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Post: What are the gut health risk and benefits of ‘dinner sandwiches’?

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What are the gut health risk and benefits of 'dinner sandwiches'?

Gen Z are loving ‘dinner sandwiches’ right now. (Getty Images) If you’re stuck for something to cook for dinner you might be tempted to grab whatever you have in the fridge and stick it between two slices of bread for a quick and convenient mealtime option.

Turns out, however that "dinner sandwiches" are very much the Gen Z foodie fad of the moment with new research revealing nine in ten are putting classic evening meals, such as fish fingers (58%), chicken Kiev (18%) and steak and chips (17%) into a sarnie.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that over three quarters 78% were first introduced to the idea of a tea-time sandwich after spotting other people doing it on social media.

The survey, by Hovis , found some of the more unusual dishes that Brits put between bread, include mac and cheese (16%), instant noodles (14%) and chicken tikka masala (14%).

Pork chops (13%), sweet and sour chicken (12%), chicken schnitzel (12%) and even lasagne (11%) and spaghetti Bolognese (11%) also made the list.

The research found that two thirds (66%) think that there is nothing better than putting last night’s leftovers in between two slices of bread, with 63% believing that any meal can be made better by putting it in a sandwich. Gen Z are putting all sorts in a ‘dinner sandwich’. (Getty Images) It seems the nation’s love of bread is so strong that over two thirds (67%) say they could never give it up.

While we’re more used to getting […]

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