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Post: VA Disability 5-Year Rule: Does the VA reevaluate every 5 years?

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VA Disability 5-Year Rule: Does the VA reevaluate every 5 years?

The VA has the ability to challenge your disability raitingLAPRESSE Many veterans rely on VA disability compensation to manage their service-connected medical conditions.

The VA assigns a disability rating based on the severity of your condition, and this rating determines your monthly benefit amount.

But what happens if your condition improves?

The VA’s 5-year rule allows them to re-evaluate your disability rating within five years of your initial rating.

This re-evaluation is only possible if the VA believes your condition is likely to improve with treatment. Can the VA reduce my PTSD rating after 5 years?

The VA can re-evaluate your PTSD rating anytime within the first five years if they believe it might improve with treatment.

After 5 years , it becomes much more difficult for them to reduce your rating.

They need clear evidence that your PTSD has significantly and consistently improved, not just temporarily.

If you face a reduction after five years, you have rights to fight it.You can gather evidence of your ongoing struggles with PTSD and request a hearing to present your case.There are also options to appeal the decision.In essence, the 5-year mark offers some protection for your PTSD rating , but it’s still important to be prepared to fight for your benefits if necessary.Here’s a breakdown of the key points regarding the 5-year rule: Re-evaluations: The VA can schedule a re-examination anywhere from two to five years after your initial rating.They typically do this for conditions expected to improve with treatment, such as some mental health conditions. The 5-Year Protection: If your disability rating has been in place for five years or more, the VA can only reduce it if they have clear evidence of significant and sustained improvement in your condition.Temporary improvements don’t count. What to Do if You Face a Rating Reduction If the VA proposes reducing your rating after five years, you have options to fight it: Gather Evidence: Collect medical records, doctor’s opinions, and anything else that shows your condition hasn’t improved. Request a Hearing: You have 30 days to request a hearing to present your evidence and argue your case. Appeal the Decision: If […]

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