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Post: Watch first-ever music video made with OpenAI’s Sora

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Watch first-ever music video made with OpenAI’s Sora

On February 15, 2024, ChatGPT creator OpenAI announced Sora, it’s developing text-to-video artificial intelligence model.

The company has limited the tool for select content creators at the time of writing. Consequently, many wondered how AI-generated media could impact artists and art.

Most think this scenario would only be a problem in a few years. However, it seems the technology is developing faster than previously thought, thanks to the first-ever music video from Sora. What do we know about the OpenAI Sora video?

Paul Trillo is an LA-based director and artist who has access to OpenAI’s Sora. He used the AI model to produce his new single, “The Hardest Part.”

Indie chillwave artist Washed Out, also known as Ernest Weatherly Greene Jr., performed the track.

The video is a four-minute-long clip involving a point-of-view zooming through different scenes.

Trillo used 700 individual OpenAI Sora clips. Afterward, he chose 55 clips and compiled them into the final video using Adobe Premiere.

He posted on X, “This was an idea I had almost 10 years ago and then abandoned. Finally was able to bring it to life.”

The writer-director also expressed his excitement about the possibilities of artificial intelligence for creative fields“I look forward to being able to incorporate some of this brand-new technology and seeing how that informs what I can come up with,” he told the Los Angeles Times.Interesting Engineering says you may replicate Trillo’s video-making process without Sora. Make AI video clips with Runway or other AI tools and then edit them with Adobe Premiere.

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