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Post: The Unknown History of CU Anschutz

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Anschutz Medical Campus is an independent website not associated or affiliated with CU Anschutz Medical Campus, CU, or Fitzsimons innovation campus.


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Anschutz Medical Campus

history of cu anschutz


With the congressional closure of the Fitzsimons army base in July 1995. The University of Colorado submitted a request to the Department of Education (DOE)and the fitzsimons redevelopment authority (FRA)  transferring an initial 186 acres to move their existing facilities from Colorado boulevard  and construct a new campus. Approved on September 29, 1997 a phased title transfer was implemented to ensure all environmental clean-up was completed from the preexisting Army base. In 1998 the CU Colorado University board of regents adopted and approved a phased in staged construction building master plan of 10 million sq. ft. and all associated infrastructure to accommodate the new campus. At the core of the master plan was a new future vision statement developed until the year 2020.


Incorporated into the master plan was core vision teams engaged to develop vision statements until the year 2020. Colorado University(CU) will be successful because it adapts and maintains flexibility in a changing environment to accomplish its mission expanding into the 21st century. Their are current physical barriers at the existing location  that will be overcome at the new campus which can incorporate infrastructure, building spaces that promote integration of education, clinical, research, and administration. With the unique opportunity to develop an academic health center from the ground up the new CU Anschutz medical campus will serve as a national model for base closures across the entire nation.

With the onslaught of the 2008 great recession, A nationally depressed real estate market, conventional funding mechanisms were unavailable. An opportunity presented itself to construct all new buildings at a reduced price. Philanthropy was implemented as a funding mechanism. In 2003 the Colorado state legislature approved, and completely circumvented Colorado taxpayer voters issuing an obscure funding source, certificates of participation(COP) that does not allow debt to appear on the taxpayer balance sheet. A unique lease to own financial structure using taxpayer funds. Without any taxpayer news release, vote, or consensus approval for an individual public university being financed and constructed on the backs of taxpayers. This was occurring at approximately the same time, when 10 million homes nationwide were falling into foreclosure and being repossessed with billions of dollars in fines being paid by national financial institutions for falsifying residential mortgage backed securities(MBS).

It was also at this time in 2008 when Jamie Dimon CEO of J. P. Morgan brokered a deal with the Federal Reserve to purchase Bear sterns for 2.00 dollars a share. Pennies on the dollar! Five years later J.P. Morgan would pay thirteen billion dollars (13 billion) for crashing the economy from fraud and greed. In April, 2012 the CU  University of Colorado regents accepted a 5.5 million dollar gift from J.P. Morgan and opened a University of Colorado commodities center to educate CU students in innovative research and commodity transactions from a nationally tainted convicted bank. With Don Elliman proudly publicly boasting no academic program matches what the J. P. Morgan CU center for commodities will provide.

In a nationally financially depressed market, with subterfuge taxpayer voter financing secured, new construction proceeded on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. In 2007 the University of Colorado relocated to the decommissioned 578 acre Fitzsimons army medical campus in Adams county, Aurora, Colorado. Initially envisioned as a once in a lifetime event to build a world class research campus from the ground up. The University of Colorado opened a 600 million dollar teaching hospital on the desolate CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Soon afterwards the non profit CU Children’s Hospital opened a 1.4 million square foot facility further to the south on the isolated campus. Encompassing 444 beds and over 3,000 medical facility.

After years of political negotiations coming to fruition two years earlier in 2005, with no further comprehensive planning, site acquisition or infrastructure analysis, complex political negotiations had been finalized on a third hospital, was politically envisioned and previously slated for a small 31 acre Remnant parcel of land sold on the far south east corner of the barren CU Anschutz Medical Campus to facilitate the planned construction of a 1.25 million square foot 350 million dollar CU Aurora VA hospital, which was scheduled to be completed in three years. In July 2005 the VA administration and Ed Tauer the mayor of Aurora, Colorado who was the appointed leader of the Fitzsimons redevelopment authority(FRA) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOD)to work together to facilitate all three hospitals to be located on the state of the art CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Aurora mayor Ed Tauer publicly boasted there would now be three separate free standing hospitals fronting infamous Colfax avenue on the re purposed Fitzsimons army Campus. With the decommissioned closing of the Fitzsimons military campus and federal government conveyance of the land to the University of Colorado regents and the Aurora Fitzsimons redevelopment authority were in irrefutable full control of the entire 578 acre parcel of land.

With the previous existing political agreement between the VA and the City of Aurora finalized two years earlier in 2005. The VA had to pay the Aurora redevelopment authority the entire cost to replace a hotel that was originally planned for the 31 acre site. The city of Aurora owned a military pool that had to be moved or permanently vacated.

Colorado University hospital officials were enthusiastic to sell an existing medical building which was a billing department for their physicians. The VA had to negotiate with two separate property owners the University of Colorado board of Regents and an existing private Fitzsimons credit union already operating on the site for years serving the decommissioned military base.

The CU Anschutz medical campus was conceptualized and divided into three separate zones. A research zone, clinical care zone, and and educational zone for all types of medical training, education, and clinical care. With the enticing prospect of undervalued land received from the federal government soon ancillary medical facilities started new construction for their independent business. This resulted in the Barbara Davis Diabetes Center, Ben Night horse Campbell nature health building, Rocky Mountain Lions eye center, Anschutz pavilions and Cedar for dependency addition and rehabilitation. All of the new construction was started from the ground up on a completely vacant decommissioned military campus. There is only one original building standing on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Which has been renamed to the Fitzsimons building. The entire 578 acre campus is focused on new construction currently approaching 5 billion dollars. Over 11 million square feet constructed from the ground up. Starting with a blank slate!

As of 2018 the CU Anschutz medical campus currently employs over 17k students, staff and faculty. Combining research, teaching, and clinical care. There is approximately 3k students enrolled at the University of Colorado. 1,026 graduate students 73% female, 430 undergraduate students 90% female, and 1,498 students are enrolled first professional courses 59% female. Statistically the entire university student  population is dominated by females.

