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Post: Why and How to Do a Scalp Detox

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Why and How to Do a Scalp Detox

If your scalp is frequently dry and itchy, you might wonder if a scalp detox might help. Scalp detoxing treatments come in different forms, but most aim to nourish your scalp and remove buildup, including from hair care products, debris, and dead skin cells.

A scalp detox is not a medical treatment, and there is limited research on its benefits. Even so, it is possible to safely do one at home or in a salon.

This article covers the reasons you might consider a scalp detox, the types of available products, safety for an at-home detox, and more. <p>Mariia Siurtukova / Getty Images</p> Why You May Want to Detox Your Scalp

People who experience an oily, dry, or itchy scalp , flakes or dandruff , or scalp odor may benefit from a scalp detox. You may also benefit from a scalp detox if you use hair products or wash your hair infrequently. It is recommended that you wash your hair three or more times a week. If you wash less frequently, it may not be enough. Oily Scalp

An oily scalp occurs when there is an overproduction and buildup of excess sebum on the scalp. Sebum is the oily substance made by the sebaceous glands in the skin.

Sebum buildup can lead to dandruff and the swelling of hair follicles. It might also promote bacteria growth and infection .

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