nothing but sympathy for the victims” With dozens of people killed, national gun legislation under consideration, president Obama articulating leadership,the state of colorado taking up possible additional gun legislation. The public is not interested in lip service stated by an anschutz campus spokesperson. The public at large is interested in concrete actions implemented by the anschutz medical campus, The reason for the failed implementation of the beta team, failure of the written log documentation of ammunition received at the anschutz medical campus,
What is the procedure for the anschutz medical campus faculty to follow up on grant students when they are failing to achieve benchmarks in their education at colorado university? When only six students receive a national institute of health (NIH) grant and one of these students goes off on a massive shooting spree why is the anschutz medical campus receiving any grants when the current leadership cannot properly monitor only six students? All grants should be immediately stopped and redirected from the anschutz medical campus. Where is the NIH monitoring their past non performing grants?

We have to look outside the state of colorado for leadership as these events unfold  survey the national landscape and eventually look towards the state of  new york legislature where
a recent gun bill has passed that will require all therapists to report to authorities any client who is likely to engage in violent behavior. Under the law police will confiscate all guns the person may have.

A therapist is a much lower threshold than the Md accreditation that Dr. Lynn Fenton currently holds. A psychiatrist has the ability to prescribe medications a therapist cannot prescribe medications. This calls into the question of the quality of the therapy and consultation and lack of follow up procedures utilized by Dr. Lynn Fenton on Cu’s most famous patient James Holmes.

As the future unfolds the public will hear about more of the details concerning James Holmes
allegedly including the motive behind the mass shooting was Holmes failed oral exam.
And then Holmes defensive legal team will ask exactly what was colorado university’s follow up procedures? Or lack of follow up procedures of colorado university’s Beta team.

As these events are publicly stated,  revealed, documented and the actions, procedures and liability of the anschutz medical campus comes under national scrutiny its going to get ugly at the anschutz medical campus!

UPDATE: The intended recipient of the Holmes spiral notebook was an unnamed CU psychiatrist. The Holmes legal defense has applied for a postponement  of the hearing of fox news reporter and her legal source until April 4, 2013. It is also alleged that Holmes was seen by three (3) CU psychiatrists. The Holmes legal defense also claims The release of the spiral notebook illustrations graphically showing a shooting spree comprises the right to a fair Holmes trial.