Through an internal audit(not external or independent) headed by the business research division of Colorado University Boulder Leeds school of business based on 2015-2016 a report delivered to the CU board of regents states: The CU University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus contributes 4.5 billion dollars annually to the state of Colorado. The CU Anschutz medical campus contributes 2.91 million dollars(not including the hospitals) students spent 797 million dollars, and new construction contributed 486 million dollars to the Colorado economy.

The CU Anschutz Medical Campus  Aurora VA hospital politically proposed and under a financial legal binding contract since 2005 has not been completed more than a full decade later by 2015. With a billion dollar contract, negotiated, and approved by individually selected binding legal representatives and signed by the CU University of Colorado regents, there was no performance clause, performance time line outlined, financial performance bond required, smart construction covenants incorporated into the entire undeveloped one square mile campus, or compatible infrastructure analysis incorporated into a multi billion dollar construction land contract. The entire 578 acre redevelopment is under the legal binding jurisdiction of the University of Colorado and their elected leaders the CU board of Regents. A once in a lifetime event, publicly stated by the CU Anschutz community campus partnership designed to foster collaboration with the CU University of Colorado and adversely affected the surrounding residential community with the now defunct ( failed recruiting effort.

Instead of implementing strategic thinking, incorporating smart integration, combing three separate free standing hospitals resulting in higher density, connecting floor plans, reducing taxpayer construction costs, utilizing less taxpayer acreage, sharing non medical personnel, housekeeping, maintenance, food service, campus security, expensive taxpayer specialized medical equipment, The CU Anschutz Medical Campus Aurora VA hospital is a national disgrace. Resulting in  congressional investigations, Over one billion dollars over initial projection costs, disenfranchised disable war veterans, and president elect Trump changing a 40 year old Federal law of not allowing problematic VA officials to be fired. Not one single VA official has been held accountable for the largest financial disaster in VA history. All VA officials involved with the Aurora VA hospital have either retired or been transferred.

With the proudly adopted CU Anschutz Medical Campus mascot being the construction crane. The entire  focus remains on new construction, at all costs, increasing the Aurora city taxpayer base replacing the 3.5 billion dollars generated from the decommissioned Fitzsimons army campus, to facilitate the continued growth for the mismanaged City of Aurora. Everything else is a distant afterthought. The only connected dots were taxpayer funds. Human talent is the missing ingredient! With five billion dollars being frivolously squander away, and boasting over 10 million square feet of new construction from the ground up, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus has zero Nobel prize winners….not one. John Hopkins has 36, Cornell has 41, MIT has 78 and Harvard has 47. Failed University leadership leads to a failed student population.(Review Allegheny College)

As the grim reality statistics clearly state new building construction is the priority over human capitol! As Colorado subservient taxpayer voter funding has been abused. This candid rhetoric is not emitted or forthcoming from any University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus officials oral or written communications. In fact the focus is on accelerating research building construction financed by bonds and using indirect cost allocations from National Institute of Health(NIH) and all types of research grants to service the increasing debt service. Currently the CU Anschutz medical campus is the beneficiary to over 400 million dollars annually of all types of grants.( NIH, federal grants, state grants Pell grants,) All additional national taxpayer financed debt without a vote. Similar to world war 2 Nazi genocide of the Jews, there is few if any, written documentation to this event…missing in history leading to holocaust denial. 

The original VA land requirement was 38 acres and a 1.46 million square foot hospital to be constructed. However with the complete oversight and failure to incorporate real estate deed restrictions, construction density requirements per acre, construction covenants, smart design incorporation, interconnected sustainability requirements, infrastructure monitoring requirements incorporated into comprehensive land planning, legally binding platted subdivisions, by the University of Colorado regents, into the undeveloped one square mile, 578 acre CU Anschutz medical campus real property, the politically flawed vision of three separate free standing hospitals was allowed to proceed unimpeded. A joint venture with the VA and Colorado University regents was disregarded as a viable option. There was no comprehensive legal deed restrictions contemplated or incorporated into the undeveloped one square mile of land transferred at a below market price to the University of Colorado regents. Accordingly there was no legal binding enforcement mechanisms with any future land sales, construction negotiations, integrated smart building design, or future tenant obligations. Resulting in a land locked isolated medical community, with narrow streets, limited parking, congested neighborhood streets adversely effecting the surrounding CU Anschutz medical campus community.

The final South East location of the 1.75 billion dollar Aurora VA hospital was selected after 6 other sites had been discarded. It took several years to negotiate and finalized the sale of this 31 acre parcel of land. With a smaller parcel of land selected every single disabled veteran who visits the haphazardly planned CU Anschutz Medical Campus will suffer daily paying the price for poorly negotiated political decisions negotiated between VA administration, city of Aurora officials and the University of Colorado regents. The 2 billion dollar over budget VA hospital has twice the square footage as the old hospital, a total of 184 beds. This Colorado taxpayer boondoggle offers fewer surgical beds, fewer physiological beds, less examination rooms, than the old Denver hospital. There will be no PTSD impatient treatment rehabilitation facility, mentally effected veterans will have to use the old CU Denver Colorado boulevard facility for the next three to five years. Extracting additional millions of dollars from taxpayer wallets. There will also be less patient care teams to facilitate and coordinate disabled veterans. With an opening date of August 2018 achieved after 13 years. The VA will have 25% unfilled staff positions due to a tight labor market. Not surprisingly several doctors from the old Denver VA hospital refuse to relocate to the new CU Aurora Anschutz medical campus VA hospital.

With University of Colorado regents failing their fiduciary obligations to incorporate deed restrictions, supply integrated compatible infrastructure the Aurora VA hospital condensed on to a smaller seven acre 31 acre land site, Aurora city officials authorizing and issuing a new construction building permit for this problematic edifice architecture, layout and infrastructure. This two billion dollar once in a lifetime event conceived and designed from the ground up, has no pedestrian access from the adjacent over budget haphazardly planned billion dollar Aurora light rail.

After coercing the only sole proprietor two acre owned block of land on Colfax avenue to sell his gas station, to anchor the the poorly planned CU Aurora light rail across Colfax avenue. There was no comprehensive planning of any sort from the City of Aurora officials, VA administration, or senior landholder CU Anschutz Medical Campus regents to allow mentally disabled veterans to get off the Aurora light rail and access the VA hospital entrance across a busy intersection(Potomac) 800 feet away. This has resulted in an ongoing dangerous situation for all handicapped veterans accessing a poorly planned behind the curve CU Anschutz Medical Campus VA hospital. Not withstanding there is no viable solution to this infrastructure problem. There is no land available to accommodate these disabled veterans. Not surprisingly Aurora city officials deflected comment and deferred to RTD officials.

Physically and mentally disabled veterans now risk daily accidents from autonomous Uber or Waymo vehicles while crossing  Potomac street to access a substandard haphazardly planned CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Since 1998, there was no prior thought, of a comprehensively designed light rail system integrated through out the internal CU Anschutz medical  campus, disabled veterans can board a diesel engine light rail shuttle which will emit extraneous co2 greenhouse gas and have six designated stops with a fifteen minute circular route to service pedestrians on this 578 acre campus. With improper infrastructure, CU University and hospital officials will probably resort to golf carts for patent transfers in the near future.

In the future either as a result of a fatal accident, or a class action lawsuit being filed, this continual incompetence from  the city of Aurora issuing a building permit or the CU Anschutz Medical Campus national negative publicity, Colorado taxpayers will eventually finance an expensive solution to this failure to comply with federal regulations of all public buildings must have dedicated handicap access.

Either on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus official website or the Fitzsimons innovation website. None of these facts are publicly revealed or disclosed. And neither is the reason this information is absent to all future, patients, tenants, students, employees and financial donors. After careful research the reason was revealed. After receiving 578 acres of land from the federal government for free in exchange for environmental clean up. All University of Colorado communications is carefully monitored and censored to protect their employment, NIH grants, and present a unified public picture even if it is inaccurate.


The US healthcare system emits more greenhouse gas than the entire United Kingdom country. The US healthcare system emits 8-10% of all  greenhouse gas. Yale University researchers estimate in a 2016 report 12% of the US acid rain, 10% of smog formation and 9% of respiratory disease is directly related to public health care emissions. Green house gas emissions effect global warming, now over 400 ppm and rising.

With the continued unabated expansion of research buildings constructed on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus enormous amounts of energy and water are consumed and emitted into the atmosphere. Fossil fuels is the primary raw energy consumed on this unabated expanding 578 acre campus. Heating and cooling of over 10 million square feet of new construction annually! Research laboratories are energy intensive buildings. Research and clinical buildings comprises 70% of consumed energy compared to 25% of  a typical buildings square footage. Typical research laboratories use more energy and water than a traditional office building. Additional specialized HVAC ventilation is required to ventilate unwanted emitted research gases. These facts have contributed to a 30% increase in healthcare greenhouse gas emissions in just the last decade!

Beginning in 1998 when the CU regents had full real estate land conveyance transferred to the CU university, And outlined a supposedly comprehensive infrastructure and staged building phases, completely overlooked, and not even contemplated, by the mismanaged CU regents was installing solar panels on 10 million preplanned sq. ft. of new buildings. Few if any solar panels are installed on CU Anschutz Medical campus rooftops. With Colorado receiving over 300 days a year of sunshine, The number 10 state for green building nationwide, Cu founded in 1876 not one University leader, president, CU board of regents, elected official, public official, financial benefactor, city ordinance, deed covenant, student group, required incorporating solar panels on newly constructed CU Anschutz medical campus new rooftops. A complete failure and oversight of leadership by Colorado University and mismanaged City of Aurora. Starting in 2020 California now requires mandatory solar panels on all new residential construction. By 2023 all Commercial buildings will be required to have solar panels installed. Therefore every single building, currently 10 million square feet, and all future mascot construction cranes on the Podunk CU Anschutz Medical Campus is currently behind the curve! This is a fact, renewable energy buildings sell at a premium to convention construction.

Using solar panels incorporated into all the new building construction rooftops, including green certified parking structures. There could have also been flower shaped solar panel student phone charging stations and elegantly CU color branded logos intermittently placed through out the entire CU Anschutz medical campus. This would have re positioned the archaic Fitzsimons campus for visible sustainability recognition, green awards and attract international socially minded students world wide which climate change is now the number one concern in the world. No, not on this taxpayer financed boondoggle. No foresight with this failed CU leadership!

With the constant influx of solar energy millions of watts, decreasing costs, falling under 1.00 a watt all of this usable solar energy could have been harnessed and connected into a campus wide micro grid incorporating commercial storage batteries. This would allow for continual decreasing extraneous green house gases being emitted from the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. No this was not even considered by any Colorado University official. Why take advantage of a 30% Federal tax credit for solar panels when you can coerce the Colorado taxpayer for free?  And emit misleading rhetoric in the process? The rhetoric emitted from the CU University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is the campus contributes 4.5 billion dollars to the state of Colorado. Bench marked against the Colorado ski industry. At one point in history Colorado was a leader in the nation in green building.….University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and their continued missteps have annihilated the centennial state green branding recognition. Sustainability is not, and cannot be stated as a core value emitting from this CU Anschutz medical campus.

Starting in 2000 with teams of CU core leaders selected, financially compensated, and documented in writing as a core guiding principal, mission statement for the University of Colorado. Article 1 part c, Laws of the CU Regents establishes binding legal obligations and responsibilities of the University of Colorado community. The University will:

Number 2. Maintain a commitment to excellence, and number 4. Be consciousness stewards of the University’s human, physical, information and natural resources  Number 7. Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship at all levels of the university including research and creative activities. Stewardship of University property. The university is committed to responsible stewardship of university resources, and employees are expected to ensure that university property, funds, and technology are used appropriately. These responsibilities include using university property, equipment and resources only for legitimate university purposes, promoting efficient operations, following sound financial practices and engaging in accounting and monitoring.

After receiving 578 acres of inter city land, at below market value at tax payers expense. A complete blank slate with no new vertical construction on the land. The Colorado University regents were under binding legal contractual obligation to clean up the contaminated Fitzsimons campus. Nowhere at any time was geothermal energy considered for a national University campus. A geothermal loop could have been installed and as each new building was constructed connected to the underground geothermal loop. Maintaining a constant temperature year round in the newly constructed buildings.  A federal 10% tax credit was available to help finance this pollution free renewable energy infrastructure, using a commercial cost recovery system, accelerating the total depreciation from  30 years to five years.

Additional funds could have been accessible by DOE  research grants, underwriting sustainable green bonds. Associating, positioning and branding the CU Anschutz Medical Campus internationally as a sustainable university.  A geothermal loop has a life structure of 30 -50 years and sometimes forever which could provide 2 million dollars or more annually in reduced CU Anschutz Medical Campus energy bills. A 100 million dollar plus financial misstep by the CU Colorado University regents. This cannot be overlooked. This CU public university has completely failed their written binding Colorado state law fiduciary obligations. A complete failure of governance by the CU regents leadership.

In 2018 15 billion dollars was issued in the green municipal bond market. Standard and Poors has developed a green evaluation tool scoring  quantifiable lifestyle benefits of a specific green bond issuance project. Providing transparency and market analysis. This is the type of sustainable brand recognition that could have been structured and utilized to market the CU Anschutz Medical Campus incorporating a cohesive strategy of incorporating solar, wind, or geothermal renewable energy connected to 10 million sq, ft. five billion dollars of real estate on the CU Anschutz medical campus to achieve net zero energy status. Utilizing the internet of things (IOT) connected to a real time energy dashboard. Additional possibility would be connecting sensors using smart lighting movement throughout the campus. This would have been a recruiting tool, providing potential students insight into the future of construction which is going to be required mandatory sustainable. Become a Colorado leader selling carbon credits, Partner the CU Anschutz Medical Campus with the US governments better building challenge, Publicly document annual campus energy savings, document decreasing green house gases, move towards a carbon neutral campus, and attract top international intellectual socially minded students and faculty. None of this forward thinking, preplanning, campus global branding occurred, What weak rhetoric potential students hear emitting from the CU Anschutz Medical Campus leadership is we receive 400 million dollars in research grants………which services the debt on our buildings which is leveraged 85%. A once in a lifetime opportunity completely squandered away.

It really only takes one super genius student to change the course of history. Future students covertly research the potential University they are considering attending, if they do not like what the university has done in the past, has a poor performance record, or has a series of missteps. The student will discard the problematic university and attend another university. The original university may or may not even know of the students final decision. This is why a university’s reputation is incalculable.

With global warming now coming to the international forefront, each year temperatures rising, coastal properties subject to rising sea level and reduced appraisal value, rising flood insurance rates, over 300 billion dollars and quickly rising to one trillion dollars now financing climate change. ESG now moving onto the world financial stage. Coal companies can no longer obtain financing. Saudi Arabia and Dubai entire national economy’s moving away from fossil fuels. There is one certainty, when potential millennial students, or educated facility review the CU Anschutz Medical Campus website and view the ostentatious green house gas emitting campus, potential students will seek other net zero energy friendly universities. Over 75% of millennial’s are now interested in environmental, social governance. (ESG).  A strategic blunder by University of Colorado leadership that will adversely effect the quality of human talent talent that will come to the centennial state.

One example could be Mark Zuckerberg. Initially attending Harvard college founded Facebook, moved off campus, changed federal election history and is worth 70 billion dollars. Harvard retains a tainted reputation concerning Zuckerberg and the lawsuit with the Winklevoss twins. To this day there is a feud between Facebook and Bitcoin. Whole countries will adopt cryptocurrencies in the future and have a far more profound effect that a 2 billion people social network. Mark Zuckerberg has committed 600 million dollars to UCSF, UC Berkeley and Stanford University Biohub. Another influential person might be Steve Jobs dropped out of Reed college started Apple and put a ding in the universe.

While the CU University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and its leadership has many documented missteps, adversely affecting their reputation, other more prestigious universities protect their reputation, follow their mission statement and guiding principals in fear of reputation. Either from government, students, taxpayers, patients, or financial donors. Many leading universities around the world are moving towards sustainability specifically renewable geothermal energy. Although the ideal scenario is to start a geothermal loop when the ground is barren, a flat out complete failure by the University of Colorado regents, over 160 campus in 42 states around the United States incorporate geothermal energy retrofits. Some key universities are:

Kaiser Permanent medical campus in Richmond California, retro fitted and installed solar panels, energy storage batteries and a micro grid on their medical campus. The only California hospital to have a micro grid with the plan to become carbon neutral by 2020! Kaiser received over 6 million dollars in grants and loans for the renewable energy instillation. The purpose of the retro fit was to prepare patients in the event of a black out .

Ball State Indiana public university with 20,000 students installed the nations largest underground geothermal loop. Using geothermal energy to regulate indoor temperate in 5 million sq. ft. in 47 separate buildings saving the University over 2 million annually forever! Five million dollars in Federal grants was used to recoup the cost of instillation. The university is also selling their carbon offsets further educating their student body.

At Allegheny College junior students, specifically 14 students studied how to make buildings more energy efficient. Outlining initial costs and financial returns. Assembling relevant case studies of comparable facilities. And then proceeded to educate their senior faculty and university officials to install geothermal energy as a viable renewable energy source that would pay dividends for decades. Students were the champions and initiated a change in leadership.

Many prominent University’s are installing geothermal loop systems: Miami university, Notre DameOklahoma University, Missouri University, Minot State University, Princeton University, University of Illinois, Wisconsin University, Cornell, over 160 campus in all. Each separate University is seeking carbon neutral status, incorporating sustainable infrastructure, shifting away from fossil fuels, developing educational tools for the student body, properly using state and Federal tax credits that offer a reoccurring residual financial benefit.

Starting in the early 1980’s Boise Idaho started developing a downtown geothermal loop. Today this geothermal loop is the sixth largest in the United States. Boise city officials now use strategic thinking to grow  the geothermal loop system. Thinking about the next 20 years in the future, planning to connect buildings to the current geothermal loop. As of today 92 buildings are connected to the loop heating and cooling over 6 million square feet daily. The total cost to heat and cool all of the buildings six million square feet is only $1,000 per month.

The CU Anschutz Medical Campus  is a failed behind the curve university campus …In its failure of leadership, sustainability missing as a core value, net zero energy status, Well certified building certification, smart student recruitment, and community development.

For the last 10 years the CU Anschutz Medical Campus has squandered away over 10 BILLION Dollars! That’s 10 billion dollars. Five Billion dollars in constructing new buildings that are not well certified, and Five additional billion dollars in research funding…a giant hole that uses non taxable (NPO)status to attract research funding and produces little to nothing of value. Therefore CU Anschutz leadership has now decided to implement a national advertising to justify how 10 billion dollars was squandered away.


Don Elliman CU Anschutz chancellor tells the gullible public story why the CU Anschutz Medical Campus is an incredible place. How the three CU Anschutz zones are working together, Research, clinical care and education are working collaboratively. This will define CU Anschutz future arc of success. CU Anschutz clinical revenues are up 5%, using the campus priories with investment and clinical excellence, faculty grew by 4%, 390,000 of  new tower floor space under construction, giving the campus room to grow, Sponsored research is up to over to over 500 million annually. With 23% of a recent NIH grant going to the isolated CU Anschutz medical campus. Additionally CU Anschutz has helped to advance 2,000 patents and the formation of 60 companies. Talking to a room full of people not one intelligent question was asked? With  CU Anschutz alumni, staff, students, researchers in attendance.

The first point would be 97% of all patents, expire and do not make any money…..So The CU Anschutz has 60 decent patents. 1,940 patents are useless. Therefore this leads to the next question? With CU Anschutz supposedly being one of the premier biotech campus that have 3 separate zones Exactly how are they working together when 97% of the CU Anschutz research output for the entire last decade is valueless? It seems a fair question with 5 billion dollars wasted in research funding. No answers are forth coming. The  problem is CU Anschutz willy nilly sponsors any research to fill its buildings to pay the campus debt. Results are not really needed. CU Anschutz is dependent on NIH and all types of sponsored research, therefore with a failed business model CU Anschutz future arc is in jeopardy. Dependent on third party sponsored research, not providing quality at or below market clinical care cost to Colorado patients. In 2014 as Lilly Marks stated: CU Anschutz is not a medical facility for Medicare patients. CU Anschutz medical campus is a research center.

For biotechnology to to excel three key ingredients are needed. Manage risk, reward risk and integrate skills in different disciplines. The days of  building research space staffed by  sub par research talent using inefficient one molecule at a time, trial and error for drug discovery is now archaic. Only one out of 6,000 synthesized compounds actually make it to the public market…and only 14% of clinical trials result in any FDA approvals. It also takes 10 -12 years to get a single drug onto the market. Almost all biotech companies earn no profit. Therefore integration is a key. Find a breakthrough, patent it and implement vertical integration with manufacturing, and marketing. CU Anschutz does not do this they license their few patents that can be monetized. Therefore the full value of any patent discovery is transferred to an entity outside the CU Anschutz campus. This isolated xenophobic thinking adversely effects all Colorado patients. This is completely opposite to what CU chancellor Don Elliman publicly  states: Collaborative approach brings medical solutions to an ecosystem that reaches bedside patents faster..

Wasting valuable research dollars….Colorado hospitals raised their clinical care prices by 76% over a seven year period to consumers. The highest profits in the nation, From 2009 to 2016 doubling hospitals administrative costs. Colorado hospitals spend 33 percent more on administrative, capitol expenses and Colorado hospitals have now become bloated and the most inefficient in the nation. Non profit status allows CU Anschutz to escape paying income, property and sales tax. This also lowers CU Anschutz borrowing costs. According to HCPF data. Colorado has few regulations governing what CU Anschutz hospitals can charge patients leading to radical different fees for the same medical procedures using different Colorado hospitals. This is why president Trump recently proposed hospital transparency billing to publicly highlight and document this rapidly growing trend.

Denver hospitals charge from 8 to 11 times more for common medical procedures such as: knee surgery, MRI, chest scans, child birth, and spinal fusion. Colorado has few regulations what hospitals can charge this leads to huge price disparity for the same medical procedure depending which hospital is performing the required procedure. That leads to a price disparity of more than 800% per medical procedure…its no wonder why CU Anschutz chancellor Don Elliman stated clinical revenues are up 5%.

Colorado is one of 15 states that does not require a “certificate of need” before expanding their hospital construction. With no government restrictions CU Anschutz can construct new buildings unabated. Therefore using one patient per room..quickly fills hospital space with no accounting or documentation for expansion required. Colorado consumers are now paying 7% annual escalating medical premiums, the highest in the nation for health insurance. In the last 20 years health care costs have risen 300%. CU Anschutz has done absolutely nothing but exacerbate this rate. With net CU Anschutz operating profits over 10% for a non profit. Twice the national average. Patients can receive better treatment at significantly lower cost simply using a hospital in Fort Collins, Greeley, Brighton and Castle Rock.  These hospitals operate at only 30 to 50% capacity!

With CU Anschutz receiving over 500 million dollars annually in research grants and producing little value to the public at large. Operating like a large “black hole” silo consuming valuable resources, paying no taxes, unabated new construction with no “certificate of need” required. The NIH has awarded CU Anschutz 4 million dollars in another research grant to speed up future biotech developments  into commercial products. With a five billion dollar CU Fitzsimons campus unable to discern or differentiate potential viable commercial applications. This is what occurs when you have failed CU Anschutz leadership with tunnel vision. A focus that remains on new construction…..lab space that is developed and operated on an isolated fitzsimons campus with inferior human talent that attracts second tier companies, that produce little value. Renting Lab space at Kendall Square, Boston, Massachusetts is offered at 800.00 a sq. ft because of the proximity to world class Harvard and MIT research talent. Ten million sq. ft. of lab space has been rented in the last amazing  one million  sq. ft. per year. With a continuous pipeline of world class research talent available, over 14 billion dollars in venture capitol has been wisely invested into Kendall Square bio incubator start ups. Additionally there is seven teaching hospitals in the Boston area. Accumulating over $350.00 per single head from NIH funding. Resulting in 18 of the top twenty drug manufactures having a physical presence Boston Massachusetts.


On December 19, 2020 China announced there was an initial outbreak of a virus originating from Wuhan China. On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the United States is now in the midst of a national pandemic. There is now over 50,000,000 cases of the newly named Covid19 virus in the United States with 800,000 deaths.. California and New York states are in complete lock down. Grocery stores are in turmoil completely out of all paper products and sanitizers the shelves are bone bare. The stock market has crashed over 30% with analysis’s unable to issue stock guidance forecasts(no visibility). Unemployment is now up to 10%. Social distancing is requested nationwide. Over 80 million US people are in isolation. Both US borders are now sealed. US airlines are now completely empty without any passengers. The US population is Confused, anxious and anticipating Martial Law to be enacted. It is now almost impossible to purchase any bullets anywhere in the United States. Police are nowhere be found. Every state is now responsible for their individual state emergency decisions/actions.

The entire world is now seeking a biotech vaccine/medicine to combat the unknown Chinese virus. hospitals are now on national alert with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issuing guidelines so hospitals are prepared for a huge influx of Covid 19 virus patents. Early estimates could be in the tens of thousands of infected patients arriving on hospitals doorsteps 24 hours a day. New York is now under emergency mandate law to increase hospital beds by 50%. with the goal to increase hospital beds 100%. This is now law enacted by governor Cuomo.

With a national emergency declared exactly what was the CU Anschutz Medical Campus doing? According to Don Elliman we can do anything here! This place is unbelievable. With CU Anschutz Receiving over 500 million dollars annually from NIH plus other grants. Federal and state tax incentives, Over 10 million sq. feet of buildings, with CU officials boasting about how CU Anschutz is a premier biotech research facility with research to bedside medical capabilities. Receiving Colorado taxpayer funding exactly how was the CU Anschutz Medical Campus preparing for Chinese virus infected Colorado residents?

On March 14, 2020 the Anschutz Medical Campus blog journalist team logged on the CU Anschutz website. The following articles were there: Dear students and Staff, CU Anschutz officials have been notified there was a student(not on campus) infected with Covid19 virus. The safety of our community is our highest priority. We continue to follow public health guidelines for sanitation, CU Anschutz has transition to remote learning, suspending travel and CU sponsored events. We are closely following the trajectory of the virus and we are committed to sharing as much information as possible when it comes available.( has the exact page stating this). Behind the scenes future 2020 CU Anschutz Medical Campus graduating students were preparing for a graduation rally. This is what was occurring on the so called misnamed Mayo Clinic of the West otherwise know as: The CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

With a survey of over 1,000 nurses from the National Nurses United(NNU) the largest nurses union in the entire nation found that over 47% of the nurses were unsure if their hospital had a plan in place to isolate future Covid19 patients. Fifty(50%) percent of the nurses were unsure if their hospital had enough Personal Protective Equipment(PPE). Masks, booties, gowns, ventilators, Covid19 test kits are all in short national supply with the federal government evoking war powers but not yet deployed as manufacturers have increased supply lines of all these products. With zero no facts emitting from the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and 47% of nurses currently employed not sure. The public at large can only in fur there is no preparation at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus for an influx of infected Covid19 patients.

With Covid19 tests in short supply nationwide. It is stated and now confirmed, the more of the population at large that is tested the more active cases of the Chinese virus there is. This is why California and New York are on complete lock down with residents told to stay inside to prevent the spread of the virus. Individual states are now setting up portable drive thru Covid19 test stations so the population at large can drive by, receive a test and know if they are infected. Early detection is a key element leading to a 14 day quarantine thereby containing the virus. Colorado had one station set up, no one knew where it was, there was no website and within 5 hours the entire station was closed being overwhelmed with possible infected visitors wanting to be tested. However they were all turned away.

The CU Anschutz Medical Campus received over 578 acres of land from the Federal government…FREE..yes FREE to build a medical facility for Colorado residents. There was zero,zip,nada,no support from CU Anschutz Medical leadership to facilitate the testing of potential Colorado residents. There was no portable on site Covid19 testing station set up on this so called Biotechnology campus. The first national pandemic in over 75 years, 10 million sq. feet of building, on site biotech lab space, trained medical personal, and nothing was done to accommodate the infected Colorado population at this biotechnology research medical campus?  With a multi million dollar advertising campaign currently running on television stations “This is breakthrough When viewers see this campaign they can realize exactly how little CU Anschutz performed for the Colorado public in a national emergency pandemic crisis.

The perfect timely opportunity to connect with the infected Colorado population nothing, zero was done, on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Portable tents could have been set up on campus. Elegant CU signs displayed, the top CU Educated graduating students displaying a CU Anschutz LOGO patch on protected gear could be on site greeting confused anxious infected Colorado patients. Offering handing out literature, hand sanitizers, answering public questions, preparing students out of the classroom in a real life timely pandemic calming Colorado residents. Free in state local news would be on site with their portable cameras, free advertising, personal crisis branding..nothing was done from this 5 billion dollar CU biotech medical campus for  infected residents of Colorado.

Italy has 5,230,000 confirmed cases and 135,000 deaths of Covid19, being overwhelmed the Italian government has called on retired medical personnel to help fight the Chinese virus. With the high cost of receiving a medical degree, taxpayers funding and consistently paying for Pell grants, students loans students incentives. Exactly what were these Graduating CU Anschutz students doing? Oblivious to a worldwide pandemic unfolding, their heads still in their textbooks no real world common sense, these CU Anschutz students were preparing for their 2020 medical graduation, parties, hat throwing, toting hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers debt to pay for their medical tuition. Unable to think for themselves, and once again documented zero leadership from the CU Anschutz Medical Campus Regents with a new CU president Mark Kennedy recently retained.

On March 13, 2020 Colorado Governor Polis issued an executive order to retain and attract medical personal. Contacted the CU Anschutz Medical Campus and informed the lackadaisical leadership to provide medical personnel and Covid19 testing for Colorado residents. The current CU leadership, CU Regent board, medical personnel and students, were not interested in helping the state of Colorado. A government order was required to instruct the floundering CU Anschutz campus how to participate in a world wide national pandemic emergency. This is the sad state of affairs at the deranged CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Additionally this documented action clearly decisively indicates exactly how false Don Ellimans statements to the public are. The CU Anschutz Medical Campus completely failed the pubic in the declared state of a national pandemic.

As the world is currently in panic mode due to the Chinese virus. President Trump has given numerous national news conferences. In one news release president Trump stated it is his belief, he is hopeful their might be a solution on the near horizon. Stating a current HIV treatment named Chloroquine might be a solution. Immediately a news reporter wanted more facts brushing aside president Trump and speaking to Anthony Fauci asking for scientific data facts. Mr. Fauci stated he was currently seeking more scientific data to support the claim that Chloroquine would be effective fighting the Covid 19 virus. President Trump a medical layman has recognized the fact that certain African countries that use Chloroquine to fight malaria  there is no known cases of the Covid19 virus. This is one possibility from a medical layman. Chloroquine has been on the international market for decades.

In Australia the HIV medication Lopinavir  has been given to Covid19 patients and the virus has disappeared at the end of therapy. Currently 50 hospitals in Australia is clinical testing Lopinavir for Covid19 virus. Both of these are not newly discovered drugs they have been on the market for decades, they are just now currently being repurposed to use as a Covid19 vaccine.

A Houston based firm named Greffex, has a small lab located on the CU Fitzsimons campus. Greffex believes they may have a vaccine for the Covid19 virus. However with the CU Fitzsimons campus bragging and actually receiving over 500 million dollars annually in grants.(grants do not have to be repaid, free money) Greffex is now seeking funding to initiate clinical trials for their discovery. And remember CU Anschutz uses this 500 million dollar figure to recruit students, researchers and other personnel. While Greffex is seeking funding from a backwater biotechnology campus for their potential Covid19 vaccine. Chloroquine and Lopinavir already has been FDA approved and now is being clinical tested repurposed in hospitals nationwide to become a viable Covid19 vaccine. This is documented evidence clearly supporting exactly how: CU Anschutz Medical Campus is behind the curve….


With CU Anschutz officials shooting their mouths off …stating that The CU Anschutz medical campus is home to hundreds of sponsored clinical research trials….which cost millions of dollars in fees and take years through phase one, two, and only approximately 30% reach phase 3. The total success rate of clinical trials is at only 14%, of these research trials receive FDA approval to manufacturer and market a new product/service/device etc. How does CU Anschutz recruit these subjects, volunteers for paid control? Recruitment takes a lot of time to locate and find eligible volunteers. Over 100k according to CU Anschutz website. CU Anschutz that publicly states they using cutting edge collaborative efforts advertise in the Aurora Sentinel newspaper for their volunteers for clinical trials.(paid or unpaid)

You could also ck CU Anschutz database to see if you are a viable candidate for research purposes. In December 2019 Vice president of CU research Tom Flaig MD states: patients can now search for clinical trials that are relevant to their personal circumstances. This updated website can pull timely updated accurate information on studies that are looking for active participants. CU Anschutz is using a third party clinical trials operating system called Oncore. This new clinical trial website was developed internally in an isolated campus, as a partnership between CU university office of research and CU School of medicine chancellor of regulatory compliance. Additional CU Anschutz website future upgrades will include personalization of their website  for recruitment and communication efforts. Instead of implementing cutting edge AI technology at the hap hazard CU Anschutz medical campus, An unknown  guest writer distributed a public release article to an uninterested public at large. A misguided focus on the wrong industry partner, volunteers and recruits, instead of AI database management.

With 40% of clinical trials nationally failing to meet their enrollment candidates. Patient recruitment is paramount, individual patient health records are required to  see if a candidate is a good match for the clinical trial, patient information is spread out over numerous sources, medical files, medical specialist reports, MRI scans etc. Texas Medical Center(TMC) the largest medical complex in the world, with 4,200, (13.4%) of all clinical trials in the entire US. Number 2 in worldwide emerging life science bio clusters, 4,000 life science companies, Over 1.16 Billion in NIH annual funding, using there knowledge base of over 360,000 health care workers with a collaboration of 61 different health institutions has implemented Deep 6 an AI computer processing of potential clinical candidates. What may take months or longer at the stone age archaic CU Anschutz Medical Campus, with their misguided focus on hap hazard construction, takes minutes at the Texas Medical Center using biotech AI technology. As stated by knowledgeable TMC researchers, In the past, one clinical trial recruitment took 6 months to find 12 eligible clinical patents, Deep 6 AI software took minutes to find 80 potential clinical trial patients. Because 90% of clinical trials are delayed, strategic vertical integration is imperative what used to takes months now takes minutes. Speeding bio research discoveries to market. Deep 6 recently raised 22 million dollars in venture capitol.

If CU Anschutz leadership had any vision, instead of emitting misleading rhetoric to the gullible Taxpayer public, they would have implemented integrated vertical strategic thinking DEEP 6 would have been funded and strategically aligned with CU Anschutz who depends on paid clinical trials to service the campus growing bond debt. Now TMC a far superior bio research competitor campus only 1,000 miles away(One day drive) from CU Anschutz medical campus, has now formed a significant competitive industry advantage against an isolated Fitzsimons campus with second rate human talent. This is why all NIH and other types of sponsored funding goes to world class talent bio clusters. Funding is used wisely and receives tangible results that can be monetized for the public benefit.

Clinlogix with a 20 year track record, has been involved in over 500 clinical trials in 3,500 clinical research campuses has become the first company to use block chain in the clinical trial process. Embracing a new technology, block chain helping to get research sponsors new treatments to bedside efficiently, quickly, and cost effectively. There are over 320,000 clinical trails currently going on world wide. With over 100,000 clinical trials currently under development in the United States. Block chain provides researchers advantages with patient data, privacy, quality of data, ease of sharing and reproducing research information. Therefore CU Anschutz is continuing to fall behind their industry peers pertaining to  absent of collaborative efforts as inaccurately nationally stated by CU Don Elliman. We have a story to tell here: states: Don Elliman. What a sad tale it is…….


CU Anschutz medical campus desperately seeking an identity and unable to forge an identity from within,(sustainable campus, world leader in research, etc) is making a feeble attempt to ride on the coat tails of the number one hospital in the nation..The Mayo clinic. The Mayo clinic has been the number one rated hospital in the entire US for the last 25 years. Offering 12 separate medical specialties. Receiving over 825 million dollars in annual research funding. With over 1.3 million annual visitors from all 50 states and 138 countries.(Internationally) Employing 63,000 medical personal and over 390,000 sq. ft. of laboratory space. The Mayo clinic has hospitals in; Minnesota, Florida and Arizona. Massachusetts General hospital (MGH)is number two, and John Hopkins is number three in the nation! These are national hospitals in their ranking!!

CU Anschutz chief medical officer, Dr. Jean Kutner publicly states: CU Anschutz is seeing demand for their services: organ transplants, bone marrow, neurology, oncology, and neurosurgery from a multi state region. Arizona, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, and New Mexico Therefore an 11 story tower at a cost of 388 million dollars is under construction. Due to open in 2022. Colorado does not require a “certificate of need” to validate and confirm a market need for new construction. There is no way to verify and validate this statement CU Anschutz hospitals are at 93% capacity. CU highlights:

CU Colorado was the first state to perform a double lung and liver transplant. Over 600 lung transplants since 1991

CU Colorado the first liver transplant in 1963 by DR. Tom Starzi.

CU Anschutz since 1988 has perform 6k organ transplants.

With this track record, CU Anschutz leadership believes they are the Mayo clinic of the west. The only hospital in the Rocky mountain region to perform organ transplants.

Organ transplants are top money makers for hospitals. A Heart transplant cost 1.3 million dollars. A single lung transplant cost 860,000 dollars, liver transplant cost 800,000 and an intestine transplant cost 1.1 million dollars. Therefore a single patient(1) from out of state is a walking million dollar bill that can be added to a hospitals bottom line.

Currently 114,000 people are waiting on the national transplant list waiting for a particular organ to become available. The typical wait is approximately 180 days with 20 people dying daily because their is no suitable organ available to be transplanted. A new name is added to the organ transplant list (UNOS) every 10 minutes. In 2018 36,527 organs were transplanted in the US. (80 transplants a day)A sixth year annual record. There is a severe shortage of all organs available for transplant. Organ recipients are selected primarily on: need, LOCATION, and compatibility.

There is two types of organ donors. Living donors and deceased donor. Living donors can include: bone marrow, kidney, liver, intestine, lung, and pancreas. Deceased donors have to be brain dead, or now circulatory failure to be able to  harvest their organs. Therefore depending where the physical location of the deceased donor is located is a key point.(Location). Hearts and lungs must be transplanted into the new living donors body in 4 to 6 hours. A kidney can be preserved and transported for up to 36 hours after leaving the deceased donor body. That’s 6 hours total, removal from the deceased donor body, air transported, and transplanted into the new living donor recipient. A pancreas or liver can exist only 12 hours before being transplanted. Therefore location of the donor and the recipient is of paramount importance. Over 6 hours the organ cannot be used and is wasted. Approximate 20% of organs are wasted or not even transplanted.(Anschutz medical campus blog recently had an article highlighting this point.)

With an organ having a limited “shelf life” outside the body, United Network for Organ sharing (UNOS) has divided the nation into 11 transplant regions. CU Anschutz located  in the Rocky mountain region is region 8. Which consists of: Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wyoming. All low population states. Limiting the amount of reusable organs available that can be transported in a timely fashion. Putting organ recipients at a distinct disadvantage with fewer usable organs that can be transported and implanted into the living donors body in a timely fashion.

The Mayo clinic is a world wide leader in clinical and organ transplant research. The Mayo clinic is an international organ transplant center. In addition to performing heart, liver, lung, kidney and intestine organ transplants. The world famous Mayo clinic performs hand and face transplants. With over 150 years of research and transplant experience the Mayo clinic performs more than 2,000 organ transplants annually! While also performing over 700 kidney transplants annually!

When you compare the CU Anschutz medical campus aspirations of comparing their campus to the Mayo clinics 150 year track record the comparison looks as follows:

The Mayo clinic has a 150 year track record and the CU Anschutz medical campus has a 20 year track record.

The CU medical campus has performed 6,000 transplants  in over 30 years. The Mayo clinic has equaled that amount in 3 years 90% less time than the so called misnamed Mayo clinic of the west.

The Mayo clinic has shorter organ wait times and an internal network to help facilitate organ transplants

The CU Anschutz hospitals have been voted the best in the state of Colorado. A state with only 5 million population. This falls far far short of a number one hospital ranking for two decades, or world famous research and clinical care compared to the Mayo clinic.

With over 36,000 organ transplants in the entire United States in 2018. The CU Anschutz medical campus performs less than 10% of all national organ transplants. This is not a world leader it is a perennial laggard.

With few if any organ transplant campus in Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah and Wyoming..these desperate dying patients who need an organ transplant have no other alternative available to them due to their physical location. Therefore the organ transplant recipient has no choice but to use the only nearby available medical facility CU Anschutz Medical Campus  or die!  This is known as a captured audience..someone that has no alternative.

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